Attack On Titan: What You DIDN’T KNOW About Pieck

Since her introduction in the fourth season of the anime, Pieck Finger has amassed a significant number of devoted followers. The following is information about her that you were unaware of:

The steady drip of new details that Attack on Titan provides to its fans and viewers is one of the show’s greatest strengths. 

It took the entirety of the first three seasons before it was finally revealed who the genuine villains of this show were, and even then, the discovery was no more than a distraction designed to put Eren up as the series’ ultimate villain.


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The Cart Titan is yet another creature that Hajime Isayama has been teasing supporters with by gradually leaking details to his fans about the character. 

When Pieck is initially brought up in conversation, it is unclear whether or not she is an intellectual Titan or merely an aberrant pack mule.

Even the most devoted fans of Attack on Titan may have missed some details in the series, such as the fact that Pieck is the most intellectual of all the titans. 

However, there are still some details that may have been missed by even the most loyal fans.

14. Her Birthday Is on the 5th of August, Despite the Fact That She Doesn’t Really Have Too Many Left

Pieck Finger was born on August 5th, which means that those of you readers who share a birthdate in August have something to celebrate.

Despite this, there was a brief period of time during the run of Attack on Titan when viewers might have been led to assume that Pieck’s birthday occurred in February. 


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This was due to a minor bad translation that mixed Falco with Pieck.

13. She Is a Fan of Marley, But She Would Want to See More Autonomy Granted to the Eldians

The crazy effort at omnicide made by Eren Yeager puts the motivations of a lot of subsidiary and secondary characters on the back burner; yet, this does not imply that a character like Pieck does not possess her own set of objectives and aims to work toward them.

Pieck is one of the few individuals in Attack on Titan that has both the utmost respect for the Marleyans and a desire to see the Eldians given greater autonomy. 

In point of fact, Pieck is the only character who has both of these traits.


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She embodies these beliefs by cooperating with Commander Magath during her professional career and showcasing her wits in order to illustrate that Eldians are far more than simply second-class citizens. 

She does this in an effort to show that Eldians should not be considered inferior.

Pieck has not given up hope of a peaceful ending, and this is the reason why she is willing to sacrifice her objectives in order to thwart Eren’s plans.

12. Admired by Her Followers for the Way She Looks

Many viewers believe that Pieck Finger possesses the qualities that make him one of the most appealing characters in the series. 

Pieck is a young lady who has long, unkempt black hair, a sharply jutted nose, and unfocused dark brown eyes. She frequently dresses in an all-white ensemble consisting of a shirt, a long trench coat, and a skirt that falls to just over her ankles. 


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Her uncomplicated appearance is the reason why so many people admire her, particularly when she made her debut in the anime. This is particularly true after her first appearance.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that a lot of people think of Pieck Finger as potential waifu material, despite the fact that other female characters are more well-known than she is.

11. Able to Maintain Her Cart Titan Form 

It is common knowledge that the Cart Titan has “incredible stamina”, but fewer people are aware that Pieck can maintain his titan form for up to two months at a time. 


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Pieck is capable of keeping her Titan form for such an extended period of time that her muscle memory continues to make motions characteristic of her Titan form even when she transforms into a human figure.

This kind of endurance is quite astounding when one considers that the majority of Titan Shifters can only maintain the Titan shape for a few hours at the absolute most.

10. Pieck’s Zodiac Sign, According to Astrology, Is Leo

Pieck was born under the sign of Leo, although it is highly improbable that her pragmatic and rational approach would ever lead her to become fascinated with astrology. 

However, for those fans who are curious, Pieck was born underneath the sign of Leo. Pieck only infrequently displays the characteristics that are typical of Leos, yet the truth she is a queen cannot be contested by anybody. 


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If only the people of Marleyans could perceive her the way that viewers of Attack on Titan do, things could be different.

9. Pieck Embraced the Warrior Lifestyle in Order to Help Her Father

The vast majority of candidates for the role of Warrior agree with the same philosophy that Gabi presents to the audience in Season 4 of Attack on Titan, which is that glory should be reserved for Marley and the Eldian people.

Pieck is not to be confused with Gabi. The primary motivation for her pursuit of a position as a warrior nominee was the desire to rescue her ailing father; yet, she is also interested in the liberation of the Eldian people.

Pieck’s father was an Eldian who lived in Marley, and because of this, he was denied entry to the medical facilities that he required in order to overcome his illness. 



Therefore, Pieck gave up her personal life in order to defend her father, thereby avoiding the God complex that plagued some other brave warriors as quickly as they acquired their Titan skills. Pieck’s father was able to live thanks to Pieck’s selfless act.

8. It’s Not Uncommon for Her to Forget How to Walk

Because Pieck is a user of the Cart Titan power, she possesses a unique ability that enables her to maintain her Titan state for an extraordinarily extended period of time. 

Nevertheless, because the Cart Titan is a quadrupedal Titan, Pieck frequently forgets how to walk normally on just 2 legs after she has been in her Titan state for an extended period of time.


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At the conflict at Marley, Pieck revealed that she had been operating in her Cart Titan state for a considerable amount of time. As a consequence of this, she had to train her muscles to remember how to walk upright again.

During her time as a human, Pieck has additionally been observed moving around on all fours.

7. Her Intellect and Perseverance To More Than Compensate For Her Physical Weaknesses When She Transforms Into the Titan

The Cart Titan is often viewed as the most vulnerable of the 9 Intelligent Titans in Attack on Titan, yet Pieck is widely considered to be not only the most capable but also the strong Titan shifter in the whole series thanks to her quick wit and incredible resilience in both Titan and human form.

Pieck is more aware than most people are of when and where it is vital to take aggressive action, and while there are certainly giants who might defeat him in a one-on-one combat of strength, Pieck is aware of this fact.

Because of this, she has indeed been capable of remaining alive for as much as she has been in a world in which the consequences of even the smallest error can be fatal.


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6. She Made Her Debut in the Manga’s Chapter 74 and the Anime’s 3rd Season Episode 16 

Even diehard fans of Attack on Titan might not be able to pinpoint the specific volume or episode in which the Cart Titan made her first appearance, so they will likely be astonished to learn that she had her appearance so early on.

Individuals who prefer not to scour through pages upon pages of manga can go straight to the introduction of the Cart Titan in chapter 74. (Volume 18). Regarding the anime, the Cart Titan makes its debut for the first time in episode 16 of the third season.

5. Sadly, Her Mother Passed Away When She Was Still A Young Child

Many viewers of the anime try to defend Eren’s behavior in the fourth season by pointing out the painful experiences he’s had in the past, but they overlook the reality that traumatic experiences do not excuse violent behavior.

Pieck is living evidence that despite having endured a lifetime of being viewed as a second-class citizen and having a close family member pass away, one does not necessarily become more violent or hostile as a result.


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Pieck continues to strive for peace in spite of the fact that she was obliged to give up her own life in order to secure access to medical supplies for her father. Her mother passed away while Pieck was still a little child.

4. Doesn’t Give a Damn About the Marleys, but She Is Extremely Concerned About Her Friends

Pieck has been a member of the Marleyan army ever since she was a youngster, but despite this, she does not have much concern for Marley. On the other hand, she feels a profound sense of responsibility toward her fellow soldiers, particularly the Warrior candidates like Porco and Gabi.

Pieck once assured Gabi that she would not abandon her allies, regardless of the fact that she did not believe the Marleyans to be trustworthy.

3. There Is A Wide Selection Of Attachments Available With The Cart Titan

In light of the fact that viewers of the anime have already witnessed the use of two distinct attachments that the Cart Titan is capable of carrying, this fact may not come as much of a surprise; however, it is important to point out that Pieck’s titan is capable of being rigged in a nearly uncountable number of different configurations.


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Pieck is depicted in the Japanese manga with an anti-titan artillery cannon, but what if the Islanders of Paradis had been successful in their efforts to equip the Cart Titan with specialized anti-ODM armor instead?

2. The Cart Titan Was Supposed to Be a Middle-Aged Man when It Was 1st Designed

Pieck Finger established her own “fan club” thanks to the ludicrous dimensions of the Cart Titan long before she ever exposed her human figure in Season 4 of the anime. This was due to the fact that the Cart Titan was much larger than normal.

In point of fact, given that the majority of titans take characteristics from the titan shifter, very few people could have anticipated that the Cart Titan could end to be a charming anime lady.

Because Hajime Isayama had originally intended for the Cart Titan to be portrayed as a middle-aged man named Oliver Pieck, this disparity between the Cart Titan and Pieck came about as a result of that plan. 

To Isayama’s good fortune, his editors persuaded him to come up with Pieck Finger rather, and the rest, as they say, is history.

1. The Titan with the Shortest High Standing

Pieck’s Cart Titan, who is the shortest of the Titans at “just” 4 meters in height, stands in stark contrast to the other Titan Shifters, who typically average approximately 10 meters in height. In addition to this, the Cart Titan walks like a quadruped, which makes her appear even little.

But, despite being “just” 4 meters tall, the Cart Titan offers a multitude of benefits, including greater agility that is comparable to that of the Jaw Titan and the ability to be armed.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you can find out about the Piece and the things you didn’t know about her.