Does LEVI DIE in Attack on Titan? (What You Need to Know)

It is common knowledge that Captain Levi is among the strongest fighter in the Wall Army. He serves as the Tactical Squad Leader for the Survey Corps and holds this position. Once Sieg has been captured, he puts Levi in charge of monitoring Sieg, however, Sieg later changes into a Titan and kidnaps Levi.

Afterward, when, he will discover that 3 marks have broken his skull, as well as sacrificing 2 fingers, namely his ring and middle fingers. However, he finally accomplishes his goal of eliminating Sieg by severing his head from his body. 


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In this piece, we will discuss whether or not Levi, who is one of the characters in Attack on Titan, passes away in the story.

So, does Levi Ackerman die in Attack on Titan? Levi Ackerman doesn’t really die in Attack on Titan. He takes action in the concluding War for Paradis narrative arc, during which he has injuries so severe that he is confined to a wheelchair; yet, he is still able to live through all that happens in the series.

The next few paragraphs of this page are intended to detail the events that took place in the last chapters of Isayama’s novel and how they affected Levi. 

Although it is common knowledge at this point that Levi was able to escape the circumstances that transpired, the specifics of the character’s fate in the manga will be discussed on this page in more detail.


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Does Levi Die in Attack on Titan? 

Levi Ackerman was an incredibly essential figure in Attack of Titan, despite the fact that he was not one of the primary characters of the program. 

Levi stood out against a number of additional protagonists in the series as a result of his whole growth arc having a very high degree of excellence, and this was one of the reasons why. 


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Given all of this information, it is easy to see why some individuals are apprehensive about the conclusion of his character arc.

In this part, we are simply having to affirm that Levi Ackerman doesn’t really die in Attack on Titan, contrary to what we could have seen in the manga’s last arc and contrary to what we’re going to witness in the last season of the anime

Both of these events will take place. More information on the events surrounding his demise may be found in the parts that are to come.

What Actually Happened to Levi Throughout Attack on Titan?

Because it’s important to clarify the full background (particularly if you’ve never read the manga) of Levi’s tale so that you can comprehend exactly what happenings that occurred as they did in the final War for Paradis arc, we’ve chosen to offer you a brief overview of the incidents that occurred before that arc to set the stage for this post.


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Levi Ackermann is revered and considered by everyone as the most powerful soldier in the history of mankind. He serves as the captain of the Research Corps. He came from extremely modest beginnings, but he was orphaned at a young age when his mother passed away from disease. 

As a result, he was brought up by his uncle, Kenny Ackermann, the brother of Kuchel and a distant cousin of Mikasa who was a mass murderer that taught him how to utilize weapons and how to be independent.

It turns out that in later years, Levi joined his 2 other pals, Isabel Magnolia and Farlan Church, in living a criminal lifestyle in the Underground District of the capital city.

When his buddies were consumed by a Titan, Levi ultimately annihilated him section by section, unlocking his Ackermann abilities. Originally, the trio enlisted the Research Corps in order to murder Erwin Smith at the command of a corrupt nobleman.

After that, he made the decision to officially serve the Research Corps, in part to get revenge for their murders. Since that time, he and Erwin have developed a solid relationship and mutual respect for one another.


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Furthermore, with regard to the narrative of the arc titled “War for Paradis,” this is what took place with Levi and how he finally turned out to be.

Levi kidnaps Zeke and takes him to the middle of a thick forest, where he is guarded by a huge group of men. He tells Zeke that it would be impossible for him to evade capture in such a setting.

Zeke only inquires as to whether or not he might bring Gabi and Falco to present them with the trees, to which Levi responds that it will be contingent on Zeke’s actions and conduct.

In the beginning, Levi was hesitant about allowing his men to consume the wine that was brought from Marley. Later, however, he gave in and told them to sip moderately so that they wouldn’t get intoxicated.

Just several days afterward, Zeke sits down with Levi in front of a campfire and describes the processes that he used to turn the residents of Ragako into Titans.

After the argument has been finished, Levi gives a response in which he says that he is appalled by Zeke’s lack of shame and that it is obvious that, for him, human life has no value.

Zeke makes fun of him and he responds by saying that he will never meet a caring lady as long as he continues to attempt to predict the conditions of the souls of so many other people.


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Zeke then shifts the topic, inquiring as to when he would be capable of speaking with Eren; Levi responds that the matter is not within his purview and that he is in the dark about it.

Towards the end, they both come to the conclusion that it’d be a bad idea for the two brothers to be rejoined close to the end.

Another period of time passes, and then a courier from the Scout Corps shows up at the campsite. The messenger delivers the news to Levi that Darius Zackly has been murdered.

After that, he relates to him the strategy that Commander Pixis has devised in an effort to put a stop to the activity of the Pro-Yeagers (also known as Yeagerists).

After that, Levi recalls the deaths of every one of these guys, all of those military troops who had offered their lives as an ultimate sacrifice in order to rescue Eren, whose initial change resurfaces.

In a fit of wrath brought on by the realization that all of these murders were for naught and that Eren had betrayed him, he gives the order to modify the tail and to give Zeke to a Yeagerist while he waits for Historia to deliver their child.



Her plan was that after the queen had given delivery to her kid, the Yeagerist host of the Beast Titan would’ve been consumed by her, and then Historia could inhabit the Titan of Zeke.

In the end, it was Levi who was the one to deliver the message to Pixis, telling him to come back and inform him of the plan.

At the very end, Armin changes aboard Eren’s Titan as Levi and the other characters make their way back to Salta. They are glad that Reiner made it out of the stronghold alive, yet they are disheartened to learn that Eren and the Source of All Living Matter also made it out alive.

Connie makes the suggestion to destroy the Source, but Levi believes that they have no choice but to murder Eren since there is no other alternative. They are about to launch another assault on Eren when the Source starts to exude smoke, which then begins to fill the castle.

Levi, having realized that the smoke would transform the Eldians who are now there into Titans, gives Mikasa and Pieck the command to depart the stronghold with him on Falco so that they are not placed at risk by the Titans.


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Meanwhile, Pieck goes to assist Reiner in his battle against the centipede, and Falco brings Levi and Mikasa directly to Eren. Mikasa comes to the conclusion that Eren is now within the jaws of his Titan, and Levi utilizes a thunder spear to create an opening in order to assassinate Eren.

Levi leans on a boulder and relaxes as the might of the Titans begins to wane and the Eldian families start to get back together.

He has a vision of his dead friends watching him, and he wonders whether they are able to witness the fruits of their labor. Levi responds to the greetings offered by the troops by giving his own version of the welcome.


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After the Battle of Salta, which took place 3 years before, Levi decided to make his home in Marley. Due to his wounds, he is unable to walk and must use a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Gabi and Falco are responsible for his care.


This article covers everything you need to know about Levi’s fate in Attack on Titan.