Attack On Titan: EREN’s FOUNDING TITAN (Detailed Explanation!)

During the events of episode 80 of Attack on Titan, Eren Jaeger undergoes his ultimate metamorphosis into the Founding Titan. Here is all we understand about the terrifying new shape he has taken.

In Attack on Titan, Eren Jaeger has evolved into his ultimate form; yet, what mysteries are concealed behind that enormous pile of bones and malevolent intent? 


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Ever since the beginning of the fourth season of Attack on Titan, Eren has deteriorated from a traditional Shonen-style hero into a savage demon who has been ruined through the exact cycle that Marley and Eldia have been going through for ages.

Eren is certain that the only chance to save his comrades is to wipe out everybody else, so he makes the decision to release the godly strength that the Founding Titan has. 

In episode 80 of Attack on Titan titled “From You, 2000 Years Ago,” Eren emerges victorious and changes into the Founding Titan in its true shape. This occurs despite the fact that his elder brother Zeke seems to have thwarted his plans.


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Attack on Titan concludes with a tense scene that depicts Eren Titanizing for the final time. This change is signaled by a rush of thunder and power that is larger than normal, much like the one that heralded Ymir’s transition two thousand years before.

His severed head startles back to life and soon starts expanding into a vast, spreading skeleton that is many times bigger than even the enormous Titans that are kept behind the 3 Colossal Titan walls that surround Paradise Island in its entirety.

In episode 80 of Attack on Titan, Eren’s whole form is not seen; nonetheless, towards the conclusion of season 4 episode 2, his skeleton Founding Titan appears in all its gruesome glory. How did Eren shift into this form, what new abilities does he now possess, and what caused him to take on this appearance?

As Zeke discovered while awaiting for Eren to emerge in the Paths, the power of the Founding Titan is hardly else than Ymir reacting to demands. Ymir is a boundless young girl who is tugging the threads of her lineage. Zeke discovered this while expecting Eren to awaken.


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Because of this, Zeke was in a position to convince Ymir to break the oath of renunciation that King Karl Fritz had put against the royal line one hundred years prior to the events of Attack on Titan. Nevertheless, Ymir Fritz’s humanism works either way, and Eren is able to persuade her to believe him rather than playing on the resentment she has built up as a result of her years of slavery to Fritz and Reiss.

Eren is the 1st human to successfully inspire Ymir’s inner longing for liberty and freedom, and since he is the 1st non-royal to actually encounter Ymir in the Paths, she joyfully passes up complete control of the Founding Titan to him. Ymir is the single individual who has ever encountered Ymir in the Paths.


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An Explanation of the First Appearance of Eren as a Titan

Attack on Titan has previously demonstrated how multiple versions of the exact same Titan shifter may be very different from one another. 

For example, Eren’s Attack Titan and his father’s Attack Titan are radically different from one another. In spite of this, Eren’s Founding Titan does not in any way resemble Ymir at the time when she began smashing Marleyan troops like they were wanted, to be Centurions.


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There are 2 main explanations why Eren’s physique as a Founding Titan appears differently. 

To begin, Ymir’s Founder is an amalgamation of the characteristics of all of the previous Titans, including the scale of the Colossal, the claws of the Jaw, the form of the Female, and so on.

Although Eren of Attack on Titan has the powers of the Founder, the Titan cocktail he uses is not precisely the same as the one used by the Founder. Furthermore, Eren’s decapitation at Gabi’s hands plays a more significant role in the overall look of his ultimate metamorphosis.

The distinctive characteristic of a Founding Titan is an insect-like rib cage that extends from the spine and wraps tightly around the body; this characteristic may be observed in Ymir Fritz in his horrific version.

Eren has the same skeleton as everyone else, however since his head was cut off at the neck, his freakish Titan spine has grown uncontrolled and is now nearly entirely composed of his noggin and torso.

If Eren had spoken to Ymir before letting Gabi loose with the large gun, he could have been able to morph into something more similar to Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan, minus the characteristics of the Female, Jaw, or any of the other titans.


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Because of its coordination ability, Eren’s Founding Titan is going to be a difficult target to eliminate. It is customary for those who attempt to take down a Titan to go for the base of its neck; yet, where does one even begin when dealing with a monster that is formed of 96% ribs?

Not to mention the fact that Eren now has virtually complete influence over the other Eldians and leads an army of giants with enormous feet that are eager to stomp anything in their path.

Eren has the ability to force Ymir to call other Titans into combat, he can directly impact other Eldians through his telepathic connection, or he may choose to do nothing and let the Rumbling destroy anybody who poses a risk to the safety of his comrades.

In Attack on Titan, Eren’s attractive appearance as the hero hasn’t been able to match the evil that lies inside him throughout most of the series. At this point, his outward look that’s much as warped and repulsive as the goals he pursues in life.


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What We Know About the Third Episode of the Fourth Season of Attack on Titan

In the third and last episode of the fourth season of Attack on Titan, the surviving heroes’ primary mission will be to eliminate the frightening Founding Titan that Eren has created.

This fight, some additional memories of the main cast’s first trip beyond Paradis Island, and additional confrontation with Floch are covered in the final 9 manga chapters that are still available for MAPPA to animate.



As a consequence of this, it is quite probable that all of these aspects will be included in the narrative of Attack on Titan season 4 part 3. 

The conclusion of the series should likewise tie up certain important character connections, notably the one between Eren and Mikasa, and it may perhaps even clarify some unanswered questions, such as why Mikasa has such unusual headaches.

The release of Attack on Titan season 4 part 3 in 2023 has been announced by MAPPA. 

Based on the launch schedules of the first two parts of the so-called “last season,” a launch date in January or February appears to be the most probable option.

Due to the fact that there are few chapters left to translate from the Attack on Titan manga original source, it is indeed possible that this season will be rather short, consisting of just ten to twelve episodes.


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Final Thoughts

If you ever had any questions about Eren’s Titan’s shape and form, then this article is perfect for you because it will provide all the answers to your potential questions.