There are various fan ideas that might provide light on the real reason why Mirabel, the only Madrigal kid without a gift, is left out of Disney’s Encanto.

In the world of Encanto, Mirabel is the one Madrigal kid who does not develop special gifts, and numerous fan concepts attempt to explain this anomaly.

Alma Madrigal, played by Maria Cecilia Botero, is given a mystical gift in the Disney film Encanto following her husband Pedro makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect both her and their community from invaders.

The sacrifice results in an enchanted candle, a magical home, and each member of the family gaining unique abilities that they may use to assist the community.

One of Alma’s grandkids, Mirabel Madrigal (played by Stephanie Beatriz), does not get a gift, which puts stress on the relationship between Alma and her daughter. It should come as no surprise that Mirabel’s absence of gifts is ultimately what motivates her to assist her family. 

Mirabel is the only member of her family that does not have special abilities (gifts), although her other relatives do.

For example, Mirabel’s sister Luisa played by Jessica Darrow has superhuman strength, while Mirabel’s cousin Camilo played by Rhenzy Feliz possesses the ability to shapeshift into other individuals.

Also, Mirabel’s enigmatic uncle Bruno, played by John Leguizamo, possesses the ability to see what will happen in the future. Sadly, the majority of the time his forecasts come true.

For instance, Pepa Madrigal (Carolina Gaitán) had the ability to manipulate the weather, and since Bruno had predicted that it would rain on her wedding day, Pepa turned the day into a storm instead.

There are a number of potential explanations for why Mirabel will not get a gift throughout the movie.

The fact that Mirabel wiped her hands on her garments at the gift ceremony has led some admirers to assume that she may have misplaced her present (gift).

Some people believe that Mirabel’s talent was taken away by Abuela Alma, while others believe that the miracle was never intended to bestow a gift onto Mirabel at all. 

Even while such hypotheses have some merit, there is another possibility that may be revealed by one of the costumes. Mirabel has a gift, and she has been a miracle from the very beginning.

Mirabel Rubed Her Hands

During the ritual that the Madrigals hold in Encanto, a youngster is given the opportunity to touch the magic candle upon turning a one-of-a-kind doorknob to unveil their gift. 

Yet, when Mirabel gets to collect her gift, she rubs her hands on her clothing after she touched the candle. This is because she is concerned about spreading germs (jokes aside).

Her magical door will vanish in a short time, and when it does, she will have no abilities remaining. One of the popular theories that can be seen on Reddit is that Mirabel may have discarded her gift after cleaning her hands.

The hand-wiping ritual is an important distinction between the gift rituals performed by Mirabel and Antonio (Ravi Cabot-Conyers), despite the fact that it is a very insignificant element.

The movie also depicts Mirabel’s cousin Antonio accepting his present, and after touching the candle, he does not clean his hands. 

This occurs in the same scene as Mirabel. As a direct consequence of this, he is granted the ability to communicate with many types of animals.

Something which differentiates Mirabel from the rest of her family might provide a hint as to why she does not have any special abilities.

 It’s possible that the variances are what cause her to lack any particular powers. 

And since Antonio’s ceremony is shown in the movie as well, the scene, when they wipe their hands together, comes out as a significant shift in the narrative.

Mirabel’s Ability to Speak With Casita Was her Real Strength

Some other version contends that Mirabel did have a hidden ability right from the beginning, in keeping with the idea that she was walking in Abuela Alma’s footsteps. 

Mirabel and Abuela Alma are the primary characters who have interactions with Casita during the entirety of the movie.

Throughout the course of the film, Mirabel is in regular contact with the home. 

Even yet, it obeys Alma’s commands to the letter whenever she issues one, even going so far as to move Mirabel closer to Alma if she isn’t paying close attention when they are eating together.

Even if Casita is able to rescue all of the Madrigals when the house finally falls, it seems as though the home has a particularly close bond with Alma and Mirabel.

In a move that lends more credence to the Encanto fan idea, Mirabel completes the restoration of the home by reinstalling the miraculous doorknob on the newly constructed building.

Abuela Alma was the one who was responsible for Mirabel’s lack of abilities.

One fan hypothesis considers the possibility that Mirabel was denied a gift as a kind of retribution for Alma. 

This is a more pessimistic view of the options. According to the speculation, which was found on Reddit, Mirabel was conceived for the wrong purposes.

Alma sees matrimony as an opportunity to “introduce a different generation of magical benefits” for the family, as seen by her response to the possibility that Isabela (Diane Guerrero) may get married. This is illustrated in Alma’s reaction to the character Isabela.

According to this belief, Mirabel’s parents did not want to have a 3rd baby, however, Abuela Alma persuaded them to have another child so that the family may benefit from yet another miracle.

As a consequence of this, Abuela lost track of the Madrigals as individuals and instead concentrated only on what the family as a unit could provide to the Madrigals. As a consequence of this, Mirabel was not given a present as a kind of punishment.

Mirabel Was Herself A Miracle

In the world of Encanto, the Madrigal family does not comprehend their power, and Abuela Alma is only aware that the magic manifested itself following the passing of her wonderful husband. 

Because of this, Abuela Alma is perplexed as to why Mirabel is unable to get her gift, and she worries that the family is losing its magical power.

Nevertheless, there are a number of clues that point to Mirabel being the personification of the miracle at Encanto. 

And besides, Abuela Alma claims that Pedro brought Mirabel to her, and the fact that Mirabel is the primary explanation for why Casita regains her sentience shows that Abuela Alma is telling the truth. 

Casita would have been nothing more than an ordinary home if she hadn’t installed the doorknob at the very end.

Another piece of circumstantial evidence suggests that Mirabel is the incarnation of the miraculous event. 

All across the course of the movie, the Madrigals’ attire subtly hints at their unique abilities. 

For example, Isabela, Mirabel’s elder sister, wears clothing covered in flowers, which is a sign that she has the ability to grow plants.

Additionally, Mirabel’s cousin Dolores, also known as Adassa, seems to have soundwaves imprinted on her clothing, suggesting that she has enhanced hearing ability. 

In the instance of Mirabel, she wears a frock with butterflies on it, which correspond to the butterflies that may be seen on the magical Encanto candle.

It is important to note that Abuela Alma informs Mirabel at the beginning of Encanto, “This candle holds the miracle given to our family,” therefore it does not appear as if Mirabel’s dress selection was a random one.

In addition, the song “Dos Oruguitas,” which translates to “two small caterpillars,” is included in the conclusion of the movie. 

The transformation of the Madrigals and their connections with their gifts into something new and different by the time the movie is through is symbolized by Mirabel’s butterflies, which are analogous to the metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies.

Mirabel Was Not Supposed To Receive A Gift Under Any Circumstances

Even while Abuela Alma does not possess any special abilities, she is still a significant member of the Madrigal family. 

Mirabel is not the only notable member of her family who does not have any special abilities. 

It is implied in Encanto that Mirabel will take over the leadership of the family and contribute to the betterment of the community as her Abuela Alma did.

In the movie, Abuela Alma even goes so far as to seek Pedro for assistance, claiming that her deceased husband was the one who sent Mirabel to her. 

In the same way, as Abuela Alma did, Mirabel sets the needs of the Madrigal family above her own and assists them whenever possible. 

Abuela Alma, who does not possess any magical abilities, acts as a go-between between the magical family and the inhabitants of the town.

It would seem that Mirabel will continue on her mother’s tradition, maybe even guiding the Madrigals and the hamlet into the current day.

Everything That We Are Aware Of Concerning Encanto 2

Because Encanto was such a huge hit, there is a good chance that the sequel, which will be titled Encanto 2, will be the beginning of an entire series. 

Lin Manuel Miranda has shown optimism about the possibility of a sequel to the film Encanto, and a number of the actors who appeared in the first film have indicated their desire to reprise their parts in subsequent productions.

However, though Disney has said that there are currently no preparations in place to continue with the production of Encanto 2, this does not necessarily indicate that a sequel will not be released at some point in the future.

Since there was a gap of 6 years between Disney’s other major franchise successes in past years, Frozen and Frozen II, it’s possible that all that’s left to do now is wait a little bit more for Encanto 2 to be officially announced.

Encanto does not leave a significant portion of its tale unfinished or immediately set up any sequel storylines; nonetheless, Encanto 2 may have Mirabel come into her own as a more appreciated member of the Madrigal family, potentially maybe replacing Abuela as the matriarch of the family.

As a result of the fact that the speculations concerning Mirabel’s lack of abilities in Encanto already depend on this idea, it would not be a reach for the sequel to investigate it further.


There are many theories regarding Mirabel and whether she received her gift or not. Here are some of the most intriguing theories and hypotheses that Encanto fans may be interested in learning about. I hope you will enjoy them.