Demon Slayer DARKEST Characters (RANKED!!!)

A significant number of the characters in Demon Slayer that are the most empathetic or spiritually compelling have dark histories or lives.

In the fantasy-action shonen series Demon Slayer, flesh-eating demons prowl the night, and the only ones who have a shot to defeat them are highly equipped warriors who call themselves demon slayers. 

This, as was to be predicted, culminates in a grim story in which life is difficult not just for the humans but also for the demons who feed on them.

A significant number of the characters in Demon Slayer that are the most empathetic or spiritually compelling have dark histories or lives. 


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A character in a dark anime is one who has been through a lot, including many cruel and harsh experiences that have left them emotionally or physically damaged, and those wounds may never fully heal. 

This is because the character has gone through so much. This is true even of demons, who are not quite the monstrous beings that they portray themselves to be. Even worse, some of these individuals are innocent victims in their own right.

10. Inosuke Hashibira Was Left As An Baby

Inosuke isn’t nearly as gloomy as Nezuko, despite the fact that he is familiar with the experience of growing up without a biological family. 

The fact that his mother left him when he was a newborn is a depressing and terrible beginning to the tale of his life. Inosuke is quite unlikely to ever meet either of his parents or any other member of his family.


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Rather, Inosuke was nurtured and cared for by a wild boar, and once the boar passed away, Inosuke began to wear the head of the wild boar as a helmet. 

It’s likely that Inosuke behaves as wild and rowdy as a way to mask the agony that’s going on inside of him, which is both a lovely and quite ominous revelation.

9. Nezuko Kamado Suffered Almost Complete Destruction and Transformed Into A Demon

It is clear that Nezuko Kamado is incredibly cute when she is in her “smol Nezuko” form, but don’t be fooled by her outward look. 


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Nezuko, just like her brother Tanjiro, is a gloomy individual since she suffered profound loss at an early age. 

She was there the night Muzan murdered her mother and her brothers, and as a result, she has a morbid outlook on life.

Nezuko also turned into a demon, which indicates that she lost her humanity and is thus unable to participate in contemporary human society. 

She has to put up a continual struggle against her own nature and be patient as she waits for the day when she will eventually be able to restore her happiness and go outside into the light. Nezuko essentially has nothing right now, with the exception of Tanjiro’s business.


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8. Kyogai Wanted Nothing More Than To Make Their Readers Smile

Demon with the name Kyogai, who does not wear a shirt and has many tsuzumi drums sewn onto his body. He was formerly known as Lower Moon 6. 


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Regarding his incredible strength, Kyogai would much prefer to have a career as a great novelist. When he hits those drums, he is able to rotate the rooms in his cursed mansion and unleash ranged claw assaults.

Kyogai attempted to have his work accepted, but he was unsuccessful. He felt awful when an editor practically stomped all over it, and he attempted again. 

Because of this, Kyogai comes off as very sympathetic and gloomy, and even after he had been killed, Tanjiro felt terrible for him. 

Kyogai had a dream that was completely devoid of malice, but he was unable to bring it to fruition.



7. Tengen Uzui Went Through the Most Torturous Training

Tengen Uzui may seem to be a simple swordsman, but in reality, he is a flamboyant sound Hashira. 



Tengen, in contrast to Giyu, Shinobu, and Kyojuro, was actually raised in a ninja clan, and the clan conducted several extremely sinister training practices for novice shinobi.

Tengen was compelled to engage in combat with and ultimately murder his own siblings. 

While Tengen strongly disagreed with this and decided to leave the clan in order to get away from their cruel ways, his brother was more open to the clan’s dark customs.

As a consequence of this, Tengen instructed his three kunoichi “women” to prioritize their own lives above the objective at hand. This was Tengen’s method of standing up to the sinister heritage of his family.



6. Daki Was An Aspiring Princess

A himedere is a want-to-be princess who behaves high and powerfully – apologizes for their dark and dismal childhood. Daki, the haughty demon, is a prime example of this kind of character. 



In this particular instance, the human being known as Daki spent their childhood living in abject misery in the entertainment district before being partially consumed by flames.

Given that she is now a demon, Daki is doing all she can to make up for the miserable years she spent growing up. 

She is really very vulnerable despite the oiran character that she presents to the world, as shown by the fact that she cried when Tengen severed her head. 


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Then, afraid of what would happen to them, she and her brother Gyutaro passed away simultaneously.

5. The Spider Mother Was Just Another Helpless Victim

Because of his time spent as a human kid, the Lower Moon 5 incarnation known as Rui had a deep-seated desire to be part of a traditional family system. 


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As a result, after Rui became a demon, he solicited the services of a number of other humans and transformed them into spider-themed demons to serve as members of his family. This included his parents.

The demon whom Rui considered to be his “mother” was a powerful warrior, but she was still a terrible person. 

Her so-called “son,” Rui, regularly mistreated her, and she was trapped in this bizarre, dysfunctional fake family with no way out. 


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She was likewise frightened of dying, but Tanjiro was obligated to fulfill his duties, thus he had no option but to kill her.

4. Shinjuro Rengoku Is Frustrated

Shinjuro Rengoku is Kyojuro’s father, despite the fact that he does not have the same upbeat and positive attitude as his son. His thick eyebrows and fiery-looking hair are telltale signs of this. 


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On the contrary, Shinjuro is cynical and cynical, and he thinks badly of the Demon Slayer Corps and the Hashira. Shinjuro is angry and cynical.

As if that were not awful already, Shinjuro was forced to bury his son Kyojuro instead of the opposite. 

This was a devastating turn of events. Because Shinjuro had nearly nothing left besides his jar of sake and his resentful thoughts, Tanjiro was shocked when the 2 of them came face to face with each other. 



The flame Hashira’s family did not live up to Tanjiro’s expectations in this regard.

3. Sabito and Makomo Assisted Tanjiro From Behind The Grave When They Were Called Upon To Do So

Due to the fact that Sabito and Makomo had a nearly comparable encounter in Demon Slayer and frequently showed alongside, it seems reasonable to group them together. 


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They had all received training from Sakonji Urokodaki in the past, but all of them ultimately met their deaths in the demon slayer selection trial.

However, because of Sakonji’s overwhelming sentiments of shame and sadness, their restless souls continue to remain after their deaths.

This is a gloomy situation, but at least Sabito and Makomo are making the most of it. Regardless of their failure, they made the decision to assist Tanjiro in his training so that he may continue to fight demons and live.


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If they are unable to pass the exam, at least Tanjiro will be able to, and that will provide some measure of relief to their troubled souls.

2. Shinobu Kocho Lost Her Sister Who Was Killed By Demons

Shinobu Kocho is the little bug Hashira, and despite her laid-back deredere persona, she is experiencing a significant amount of distress right now. 

It didn’t take long for Tanjiro to figure out that Shinobu’s head is on fire with anger and anguish, yet it’s remarkable how well Shinobu conceals this raging inferno of negative feelings from him. She has managed to mislead the vast majority of people.


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Shinobu’s cherished older sister, Kanae, was killed by the Upper Moons, and ever since then, she has been overcome with sadness. 

Shinobu has been troubled by this loss for many years, and it is remarkable that she disobeyed Kanae’s last desire by continuing to serve in the Demon Slayer Corps instead of leaving to pursue a more tranquil life as a civilian so that she may seek vengeance.

1. Kanao Tsuyuri is Unable to Stand Up for Herself

Because of the mistreatment, she suffered at the hands of humans in the years leading up to her first encounter with Kanao and Shinobu, Kanao Tsuyuri nearly never utters a word aloud. 

In point of fact, Kanao was held in bondage, and she was about to be sold as a servant, however, Kanae intervened on her behalf to prevent this from happening.


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That is really dreadful stuff, and even in the current day, it continues to torment Kanao. 

She is obviously a lot satisfied and getting the most out of her lifestyle in the Demon Slayer Corps, although certain mental scars erase extremely slowly, if ever. She is taking advantage of her existence in the Demon Slayer Corps.

In point of fact, she has to toss a coin in order to select what course of action to take, just as Two-Face does in the Batman comics. 


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However, now that Tanjiro is in the picture, Kanao could actually figure out how to be independent.