Death Parade

The anime series Death Parade, which debuted in 2015, is renowned for its original and compelling plot, gorgeous animation, and endearing characters. 

In a location akin to a tavern called Quindecim, two enigmatic entities named Decim and Chiyuki rule over the verdict of the afterlife. Anyone who enjoys psychological suspense and compelling character growth must watch this anime.

An Objective and Interesting Review of Death Parade

A young lady called Chiyuki wakes up in the Quindecim tavern at the start of the series. She is unsure of her current situation and lacks any recollection of her previous existence. 

She is informed that she has passed away and that Decim, the server, and arbiter of spirits, will evaluate her by having her play a game with another soul.

We discover more about the inhabitants of Quindecim and their home planet as the story goes on. We observe the inner battles of both the evaluated and the judges, as well as the numerous games that are performed to decide the destiny of the spirits.

How Death Parade approaches the idea of death is among its most intriguing features. 

It examines the question of what happens to a person’s spirit after death and whether or not their choices in this life have any bearing on what awaits them in the next. 

The show also addresses the subject of atonement and the notion that individuals can alter even after passing away.

Death Parade Characters

Death Parade features intricate and fully realized personalities. Decim, the server, is a dispassionate, silent being charged with making judgments on spirits. 

On the other hand, Chiyuki is a good and sympathetic person who aids Decim in comprehending the feelings of the spirits they evaluate.

We encounter a range of other characters who are either spirits being evaluated or arbiters like Decim throughout the course of the story. 

We learn how each character’s upbringing and demeanor have influenced who they are by learning about their individual backstories.

Death Parade Themes

Topics that are both thought-provoking and profoundly impactful are covered in Death Parade. The idea of death and what it means to be living is one of the main topics. 

The show also looks into the concept of eternity and what happens to individuals after they pass away.

The concept of atonement and whether or not individuals can transform is another important topic. The show implies that everyone has the capacity for both good and evil and questions the notion that people are innately either good or bad. It also emphasizes how crucial sensitivity and comprehension are to effect change for the better.

Animation of a Death Parade

Death Parade features beautiful and expertly made animation. The backdrops are intricate and engrossing, and the character designs are distinctive and striking. 

The narrative is enhanced by the animation style’s smooth transition between humorous and serious, emotional sequences.

The series’ use of color is also noteworthy. The deeper and more subdued tones of the characters’ recollections and memories are in juxtaposition with the vibrant and multicolored Quindecim bar. 

This increases the emotional impact of the images and establishes a visible difference between the current and the past.


For those who enjoy psychological dramas, thought-provoking topics, and compelling characters, Death Parade is a must-watch. The cartoon maintains a compelling and moving narrative while delving into complicated ideas about death, atonement, and the human predicament.

The series offers an intense visual experience thanks to the beautifully animated figures and strong character development. Death Parade is undoubtedly worthwhile viewing whether you’re an anime enthusiast or are just looking for a distinctive and compelling tale.


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