Don’t Starve: Hamlet – How to Get Ro Bin (YOU MUST KNOW!!)

Hamlet, the protagonist of “Don’t Starve,” introduces the player to Ro Bin, a lovely feathered buddy who can be difficult to locate but is well worth the effort once found due to the numerous benefits it provides.

The survival video game Don’t Starve was published by Klei Entertainment in 2013 and has received a lot of attention and downloadable content over the years.

However, none of the game’s DLCs are as challenging as Hamlet, which features a difficulty spike so severe that the game cautions players about it prior they even starting playing it.



Certain previous game mechanisms have been removed and replaced with new ones, while some older game mechanics have been hidden so thoroughly that you may not discover them until you have completed the game multiple times.

One of these game mechanics is the use of passive monsters as helpers for your hero in moving items across the world. In addition to providing companionship and making the Constant a less isolating environment, creatures such as Chester and Packim Baggims are helpful in transporting your belongings.

It seems out that Hamlet additionally has a companion that can carry items for you, and his name is Ro Bin. However, in order to make use of Ro Bin, you will first need to locate it, and doing so won’t be simple.

In contrast to the other two, Ro Bin has an additional gameplay concept in which it must be hatched before it can be used. Just like when hatching Tallbird Eggs, the very first step in hatching Ro Bin is to fetch its egg from its nest.


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But not just any old nest; rather, the one that the Big Friendly Bird, sometimes known as BFB, calls home. To accomplish this, you must first wait for the BFB to spawn and land, and then you’ll have to just let grab you.

Unlocking Ro Bin

However, before you allow it to catches you, you should make sure that you are prepared to do some cave diving, as once you are inside the BFB’s nest, you will need to find your way through the cave systems below in order to escape.

However, if you do manage to get back to the island you began on, there is no assurance that you will be in the exact same location.


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Keep that in mind, you will most likely require a cowl, which you will most likely already possess as a result of your preparations for the wet season.

If that doesn’t work, the nest site includes everything you need to make torches and a pickaxe, something else of which you’ll have to remove the blockage in the sinkhole that leads to the caves below.

However, in order to accomplish that, you will need to examine the nest of the BFB, where you will try and find a Stone Egg. To obtain Ro Bin, which is contained within this Stone Egg, you will need to hatch it, just like you would a Tallbird Egg, which requires the temperature to be carefully managed.

After you have returned to your home in Hamlet, construct a Fire Pit and position the Stone Egg in the vicinity of the pit.

Its warmth will need to be controlled, although, in contrast to a Tallbird Egg, it will not perish if the temperature is either too hot or too cold.


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Construct the Fire Pit throughout the night, when the temperature is more likely to be lower, and check on it first thing the next morning prior to actually starting your day.

This will ensure that it is ready for use. There will be visible indicators that will inform you of the temperature, such as an orange color that looks normal if it is just right, a red color that is smoking if it is too hot, and a blue color that is dropping snowflakes if the temperature is too chilly.

You will see that the Stone Egg begins to grow larger when you have successfully regulated its temperature for a few days. Initially, it will probably reach the character’s chin, but with time, it will expand and finally become so large that it will overpower the character.

It’s a positive indication, as it indicates that progress is being made; however, you need to be cautious that it does not become cold since this would cause it to contract once more.

Maintaining a warm environment for it will soon result in the hatching of your new trustworthy companion, Ro Bin.

Ro Bin is the only one of the three storage monsters to hatch with a Gizzard Stone, which functions similarly to an Eye Bone or a Fishbone for the remaining two.



It will have 9 slots, just like Chester or Packim, but unlike Chester or Packim, Ro Bin does not have any other versions. Be wary when engaging hostile mobs, because they will aim their attacks toward Ro Bin due to the fact that it possesses a comparable amount of health.

In the event that it is killed, it will reappear after three days next to the Gizzard Stone. Ro Bin, like Chester and Packim, is a helpful friend who will carry your goods.

This helps circumvent the problem with the backpacks throughout the Humid season because Ro Bin is additional inventory that does not take up a body slot. Chester and Packim are also beneficial friends.

Getting to know your new acquaintance may require a significant amount of work, but the results will be well worth it. Ro Bin can be utilized to troll out hostile mobs and attract them to Royal Guards.

It also grows your inventory without causing any negative side effects, which is very helpful during the Humid season.



The reality that you hatched it personally enhances the sense of responsibility you have for it, in addition to the fact that it is adorable and helps prevent feelings of isolation when you are busy fighting for your life.

Although it may be difficult to make it through Hamlet, what with the Lush season and the impending Aporkalypse, Ro Bin makes things just a tad bit simpler.