The only Madrigal that does not have a gift is Encanto’s Mirabel. However, the conclusion shows that she possesses a talent, one that is not only exceptional but also of the utmost significance.

CAUTION: The following article may reveal plot details from Encanto.

The conclusion of the Disney film Encanto shows that Mirabel truly has a power of her own, and it is maybe the most significant of all the others. 

The captivating drama about a family gives the impression that the main character is the only Madrigal family member in Encanto who did not get a gift from the miraculous in the form of a magical candle that was created as a result of the love shared by Abuela Alma and Pedro. 

However, there are other types of magical talents than superhuman strength, the ability to communicate with animals, and the ability to change form. Is there a surprise in store for Mirabel at the very end?

Every member of the Madrigal family has a special ability, with the exception of the spouses of Madrigal women who wedded into the family and Abuela Alma, who is the custodian of the miracle. 

However, the sisters Mirabel, Isabela, and Louisa may see the miracle as more of a curse than a blessing at times.

Throughout the song “Surface Pressure,” Louisa expresses to Mirabel her concern that she will not be of any help if she is unable to assist others. The song “What Else Can I Do?” from the Encanto soundtrack is considered to be one of the greatest. 

In it, Isabela describes how she feels confined by her seemingly beautiful but inauthentic character. Since Mirabel does not consider herself to be “exceptional,” she struggles with low self-worth and has a strong desire to make some kind of positive contribution to the Madrigal family’s history.

But, at the conclusion of Encanto, does Mirabel get a present? In the end, Mirabel’s actual gift, which is the miracle itself, is revealed. 

Regardless of the fact that she does not possess any physical abilities, she ensures that the talents that have been passed down through her family continue to thrive. 

When she assists Isabela in accepting who she is, Casita experiences a healing process that allows her sister to uncover latent talents.

After Mirabel and Abuela have a quarrel over the issues that have been plaguing the family and the miracle begins to fade, the metaphorical fractures in Casita, which are a mirror image of the difficulties that have been plaguing the Madrigal family, destroy their house. 

When they ultimately make up with one another at the spot where Abuela initially got the miracle, and after they reconstruct the home with Encanto’s real-life inspired Colombian society, only at that point will the magic be able to come back to life. 

Mirabel’s gift may be summed up as love and care for those around her.

The Power That Mirabel Has Is That of Bringing People Closer

Mirabel’s magical power lies in the fact that she is the linchpin of her family’s home, which is a peculiar twist on the standard Disney narrative of a Princess having to go on an adventure to discover herself, which features prominently in films such as Moana, Tangled, and Frozen. 

She is the embodiment of the significance of the familial unit and the significance of being together at all times.

The enchantment will reappear as she unlocks the new door to Casita, despite the fact that the candle that was the source of the miracle is no longer there. 

Everybody gains strength from Mirabel herself, as well as from the love that unites her family. The fact that “Mirabel” seems a “miracle” is not a coincidence, any more than the fact that “Madrigal” seems “magical.” 

There are other pivotal bits of speech in the film that highlight her authority as well. Bruno utters these words just before Mirabel from Encanto enters the door: “You’re the real gift, kid. Let us in.” Her grandmother tells her that Pedro “sent me you,” and she refers to her as the miracle.

The miracle of Encanto is not any gift but rather “just you… All of you,” as Abuela declares in the song “All of You”: “The miracle is you, not some gift, just you.” It’s a wonderful way to wrap up the film’s central theme.

Everyone gains power as a result of Mirabel’s use of both magic and love, and the continuation of the miracle is due to the family and community that they come from.

Why Mirabel Was Not Gifted Her Power

However, this interpretation of Encanto does not provide a conclusive response to the following question: Does Mirabel get a present at the conclusion of the film? That is, a superhuman ability comparable to those possessed by her family? 

Mirabel still does not have a discernible magical skill by the time the movie is through, despite the fact that it is abundantly evident that she is a vital family member who has the power of the miracle.

There are a number of different Encanto hypotheses that propose that Mirabel undermined her own gift or that of Abuela, or that she does in fact possess some kind of subtle magical skill, like the ability to communicate with Casita. 

The fact that Mirabel does not possess a magical talent in Encanto, on the other hand, is consistent with the narrative’s central theme.

Because Mirabel’s true strength lies in love, support, and bringing the family together, she does not need a unique talent because she obviously has all that she requires. 

Due to the fact that this is exactly what makes the tale of Encanto so motivational, it is in the best interest of the narrative for there not to be any magical powers.

Final Thoughts

This article is all about Mirabel and the theories surrounding her power and true gift. I hope you enjoy this theory.