BRIE LARSON Thought JOHNNY DEPP Was a 21 Jump Street Extra

According to Christopher Miller, the director of 21 Jump Street, Brie Larson thought Johnny Depp was an extra on the set of the movie since he was dressed in a motorcycle outfit.

Taking place in the same world as the late ’80s TV series with the same name, this buddy cop action film follows the mismatched adventures of two inept police agents, Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko, who are sent back to high school secretly to track down the source of a potentially lethal new narcotic.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill headlined the cast of 21 Jump Street, which also included Larson, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle, DeRay Davis, Ice Cube, Chris Parnell, Ellie Kemper, Jake Johnson, and Nick Offerman. Hill also collaborated with Tatum on the script for the movie.

21 Jump Street was released in cinemas in 2012 and quickly became a critical and commercial success.

The film was praised for its unique combination of sarcasm and sentimentality for the original show as well as the adolescent movie genre, in addition to Hill and Tatum’s strong comic chemistry.

The movie was a commercial success as well, earning over $201 million worldwide on a total budget that was reported to be $54.7 million.

This led to the production of an upcoming sequel 2 years afterward that was met with the same level of critical praise and even greater financial gains.

Considering the ongoing popularity, a 3rd movie and various spinoffs, along with a crossover with Men in Black, appear to have been scrapped due to the difficult production process.

Christopher Miller went to Twitter in order to offer behind-the-scenes photographs and tales from the film 21 Jump Street in order to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the movie.

One of these stories includes the fact that they spent their 1st week filming the gunfire scene in the hotel room.

Throughout this scene, Brie Larson mistakes Johnny Depp for an extra because of his heavy biker hairstyle, makeup, and outfit. 

The popularity of the first 21 Jump Street series, in which Depp featured as Officer Tom Hanson, is mainly credited with helping to thrust the actor into the limelight as an adolescent idol, a role that he loathed at the time.

Depp played Officer Hanson in the initial series of 21 Jump Street. The Oscar nominee’s character was concealed for the majority of the film 21 Jump Street, during which he appeared to be one of the bikers in the One-Percenters gang.

However, in the film’s climactic hotel shootout, both he and Peter DeLuise revealed themselves to be the characters they had played in the original series.

It is easy to see how Larson may have confused Johnny Depp with an extra during the production of 21 Jump Street.

The actor wore a huge wig, a false beard and a big nose, dark sunglasses, and a bandana right up to the moment when he was revealed as Johnny Depp.

Holly Robinson Peete also returned as Officer Judy Hoffs in the film’s early scenes as Hill and Tatum’s characters headed straight to the police impound lot to search for a vehicle that would attract the high school attendees.

It’s fascinating to note that Johnny Depp wasn’t the sole initial 21 Jump Street series member of the cast to remake their character for Phil Lord and Miller’s movie version.

This pattern would be continued by Lord and Miller in the film 22 Jump Street, which included short cameo appearances by Dustin Nguyen and Richard Grieco as Harry Truman Ioki and Dennis Booker, respectively.

Even while it seems that 23 Jump Street will not be continuing, it would have been intriguing to watch which other characters from the first series the directorial team would have sought to bring back for a surprise guest appearance in the reboot.