Within the narrative of the legendary anime and manga series Naruto, Kakashi Hatake plays a significant role. Kakashi Hatake, or Kakashi of the Sharingan, is a famous ninja representing the village of Konoha who is well-recognized for his superior intelligence, keen perception, and unyielding ferocity in battle. 

As a result, is it even imaginable that a character with such a major role may perish? If so, under what circumstances and when would this occur?

So, Does Kakashi Die in Naruto? Kakashi is killed when he comes into contact with one of the 6 pathways of Pain. The main enemy of the plot, Pain, strikes Konoha village in the series Pain’s Assault Arc with the intention of luring Naruto and stealing the 9 tails from his body. This is when Kakashi Hatake does truly die.

Despite the fact that he has a tremendous amount of expertise in one-on-one fighting, Pain shows to be a task that is too severe for Kakashi to overcome. 



The outcome of the war is altered as a result of his demise, which will undoubtedly be seen as honorable since he died standing up for what he believed in.

When Is Kakashi Going to Die?

During the story arc known as Pain’s Assault, Kakashi meets his end while engaged in combat with the story’s primary adversary, Pain. 

Pain is a supervillain who went through a difficult childhood and now aspires to provide the world with peace by designing an ideal society in which there is no longer any place or thing that causes pain.

He plans to achieve this goal by gathering formidable living animals known as tailed beats. These tailed beats are endowed with enormous chakra and are now imprisoned inside a variety of people from a variety of towns.


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Pain launches an assault on Konoha with the intention of luring Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of the novel and one of Kakashi Hatake’s three disciples. 

The nine-tails, the most formidable of all-tailed animals, have chosen Naruto to serve as their vessel. 

Nevertheless, the person who is carrying the tailed beast will perish if they attempt to remove it from its container.

As Pain wreaks havoc on the village in his pursuit of Naruto, Kakashi and all the other residents of the village rush to Naruto’s rescue.

Pain uses his tremendous talents to question each villager he comes across, subjecting them to torture in the hopes of extracting information from them that may lead him to Naruto’s whereabouts. 



When Kakashi and Pain finally meet after one of these run-ins, a struggle between the two of them is unavoidable and ultimately results in Kakashi’s passing.

What Causes Kakashi’s Death?

Pain is capable, as one of his skills, of dispersing his one-of-a-kind powers among 6 distinct bodies, all of which connect the very same chakra and eyesight thanks to a capability known as Rinnegan. 

He does this by delegating distinct responsibilities to each of the bodies, some of which are to attract awareness to themselves by taking part in the battle, whereas others are to covertly collect information on the location of Naruto. 



Because Kakashi is naturally observant, he is capable of picking up on this, and he makes the decision to follow the corpses in order to acquire information.

After some time, Kakashi is able to track down one of these bodies, which goes by the name Deva Path, and corners him with the intention of incapacitating him. 

However, Pain recognizes that Kakashi is a formidable opponent and reroutes another one of his bodies to assist Deva Path. 

This causes a shift in the momentum of the battle, and Kakashi starts to fight back. However, their conflict draws attention, and Choji and Choza, two of Kakashi’s fellow ninjas, come to his aid.

In the midst of the struggle, Choji and Choza come up against a reinforcement for the Deva Path. They are successful in defeating and subduing him, freeing themselves, Choza, and Choji to go it alone against the terrible foe. 

Despite this, the Deva Path shows to be too powerful, easily vanquishing Kakashi’s reinforcements and burying Kakashi alive under a mountain of debris in the process. 



Choji and Choza are unable to control the Deva Path despite their efforts, and as a result, they have no choice but to withdraw.

 After coming to the conclusion that Kakashi should not be allowed to continue living, he employs a nail as a missile to murder him and then flees the scene. 

Nevertheless, Kakashi tricks him by pretending to be killed so that he may employ his visual power of Rasengan to distort the nail aside just moments before it hits him. This allows Kakashi to escape unharmed.

After deciphering Pain’s complex powers, Kakashi instructs Choji to convey an important message to the head of the village as soon as he regains consciousness. 

Choji’s mission is successful. Kakashi is forced to use his Rasengan once again in order to deflect the missile away from Choji in order to prevent it from intercepting him as he flees. This is because one of Pain’s bodies has seen this and is attempting to stop Choji from escaping. 

He is able to successfully warp it away, providing Choji with enough time to escape; however, this causes him to run out of chakra energy, which ultimately leads to his death.



Is Kakashi Resurrected?

Despite the fact that Kakashi passes out after using too much chakra, he is brought back to life. 

Following Kakashi’s death, he enters the realm of limbo, which is a transitional state between life and death, and there he locates his father, Sakumo Hatake, who has been waiting for him. 

Sakumo, eager to learn something about his kid, asks Kakashi to describe his life to him so that he may satisfy his curiosity.


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Sakumo was an amazing ninja, however, the decisions he made in his life led to his death as an outcast in the ninja community. 

After Kakashi has finished telling his father the narrative of his life, he informs his father that he has come to terms with the decisions his father made while he was still living and that he is pleased to be his father’s son.

Their reuniting is brought to an end, though, as light appears around Kakashi and indicates that he has been resurrected.

In an effort to get a deeper understanding of Pain, Naruto engages in discussion with him after he has successfully defeated him in combat and returned to the village. 

Naruto refutes Pain’s philosophy towards peace and offers him an alternative approach to establishing tranquility in the world. 

Pain makes the decision to stop his assault on the village and put his trust in Naruto’s plan to bring about peace in the world.

Pain entrusted Naruto with the responsibility of making his goal a reality, and Naruto used his chakra to perform a skill that brought back into existence every person who had perished as a result of Pain’s assault, at the expense of Pain’s own life. 


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As a direct result of this, Kakashi, who was one of the people killed during his assault on Konoha, is returned to life.

Sakumo expresses his gratitude to Kakashi for bringing the peace of mind that was necessary for him to transition to the afterlife before the two of them say goodbye and Kakashi goes back to the realm of the living.

The fact that Kakashi was able to return from the dead is shocking to many people who were conscious of his passing. 

He is provided with a comprehensive narrative of Naruto’s rebirth following his death, the battle he fought with Pain, and the triumph he ultimately achieved. 

After that, Kakashi rushes to find Naruto and brings him back to his village, where he is greeted as the town’s hero and given a medal of honor for his bravery.

The History of Kakashi’s Life Until His Dying

Masashi Kishimoto envisioned Kakashi to be a laid-back, self-reliant, and self-assured ninja who placed a greater emphasis on his own abilities than those of his allies. 


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Kakashi is a member of Team Kakashi. This sadly leads him to enter into a confrontation with his ex-colleague, Obito Uzumaki, who is a joyful, enthusiastic ninja who lives by collaborating with everyone. 

They used to be on the same squad together. Kakashi begins to believe that if he had placed higher importance on working together in the past, his friends might still be alive. 

This leads him to become more dedicated to the concept of cooperation after the passing of his comrades.

What Happened to Kakashi After His Passing

The passing of Kakashi is significant to the plot since it sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the passing of Kakashi’s father and explains why Kakashi chooses the choices that he did. 

Following the criticism that Sakumo Hatake received for quitting a mission in order to protect the lives of his comrades, Kakashi now puts a higher priority on the successfully completing of a task than he does on the safety of his teammates. 



Kakashi is capable of comprehending the choices that his father made because he is able to communicate with and make amends with his father.

The relationship between Naruto, the student, and Kakashi, the teacher, has reached a crucial turning point as a result of Naruto’s triumph against Pain despite Kakashi’s death. 

Since Kakashi is the head of Team 7, he frequently stresses the need of working together, and when he sees Naruto prevail in his battle against Pain by cooperating with the other members of his team, he is pleased to observe that the pupil has ultimately overcome the tutor.


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