The narrative of Bruno was always one of the most emotionally demanding threads that ran through Encanto; nevertheless, a recent revelation made by director Jared Bush simply makes it much more devastating.

The fact that Jared Bush has divulged this Encanto secret brings the horrible events in Bruno’s past much more apparent. 

Encanto is widely regarded as one of the most ethnically and culturally accurate movies produced by Disney, and it has garnered a great deal of praise for its multifaceted storytelling.

So, what are Bruno’s mental health issues? Bruno’s self-inflicted damage demonstrates how much he despises his gift and strives to have his own eyes removed in order to halt the visions and save his family’s suffering.

Viewers were given an introduction to the Madrigal family, who live in the sentient Encanto home known as Casita. 

Casita is maintained by a magic candle, which also bestows extraordinary talents on every individual in the Madrigal family.


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Bruno, a member of the family who could see glimpses of the future and was voiced by John Leguizamo, was excommunicated from the family when his precognitive abilities brought unhappiness to the community.

The unfavorable perspective that Bruno’s family had of him was a significant factor in the decline of his mental condition, which was made even more upsetting by the revelation of fresh material by the director Jared Bush.

During a question and answer session that was held on Twitter, a viewer requested Bush to discuss a feature that was located inside Bruno’s barren room within Casita. 

The element in question was a statue of Bruno’s skull that represented him with his mouth gaping open and his eyes covered.

The audience member offered the following question: “Did Bruno want to scratch out his eyes because he was embarrassed by his gift?” to which Bush responded by giving a quick statement saying, “Yes. That was something that Bruno did to himself.”


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This terrible discovery puts the actual weight of Bruno’s hate for his gift all the more heartbreaking, particularly after learning that Bruno had shut himself away behind the walls of Casita for a full decade, seeing his family on the outside but constantly preventing himself from becoming engaged. 

This makes the loathing that Bruno has for his gift all the more devastating.

Nobody Realized How Serious Bruno’s Mental Health Problems Were Until Much Later

Bruno’s self-loathing extends beyond simply desiring to be shunned by his family; he also wishes for his talent to be taken from him by any means possible. 



This is a fascinating contrast to Stephanie Beatriz’s character, Mirabel, who wishes nothing else than to be granted a gift of her own.

Bruno had an ability that enabled him to see the future, but it appeared that the facts he would share with people about his visions of the future would only bring misery to people around him and, as depicted in the famous musical number “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” would result in their denial of him.

When Mirabel ventures inside Bruno’s chilly and empty chamber at Casita, she not only finds a statue of Bruno that has the eyes scratched out, but she also learns that Bruno has already been living in Casita covertly ever since he went missing.



The fact that Bruno admitted to doing this to himself is evidence of his complete and absolute loathing for his gift. 

Bruno wanted to claw out his own eyes in order to put an end to the visions of the future and alleviate the suffering of his family.

The Tragedy of Bruno’s Story Extends Much Further Than His Visions

The psychological struggle that Bruno is going through is reflected in a variety of ways in Encanto, most notably in his superstitious attitude and the desolate condition that his room is in.

This is demonstrated by the rats that appear to be intelligent and seemed to follow him everywhere.


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Even while the rats give some humorous distraction in one of the most terrible scenes of the movie, they still provide another insight into Bruno’s mental condition in Encanto. 

This is because Jared Bush also claimed that Bruno personally taught the rats to perform everything that they do.

Bruno submitted himself to a life of seclusion, not because he wanted to, but because he believed it was a must; the rats served as evidence that he nonetheless ached for companionship and love. He did not choose this life; it was thrust upon him.


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A large part of what makes Encanto quite an unexpectedly strong movie is the sequences that focus on the study of Bruno’s decisions.

It is not uncommon for Disney productions to have a more profound significance than they first let on, but seldom are they as touching and emotional.

Bruno and the remainder of the Madrigal family ended up finding their nice outcome by the time Encanto (movie) was over, fully understanding that they do not have to depend on their gifts to be special; rather, their relationship is what actually makes them one of a kind. 



This realization came about regardless of the fact that they had to deal with struggles and individual torment.

Final Thoughts

It is quite sad to know Bruno’s fate and how sad his life was. I would never want anyone to feel the way Bruno does, and his pain is immense.