Dylan O’Brien FRESH Look In Set Photos For PONYBOI (JUST WOW!!!)

In recently released photographs from the set of the forthcoming film Ponyboi, which also stars YOU alum Victoria Pedretti, Dylan O’Brien can be seen covered in blood and looking ripped.

In recently published photographs by Ponyboi, Dylan O’Brien is shown covered in blood. 

O’Brien has swiftly become one of the internet’s beloved performers ever since he made his debut on the public stage with his part as Stiles Stilinski on the television show Teen Wolf. 

In the decade that has passed since then, he has maintained that position, as was seen when he went viral after altering his hair to a bleached blonde buzzcut. 

This change in look was really for the social media comedy Not Okay, where the actor played the part of the delusional influencer Colin in a supporting role.

Now, O’Brien may be seen in the upcoming movie Ponyboi, in which he portrays a character named Vincenzo. He has been working on the set. 

The actor is seen in the set images, which were published by Only Dylan O’Brien News, showing off his new hairstyle and interacting with others who were working on the set. 

In yet further glimpse at what’s going on behind the scenes, the Teen Wolf alum seems to be sporting a scarlet mask.

Everything That We Are Aware Of Regarding Ponyboi

According to Productionlist.com, the plot of Ponyboi will center on a young intersex worker who is forced to struggle for life in the frigid cold of New Jersey after a botched drug sale upends the delicate balance of their lives. 

Esteban Arango and River Gallo are both credited with writing and directing the film, which was shot during the months of October and November in Jersey City. Victoria Pedretti, a former cast member of YOU, also appears in it.

The Career Decisions that Dylan O’Brien Keeps Making Are Always Interesting to Watch

O’Brien caused a stir when he said that he had no desire to play a superhero role like Nightwing or any other such character. 

Fans consistently vote for the actor to take on the role of the character, despite the fact that O’Brien has said that he would rather work on projects that are both more intimate and less well-known.

In one discussion, he expounded on this topic by noting that despite the fact that he is aware of the allure of such projects, he is not in a hurry to sign on for a major blockbuster film or a limited series based on actual crimes.

It would seem that up to this point, what has intrigued O’Brien is to pull and tug at his adolescent hero character in order to confront it. 

In addition to his role as the despicable male influencer in Not Okay, he has also portrayed a lover who engages in dehumanizing Taylor Swift, a mobster who exaggerates his confidence in The Outfit, and he has made fun of himself in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

These are by no means the major leading parts, however, they place the spotlight on O’Brien and progressively alter the perceptions of what viewers might anticipate from him when they see him perform.

At the moment, O’Brien is in talks to star in both a thriller and a political comedy that will be produced by M. Night Shyamalan. This speaks favorably for Ponyboi, which seems to be a distinct kind of suspense thriller.

However, on a broader scale, this makes O’Brien’s career an intriguing one that is definitely worth paying attention to since he is a young talent who is forging his own way and defining the agenda by singling out the topics that appeal to him.