Even though the vast majority of Demon Slayer fans have, since the very first episode, brought up this very significant issue, they eventually chose to ignore it as the show continued, particularly after discovering that Muzan was the forefather of demons and that there wasn’t any of that kind as living beings with demon blood in one‘s DNA. 

However, considering that Muzan was once a human being, many people are still unsure about the question of whether Tanjiro is indeed a demon or has the potential to become another Demon King. When does Tanjiro’s transformation into a demon take place, if it does indeed take place?

So, is Tanjiro Kamado a demon? Tanjiro Kamado is neither a demon nor does he have any kind of demon gene, because there isn’t such thing as a demon gene. The blood of Muzan Kibutsuji or direct contact with the blood of a demon was responsible for the transformation of people into demons. 

On the other hand, Tanjiro did, in fact, transform into a demon at a certain time throughout the course of the series.

In order to dispel any misconceptions about Tanjiro having any connection to demons, this is what I will be discussing with any and all fans of Kimetsu no Yaiba who may be reading this. 


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And besides, it is a common aspect in certain shonen manga series for the central protagonist to have some kind of connection, if not a direct connection, to a component of the series that is associated with the major villain of the story.  

As an avid reader and watcher of anime/manga, I am happy to share with you all I have learned about Demon Tanjiro, including its history, its significance, and its badass appearance.

Is Tanjiro A Demon?

It has always been established that Tanjiro was not a demon at the start of the series, or at any time prior to that. In the beginning, Tanjiro was just a normal human being, just as all of the other demons in the series were until they turned into demons and began devouring humanity. 


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Be aware that there isn’t much thought as a human being who has the DNA of a demon as a result of some ancestral background or whatever their parents accomplished. This is because there is no such thing as a demon.

Where Did Demons First Come From?

In Kimetsu no Yaiba, demons are formed in a certain way, and there is a specific reason why they are all connected to Muzan Kibutsuji, the primary antagonist of the series.

Let’s review this process for a moment. Muzan Kibutsuji was a living person who was saved from certain death by a doctor who performed experiments on him. 


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The reason for this is that he was diagnosed with a terrible illness that would take his life before he became twenty years old.

The doctor developed a medication out of a flower known as Blue Spider Lily, and all that was needed to do for the therapy to be effective was for the patient to consume the last component of the medicine. 

Eventually, Muzan became worn out and disappointed as a result of all the therapy that was done to him. He believed that the medication simply made him suffer more and that there was no way to heal his sickness. 

As a direct consequence of this, he ended up murdering the physician before the whole procedure was completed.

After some time had passed, Muzan came to the conclusion that the therapy had been successful since it slowed the progression of the illness, which in turn increased the amount of time he had left to live. On the other hand, it stripped him of his humanity, transforming him into what is today known as a demon. 


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Muzan, regardless of the reality that he is a demon, feels remorse for murdering the doctor. This is not because he feels compelled to show pity; rather, he feels sorrow because he forgot to take the Blue Spider Lily medication, which prevents the adverse impact of being scorched by sunlight.

In view of the fact that the Blue Spider Lily is very difficult to locate, as well as Muzan’s fixation with returning to his former state of being able to walk freely in the open air, he made up his mind to track it down by conjuring up a legion of demons out of his own blood. 

On the other hand, Muzan held out the hope that one day he would be able to construct a demon that is resistant to the effects of sunlight or that would be able to locate the blossom for him. 

Because of this, Muzan ultimately evolved into the Demon King, making him the most powerful of all the demons who appear in the series and the founder of the demon race.

As a result, demons come into being via the use of Muzan’s blood. However, you should be aware that devils can neither be born nor begotten. 



On the other hand, one demon is able to transform another person into one of themselves. A person that has been murdered by a demon may likewise transform into a demon if she is subjected to enough of that demon’s blood, provided that the demon is strong enough but will never grow more powerful than Muzan. 

The death of Tanjiro’s sister Nezuko and the remainder of Tanjiro’s family at the hands of another demon resulted in Nezuko’s transformation into a demon.

The possibility that Tanjiro may have any demonic blood running through his veins is completely debunked by this piece of evidence. 

In addition, Muzan’s history and last name make it very clear that Tanjiro was in no way connected to Muzan in any manner at all. 

Despite this, I cannot deny the idea that Tanjiro was transformed into a demon at some time throughout the course of the series.

As you continue to read the story, you will eventually notice the sequence of events that led to Tanjiro’s transformation into a demon. 


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On the other hand, you should be informed that the following information that we will go through includes huge spoilers and that you should avoid reading them. But despite that, the things I’ve stated so far already constitute spoilers, so I believe it’s best to continue.

Why Is Tanjiro Considered to Be a Demon?

As was said previously, Muzan’s overall purpose is to consume the Blue Spider Lily in order to become resistant to the effects of sunlight and to produce a demon that is resistant to the effects of sunlight.


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Muzan was under the impression that Tanjiro may acquire this skill in a manner similar to that Nezuko’s acquisition of it. As a result, Muzan had previously devised a strategy to give Tanjiro some of his blood during the decisive fight.

The change of Tanjiro into a demon was accomplished by Muzan in the same way that he transformed previous demons. Be mindful, though, that Tanjiro was indeed a highly powerful demon in his own right.

That was because Tanjiro was transformed after coming into contact with the Demon King’s blood, plus the reality that he shares his Sun Breathing talent with the formidable demon slayer Yoriichi enabled this feasible.

So, Does Tanjiro Turn Into a Demon?

At a certain time during the story, Tanjiro was transformed into a demon. This event takes place in the manga’s Chapter 201, which is rather close to the conclusion of the story. 


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Immediately after the conclusion of the conflict with Muzan, Tanjiro underwent a metamorphosis into a demon. Take into account, however, the fact that his metamorphosis into a demon ultimately spared him from an unavoidable death. 

In order to provide the audience with a refresher on this topic, I will go through what transpired following the decisive fight.

In the midst of Tanjiro and the other Hashira’s valiant efforts to vanquish Muzan, who had transformed into a child, the sunlight finally and irreversibly put an end to his life. 

However, Tanjiro was unable to recover from the horrific wounds he incurred, and he also became infected by Muzan’s poison, which caused one of his eyes to close and rendered him unable to fight off the infection. As a result, he passed away.


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In point of fact, Tanjiro passed away at the conclusion of the decisive fight when he was kneeling and still clutching his sword. This was shown by the fact that he had no heartbeat and is no longer breathing at this point.

Muzan, who was beginning to lose his awareness as he was being dissolved by the sunlight, made use of what little power he had left to transform Tanjiro into a demon. This was exactly what Muzan had wanted to happen when he infected Tanjiro with his blood.

It’s possible that if Tanjiro transforms into a demon, he’ll gain resistance to daylight, much as Nezuko did. This is why it’s important to keep him in the shadows. 

One last argument that Muzan desires this to occur are that Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who Muzan battled a long time ago, has a power that is quite similar to the one that Muzan possesses.

As a consequence of this, Tanjiro awoke at the time when Nezuko and Giyu were reportedly grieving over Tanjiro’s dead corpse. 

This time, however, Tanjiro has been corrupted into a demon and is eager to wipe out the rest of the Demon Slayer Corps as well as his old companions.

Giyu, regardless of the fact that they were allies and friends of his, didn’t hesitate to command everybody to murder Tanjiro since the sunshine does not have any effect on him. 


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Tanjiro became the new Demon King as a result of this, in addition to the incredibly enormous jump in strength he received when he was transformed into a demon.

Is Tanjiro A Demon King?

As a result of his transformation into a demon, Tanjiro has earned the right to be called the new Demon King. The old Demon King has been vanquished for good, and after the conclusion of the Final Battle, there are no more demons remaining. 



This was the cause for this development. It is important to keep in mind that Muzan was never in possession of Tanjiro since the end of the fight strongly suggested that Muzan dissolved as a result of his absence of tolerance to the sunshine.

You additionally need to keep in mind that Tanjiro’s strength has significantly increased since he was transformed into a demon. This is very important. 

The fact that he was already so powerful as a mortal and as a demon slayer contributed to the increase in his overall strength. This rise in his strength is yet an additional cause of why he becomes the 2nd Demon King since his blood is indeed powerful enough to reveal a human who has died to another demon. 


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As a Demon, Does Tanjiro Ever Murder Anyone?

Nezuko was capable of assisting Tanjiro in breaking free from the shackles of his demon curse, which brought an end to the fight against Tanjiro’s demon form. Muzan transformed Tanjiro into a demon because he was under the impression that Tanjiro would make his wish come true.

This marked the beginning of the conflict between Muzan and Tanjiro. It was a wise decision on Giyu’s part to issue an instant order to eliminate Tanjiro without allowing for any questions since this effectively prepared everyone to face the new Demon King and prevented any fatalities from occurring.


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Giyu made the observation that if he had not ordered all of them in addition to charging through Tanjiro, a single of the surviving Kakushi could have been eliminated from the fight. Inosuke made an attempt to ambush Tanjiro, but Giyu came dangerously close to losing her life in the process. 

Nevertheless, Tanjiro was able to deflect his assault with ease. At this time, everyone is exhausted and incapable of fighting effectively longer, therefore it was inevitable that Inosuke would also be murdered. 

Nezuko eventually made her way into the room, where Tanjiro was, and comforted him with an embrace as she tried to talk him into regaining his humanity.

Nezuko was injured in the meantime, despite the fact that she is a human now; nevertheless, she was interrupted by a Kakushi and Zenitsu, and ultimately Inosuke slapped him on the head to stop him. However Tanjiro was able to drive them all back, and he did it without killing anybody. 

After that, Tanjiro began extending whips that resembled spines from his back in order to damage his teammates, and he was also getting ready to shoot an energy blast from his mouth.


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Regardless of the fact that she is human, is within reach of all of her brother’s overpowering assaults, and has now experienced the taste of blood as a result of her brother’s sister’s injury, Nezuko is not going to die even if she is holding to her brother.

This event that takes place in Chapter 202 is noteworthy due to the fact that despite Tanjiro becoming wild, he really never entertained the concept of murdering his sister. 

Kanao, who had also intervened at this point in order to persuade Tanjiro not to cause Nezuko to weep, was punctured by one of Tanjiro’s protrusions, but he was not killed as a result of the incident. 

This caused Tanjiro’s human mind to become awake, and this sparked the beginning of his internal fight to become human once again. 

Tanjiro reverted to his human form as a result of his desire to return to his family as well as Nezuko’s pleading with him to cease his transformations.

The reason I went into detail about the brief conflict with Tanjiro was to demonstrate that the demon version of Tanjiro did not end up being responsible for anyone’s death. 

Because of this, the potential of Tanjiro generating a new cohort of demons was eliminated, putting an end to the demon race once and for all.


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Is It Possible That Tanjiro’s Father Is A Demon?

It’s important to realize that none of the Kamado family members have demon blood in order to dispel the persistent idea that they have, which is associated with Tanjiro’s demon form’s excessive strength. 


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Even though he shared the Demon Slayer Mark with his son and had it tattooed on his forehead, Tanjuro Kamado, Tanjiro’s father, never turned into a demon or a demon slayer.

Is Tanjiro A Good Demon?

In contrast to his sister and Tamayo, Tanjiro was never able to develop into a good demon. After Muzan gave him the command to eliminate the whole Demon Slayer Corps and make Muzan’s goal come true of creating a demon that is immune to sunlight, he went on a murderous spree without thinking. 



When Tanjiro transformed into his demon form and began battling everyone else, there was not the slightest hint of trepidation on his part.

After Tanjiro regained consciousness as a demon, he was not afraid to engage in combat with all of his former companions. Instead, he chose to injure some of his most valued friends before moving on to displaying his own Demon Blood Art. 

During the course of the fight, he also underwent a progressive transformation, becoming a demon with an appearance that was steadily more horrible, along with abilities that were equally as horrifying as his looks. 

This is the motivation behind Giyu’s instruction for everyone to immediately begin preparing for the fight.

The one and only time this didn’t happen was in Chapter 203, shortly after Kanao was stabbed by Tanjiro and as she ordered him not to make Nezuko weep when he halted as his inner self struggled to fight Muzan’s demon blood curse and he was trying to resist Muzan’s demon blood curse.

Because of this, the demon Tanjiro was unable to unleash his full power, which caused his subconscious to become conscious.


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What followed was an internal struggle of wills that took place inside Tanjiro’s head as he attempted to fight off the curse, which manifested itself as Muzan seizing hold of him. 

Tanjiro had given up since the Muzan that resides in his mind is compelling him to fully transform into a demon and never return to his human form.

However, Tanjiro is adamant about returning home and seeing his sister in her human form for the first time after their long separation. In the end, thanks to this, as well as the assistance of Nezuko and his companions, in addition to the humanizing medicine that Tamayo provided, Tanjiro was able to overcome the curse and return to his human form.

It’s possible that Tanjiro’s demon form is not a very likable persona, but Tanjiro’s resolve was strong enough to overcome his demon self from the inside out.


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Tanjiro’s Demon Form

The tissue that was covering the right half of Tanjiro’s face was removed during his metamorphosis. Additionally, the arm that Tanjiro had lost during his battle with Muzan was regenerated. 

As a result of the metamorphosis, Tanjiro now has eyes like those of the other demons in the series, which have pupils that are split vertically.


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His Demon Slayer Mark mutated into a mark that resembled a flame, and another appeared on the right side of his jaw. 

When he became more resistant to the effects of sunlight, he also developed a second, less prominent flame-like mark on the right side of his head, that extends to his eyebrow.

His identifying Demon Slayer Mark has taken on the appearance of a flame and is far longer than it was previously. 

On Tanjiro’s head, his Demon Slayer Mark has grown to become the most prominent of the flame marks. It seems as if all of the flame markings are pointed in the direction of his nose. 

It is said that this is evidence of his transformation into a more forceful demon, as witnessed in how he gained a small mark after being resistant to sunlight. This may be taken as a sign of his progression.

His torso has not changed, however, his hands have transformed into clawed limbs like those of the demons. As a consequence of his practice of Blood Demon Art, he now possesses protrusions that resemble spines on his back. 

His eyes have become white as he goes berserk, and he is suddenly walking on the surface with his hands and feet, much as a wild beast would.

Fans have indicated that there may be more of Tanjiro’s metamorphosis at this point, as they thought that it was progressively happening as he was beginning to submit to the jinx. 



They added that this belief led them to assume that there might be more of Tanjiro’s transformation in the future. Fortunately, Tanjiro’s friends came through for him in the end, putting a stop to his terrifying and overwhelmingly powerful physical manifestation forever.

What Is Demon Blood Art by Tanjiro?

Demon Blood Art is available to Tanjiro in both his human and demon forms. However, neither an explanation nor a name was given for it throughout the conflict with him. 

Tanjiro is able to exert control over every aspect of his body because of this Demon Blood Art, which is identical to Muzan’s Biokinesis. The fact that Tanjiro absorbed Muzan’s blood is the cause for this, and it was also Muzan’s last will and testament.



Because of Tanjiro’s Biokinesis, he is able to grow tail spine protuberances on his back. These protrusions may be used either as tentacles or as an actual whip by Tanjiro. 

Nevertheless, since Tanjiro’s transformation into a demon that aimlessly went on a fury only lasted for a brief amount of time, his genuine expertise in making use of this power was never brought to light. 

The majority of fans believe that Tanjiro’s Demon Form would have been more competent than Muzan’s had he had a consciousness while he was in that form.

Another element of Tanjiro’s Blood Demon Art was a regenerating power that was so potent that it could even compete with the sun’s rays. This talent was very overpowering. 

Because of this, Tanjiro was no longer affected by the sunshine. Giyu has indicated that Tanjiro might be an unbeatable demon as a result of this one-of-a-kind skill. In addition, Giyu has stated that Tanjiro is an extremely strong demon that is nearly on par with the first Demon King himself.


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The remainder of his skills as a demon, including his brute power, were not shown; nonetheless, he is capable of letting forth a tremendous scream that can drive everyone away from him and his immediate surroundings.

In addition to that, he is able to utilize this roar to generate an energy beam that, when fully charged by Tanjiro, is powerful enough to make a small crater. Because Nezuko stopped Tanjiro by holding onto him, the full extent of its power was never made known.


In this article, you can learn about Tanjiro and whether he is a demon in Demon Slayer.