Elden Ring: How to Release Sellen from the Witchbane Ruins

One of the most significant non-playable characters in Elden Ring is the Sorcerer Sellen. Players have been tasked by Sellen with locating her corporeal form, which has been imprisoned in the Witchbane Ruins.

Gamers of Elden Ring will be given the mission of rescuing Sorceress Sellen from the confines of the Witchbane Ruins once they have satisfied a number of pre-requisite conditions. 

After the players have vanquished the Mad Pumpkin Head that protects Sorceress Sellen’s home in the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave, they will finally get the opportunity to speak with her. 

In the far corner of the basement, players will find Sellen, who is waiting to teach them new sorceries that they may utilize in combat. Players who utilize spells with a long distance or who are of the spell blade class will discover that Sorceress Sellen’s services are quite helpful.

The first time a player interacts with Sorceress Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins, she may inquire as to whether or not the player is interested in learning sorcery on her behalf. 

To start the main quest presented by Sorceress Sellen, players are required to embrace her offer. Sellen will reveal to the players that her present shape is only a projection if they have successfully completed a number of missions, one of which includes locating Master Lusat in Elden Ring. 

After that, Sorceress Sellen will charge players with the mission of liberating her corporeal body from its confinement in a basement inside the Witchbane Ruins.

It is necessary for players to emerge victorious against Radahn before continuing on with the Sorceress Sellen questline beyond the Master Lusat quest. 

Once the players have prevailed over the Radahn boss battle, they are able to advance in Sellen’s narrative and eventually set her free from her confinement.

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Within the Witchbane Ruins, Sorceress Sellen’s corporeal body is restrained in chains. The Witchbane Ruins are located on the Weeping Peninsula to the south of the Fourth Church of Marika Site of Grace and are accessible to players there. 

If you acquire some more potent spells from Sorceress Sellen, you will find that it is much simpler to go to the Weeping Peninsula in Elden Ring.

Rescuing the Sorceress Sellen From the Remains of the Witchbane in Elden Ring

At the Witchbane Ruins, there is a stairway that descends into the basement of a crumbling structure. This staircase leads to a storage room. 

As soon as the players descend the stairway, they will find Sorceress Sellen’s body bound to the wall in the far rear of the basement. You will obtain Sellen’s Primal Glinstone as a prize if you speak with the Sorceress Sellen.

If players had already attempted to release Sellen’s physical manifestation sooner in the game, they may pray in the Church of Vows to return her to her regular state.

Following the acquisition of Sellen’s Primal Glinstone in Elden Ring, players will be faced with the mission of locating a variant of Sellen that is distinct from her Witchbane Ruins and Limgrave incarnations. This variation of Sellen may be found in Elden Ring.

The very first thing that players have to do is go to Ranni’s Rise, which is a neighboring group of ruins that are located merely to the northeast of the entry to the basement. 

In the space between the arches, there is a floor that just seems to be there, but when uncovered, it reveals a stairway. Then, down the stairs, and when you reach the bottom of the basement, open the door in the wall that seems to be an illusion to find another Sorceress Sellen. 

Players will be asked to donate Sellen’s Primal Glinstone to her whenever they have a conversation with Sellen in order to go further in her questline. The following is a map that shows the position of Sellen at Ranni’s Rise, courtesy of the user TheOtherKaiba on Reddit:

Bringing an end to the Sorceress The trek that players must take to complete Sellen’s quest in Elden Ring is one of the most arduous ones available.