1000-lb Sisters: TAMMY SLATON Is In Rehab (IS SHE IN DANGER?!)

Even though her gastric bypass surgery went well, Tammy Slaton, from the reality show “1000-lb Sisters,” is still recovering at the Ohio rehabilitation center where she was admitted.

After receiving her weight reduction operation, fans of the show “1000-lb Sisters” are mystified as to why Tammy Slaton is actually residing in the Ohio rehabilitation center, but there is a valid explanation for this situation. 


1000-Lb Sisters: Things We Know Regarding Tammy Slaton’s Wedding

The first time Tammy checked in was after the events of the third season, which depicted her near-death encounter when her lung collapsed.

She has shown signs of improvement over the past few months, but she insists on staying in the institution until she is fully recovered.

A person close to Tammy as well as the Slaton family eventually disclosed the reason why the 1000-pound Sisters star elected to remain in rehabilitation. 

The source told The Sun that her operation went smoothly with “minimal issues,” and that she made the decision to continue in treatment because of this. 

In spite of the fact that the procedure was characterized by the insider as being rather unsettling, it was decided to have Tammy go back to the health facility so that the physicians could continue to track her development.

According to the information provided by the informant, the nurses were monitoring Tammy’s food and ensuring that her body actually would not react negatively to the new meds. Tammy made the decision to continue her treatment at the halfway house after the first two weeks were over.



Rehab is Going Very Well For Tammy Slaton At the Moment

An informant who is close to Tammy said that the 1000-lb Sisters superstar was given the opportunity to go, but she ultimately chose to remain after being persuaded by her sister and family to remain for a longer period of time. 

Tammy’s discharge date continued getting forced back because the nurses had to continue monitoring her trach despite although she was due to go home in August.

Following Tammy’s lung failure a year ago, the decision was made to insert a breathing tube in her. Supporters will remember this. 

According to the source, Tammy also had a very modest procedure to have the tube hole reduced in size prior to her gastric bypass operation.

Tammy appears to be doing well, despite the fact that she is still a patient at the rehabilitation center. The news that she was married to Caleb Willingham, who is also a patient, was only recently shared with followers of 1000-lb Sisters.

During the ceremony that took place at the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center, Tammy donned a white wedding dress that had cap sleeves and a little bit of beading. 

Caleb and Tammy sat next to each other, and Caleb wore a black suit with brown suspenders. Tammy wore a white dress shirt and black pants. It appears that Tammy is pleased with the fact that she is now addressed as Mrs. Willingham.

The latest announcement by TLC that the hit program 1000-lb Sisters will return for a fourth season beginning in the new year brought a huge smile to the faces of the show’s devoted audience.

In the next season, the focus will be on Tammy’s dramatic weight reduction, her upcoming surgery, and her new love interest. The cameras from TLC will however reveal Amy Slaton attempting to catch up with her small boy despite her best efforts. 

Fans are looking forward to seeing what happens next with Tammy and are hoping that she will be able to check out of treatment soon.