It has not officially been determined if Robert Pattinson or Ben Affleck will serve as the Batman of the DC Universe going forward, and DC has now made it even less obvious what their respective roles will be.

After Robert Pattinson’s Bat was featured on a banner at CCXP, DC has further muddied the waters on Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson’s respective roles as Batman.

As James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the helm of the new DC Studios, one of the most pressing concerns has been over the identity of the Batman who would serve as the centerpiece of the DC Extended Universe.

On the one hand, Ben Affleck has a history with the majority of the heroes, while on the contrary side, Robert Pattinson has most recently been featured in a film that has generated close to $800 million worldwide. Both sides have valid points to argue their cases.

According to Collider, the banner features Pattinson in a group shot with other members of the DCU. As a result of this, it is very evident that Henry Cavill’s version of Superman will be returning, but the addition of Bruce Wayne from The Batman will likely cause confusion.

Suppose, for example, Aquaman was omitted and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker was shown on the banner instead, this would suggest that the campaign is for DC overall and not just the DCU in particular.

But, placing merely Pattinson with the rest of the DCU’s prominent characters gives a little question regarding whether or not Ben Affleck remains a big role, or even if this had been made simply because Pattinson had a highly popular movie out in 2022.

The Reasons Behind Why Robert Pattinson Is Currently DC’s Biggest and Most Influential Batman

There are several explanations why Robert Pattinson is now the most significant Batman that DC has available. 

In addition to being Batman a huge hit, it has led to the creation of an entire world of spin-offs, the first of which is a television series based on the character of the Penguin. 

DC is putting all of its eggs in the basket of the Matt Reeves world and demonstrating an incredible amount of trust in him and his crew.

And Ben Affleck has the dubious distinction of being the only live-action Batman actor to never have his own standalone film. 

Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman has been seen in a few different movies, all of which have been met with a variety of responses; hence, it is unclear whether DC can make money off of the character.

It is very evident that the version of Batman portrayed by Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves has a monetarily promising future and followers all over the globe, both of which may convince DC to include him in the DC Universe (DCU).

Why Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck Can Both Play the Role of Batman

Regardless of the fact that keeping 2 versions of its most well-known character might cause some issues, DC Comics is able to enjoy the combination of both thanks to all of its many interpretations of Batman.

There is a school of thought that contends that creating numerous active editions of Batman could indeed create the main character as an entirely more important and exciting figure, without becoming constrained to a single storytelling look. 

This is due to the fact that Affleck and Pattinson each reflect various aspects of the exact same persona.

As a result of WB head David Zaslav’s declaration that “there’s not going to be four Batmans,” it is now abundantly evident that the company is not going to concentrate on Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Batman following The Flash. 

Rather, they might continue to use the Batman portrayed by Ben Affleck in the DC Universe (DCU), with the character appearing in a variety of films in order to maintain consistency.

In this sense, Pattinson’s interpretation of Batman, much to Joker’s, will be able to exist entirely on its own without the burden of having to relate to a larger DC-shared world. A strategy like this has the chance to be an intriguing development for the figure in the future.