Does EMMA Die in Tokyo Revengers? (Things You Need to Know)

In the manga and anime adaptations of Tokyo Revengers, Emma Sano served as Izana Kurokawa’s adopted sister in addition to being Shinichiro Sano and Mikey’s half-sister. 

It should not come as a shock to anybody that folks are fascinated by what happens to her in the anime series and the manga since she was a pretty prominent supporting character who also had a really fascinating journey in the story. 

In this post, we will discuss the manner in which Emma Sano passes away in Tokyo Revengers and see if there is indeed a possibility that she may be brought back to life at some time in the future.

So, does Emma die in Tokyo Revengers? Emma truly dies as she is murdered in Tokyo Revengers. Kisaki is given instructions by Izana to assault and murder Emma, and she complies. 

Regardless of Mikey’s best efforts to rescue his sister, he ends up having to carry her to the ambulance on his shoulders as she begs him to inform Draken that she truly loves him and also that Takemichi would look after Mikey. 

She also tells Mikey that she trusts Takemichi to protect him. After that, she sadly passed away while resting on her brother’s back. 

In light of the fact that the tale and its main thrust have already been established, it is quite unlikely that Emma would make a comeback before the conclusion of the manga.

In the remaining portion of this essay, we will about what the manga and anime adaptations of Tokyo Revengers have in store for Emma Sano in the upcoming. 

You are about to discover whether or not she is indeed going to pass away in the manga, as well as whether or not there is a possibility that we may meet her once more in the manga series.

In addition to that, we are going to muse over the answers to a few more issues that are connected to the primary concern.

What Happens to Emma Sano At the End of Tokyo Revengers?

Aside from being the smallest Sano sibling, Emma is also the younger sister of Izana Kurokawa, with who both lived until she turned three years old, when he left for “school,” and has not been in contact again.

Once she was a little kid, she settled in with her grandpa and her 2 older brothers. Shinichiro and Mikey were the ones that met her, with Mikey calling her by her given name so that she wouldn’t seem strange having a foreign name.

Her brothers and sisters protected her and showed her how to defend herself and stand up for herself when necessary. Because of this, she was able to meet a lot of new people throughout the journey. 

Individuals who don’t understand better assume that Emma with her brother Mikey are a couple since they were so near to being born a little over a year apart from each other. 

Emma likewise has a tight relationship with Draken, the object of her affection, and she is overjoyed when he gives her a gift for her birthday.

She utilizes her body to obtain what she wants and to make her competitor envious in an effort to advance more quickly than she already is. 

It bothers her when her brother and Ken get into conflicts, and she is devoted to both Toman and herself. She watches after Hina and does what she is told to ensure her safety.

When it comes to Emma’s long-term obsession, with Ken, she acts in a very immature manner. 

She seduces several people occasionally in an effort to keep him envious, but she backs down when he doesn’t become furious since she knows he’s trying to pull her focus aside from her brother. 

She has a childlike spirit, yet she behaves much older than she actually is since she wants to mature at a quicker rate than she really is.

She is devoted to her brother and follows the directives that he gives her. Hinata observes that Emma is, at her core, a true romantic who hopes that the love she has found will be successful. 

She also thinks that Emma is a really lovely person who cares about other people, despite the fact that she makes an attempt to keep a more tranquil exterior.

After that, Emma and Takemichi Hanagaki are in a karaoke spot. She strips him down to his underwear and rides him, however suddenly the future Takemichi gets control, and he is taken aback to find himself in this circumstance. 

The phone in the bedroom sounds, and Emma takes it. She requests a further half-hour, yet Takemichi utilizes this opportunity to escape. She immediately attends the conference that Toman is holding in the Musashi Shrine.

Because Hinata Tachibana is Takemichi’s girlfriend, Ken Ryuguji instructs him to watch after and care for her. 

The next thing that happens is that Emma welcomes Takemichi and labels him a wussy boy, which causes Hinata to question what he intends and Ken to question whether or not he recognizes Emma. 

Takemichi claims that he has no recall, however, Emma reveals that he forced her to strip down to her underwear before fleeing the scene.

This causes Hinata’s fury, and as a result, she hits Takemichi. Given that he was in a relationship at the time, Emma is taken aback by the fact that Takemichi accompanied her.

She explains why she has a negative opinion of Takemichi. She only wished she could mature more quickly. She wished that Ken would become even a little bit furious and care about anything other than Manjiro Sano, motorcycles, and fighting all the time.

At the beginning of Toman’s battle with Moebius, Emma got a phone call from Ken requesting her to go to the hospital and start taking care of Takemichi. Ken’s request came shortly after the fight started. 

Takemichi was immediately labeled a pervert by Emma once he awoke to find that he had accidentally touched his breasts. 

Emma adds that she doesn’t fully understand what’s happening here, although she does realize that Manjiro and Ken are battling over Pah-chin and that Toman is presently divided into two groups.

Although Takemichi was sobbing and sitting on Hinata’s knee, Hinata came in, messed everything up, and smacked Takemichi. Kisaki is given instructions by Izana to assault and murder Emma, and she complies. 

Regardless of Mikey’s best efforts to rescue his sister, he ends up having to carry her to the hospital on his back as she begs him to inform Draken that she actually loves him and that Takemichi would look after Mikey. 

She also tells Mikey that she trusts Takemichi to protect him. After that, she passes away while riding on her brother’s back.

When Can We Expect to See Emma Again?

Given the way in which the story is told in both the anime series and the manga, it is impossible to say for sure whether or not Emma will return, however, our best guess is that she won’t. If she did, the plot would be completely derailed. 

Furthermore, we are aware that the manga is getting close to its conclusion, and as a result, we do not actually believe that she would return at such a Deus ex machina time. 

If you are hoping to witness Emma once more, we do not have extremely encouraging information for you at this time since she is now deceased and it appears that she would continue to be so until the very conclusion of the story.