EVERY Strongest DEMON In Demon Slayer (RANKED)

The demons who appear in Demon Slayer are among the most dangerous foes that can be encountered in any shonen anime. However from Daki all the way down to Nezuko, who is the most powerful?

Demon Slayer maintains its position as a contemporary shonen anime big hitter, which it has had for quite some time. 

It’s no surprise that viewers are so immersed in the exploits of Tanjiro and his companions in the show that’s named Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japan; the show has outstanding animation, moving music, and characters that are straightforward yet lovable. 

However, the demons of the title are without a doubt one of the most interesting aspects of the series.

The demons in Demon Slayer have undoubtedly shown that they are a formidable adversary, regardless of whether they are good or evil. 


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Even the less robust ones should be enough to make any typical human want to flee as quickly as possible in order to avoid becoming one of their meals, and this is true no matter how strong or how weak they are. 

Who among Demon Slayer’s demonic foes has the greatest might, though?

25. Gyokko

Up next, we have the Upper Moon 5 Gyokko, who resembles a djinn but is really a deformed humanoid consisting of a torso and infant-like hands on his back that emerges from a porcelain pot.

The battle between this demon and Muichiro can be witnessed taking place in the Swordsmith Village Arc. 


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Through the use of his Blood Demon Art, he is able to conjure up pots out of thin air, control water, and transform items into fish when he comes into contact with them.

After Muichiro activated the Demon Slayer Mark, he was able to vanquish him.

24. Hantengu

In addition to being one of the Upper Moons, Hantengu is additionally the only demon that is capable of splintering himself into 6 distinct demons, each of which has unique skills of its own.

He has complete control over the wood, the spear, the wind, and the sound waves, as well as the illumination. 

He is even able to merge his several demons into a single, more powerful demon, bestowing upon him magical skills and enhanced destructive potential.



Because Hantengu was ultimately vanquished by Tanjiro after Nezuko’s self-sacrifice, which left both of them vulnerable to the light of day. In Demon Slayer, the Upper Moon Four is among the most powerful of all the anime’s demonic opponents.

23. Douma

Douma, who had previously held the rank of Upper Moon 6, has now risen to the position of Upper Moon 2. He was the head of a cult that was known as the Eternal Paradise, in addition to having a personality that was nihilistic.

Due to the fact that Douma was an Upper Moon, she had tremendous stamina as well as the ability to regenerate. 


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He wields 2 Gusen war supporters as a method of weaponry and has the ability to manipulate ice using his own flesh and blood, giving him complete command over the fans.

The Blood Demon Art that he has enables him to make powdered ice that is capable of sucking human blood and causing the cells of the victim’s body to progressively degrade, which ultimately results in the victim’s death.

Due to the fact that he succumbed to the poison of the Wisteria flower after consuming Shinobu.

22. Kokushibo

After his brother Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Kokushibo is considered to be the most powerful demon in the Upper Moons. He is also considered to be the 2nd most powerful demon slayer in terms of talents.

Once he turned into a demon, his Breath of the Moon technique became far more effective and was improved. 

He was able to wield blades that were formed from his flesh, as well as also replenish them if they were damaged or shattered.


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His Blood Demon Art is a complementary style to his Moon Breathing technique, which enables him to make air slashes in the form of a crescent moon from his swords. 

In addition to this, he is one of only 4 demons known to be capable of regenerating his head after having it severed.

As a result of his losing the desire to fight after realizing that he had changed into a being that he did not want to be.

21. Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado is the primary hero of the anime. He is the heir of Yoriichi Tsugikuni and is also the brother of Nezuko, both of whom are the only surviving members of the Kamado family.

In episode 201 of the series, when Muzan is destroyed by the sun, Tanjiro receives all of Muzan’s remaining blood, transforming him into a demon.

In the same way that Nezuko was resistant to the sun, Tanjiro was as well, and with the injected blood of Muzan, Tanjiro undoubtedly became the most powerful demon in Demon Slayer. 

Sun Breathing was an ability that became available to Tanjiro when he became a demon and was marked as a Demon Slayer.

Because of his skill with the blood art, he is able to unleash a tremendous demonic blast from his mouth as well as the ability to create many razor tentacles from his own flesh. 


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He was vanquished as a result of the concerted endeavor of the demon slayer corps, which included the use of the medication that Tamayo devised in order to transform Nezuko back into a human.

Tanjiro is widely considered to be the most powerful of all demons. He was the second demon, after Nezuko, to succeed in capturing the sun, and he even held more strength and talent than Muzan. 

This brings an end to our rating of the Top 25 Strongest Demons in Demon Slayer. The listing was determined based on a study into the capabilities of every character and their progression as a demon, and this ranking has now been completed. 

20. Tongue Demon

Although the Tongue Demon is not much more powerful than the Horned Demon, we nonetheless ranked him 24th due to the valiant effort he put forth throughout the battle. 



It’s possible that Zenitsu would be an even greater threat if not for the incredible speed he has.

In addition to being a resident of the Tsuzumi Mansion, he participates in the abduction of children together with the other demons there. During the Tsuzumi Mansion Arc, Zenitsu is able to sever the head of the Tongue Demon.

19. Hand Demon

The Hand Demon is a terrifying demon that lives in Mount Fujikasane. During the Final Selection phase of the Demon Slayer Exam, the Hand Demon presents the aspirant demon slayers with the final obstacle they must overcome to become a demon slayer. 

He is a powerful ancient demon that Urokodaki has vanquished and imprisoned.


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Sabito and Makime were among the many young people who were on their way to becoming demon slayers when they were slaughtered by the Hand Demon. He has a great deal of power, which only continues to increase with time. 

Tanjiro is the one who puts an end to him at the conclusion of the Final Selection Arc. Even if the following episodes of the series include even more powerful demons in the plot, the Hand Demon is still considered to be one of the most powerful demons in Demon Slayer.

18. Horned Demon

One of the 3 demons who reside in the mansion is known as the Horned Demon. He is enormous and massive, with a potbelly and a single horn protruding from the top of his head.

Inosuke is just a novice demon slayer, yet even with his power and strength, the Horned Demon is not powerful enough to overcome him. He exploits his size and power to his benefit. 



The fact that he was unable to win against the lad with the boar’s head is the reason he is now in last place. To this day, though, the Horned Demon is regarded as one of the most formidable foes in the whole cast of demonic foes that appear in the Demon Slayer series.

17. Nakime

As shown in the Infinity Castle Arc, after Hantengu’s demise, the enigmatic Biwa Demon, also known as Nakime, assumed the role of Upper Moon 4, replacing Hantengu. 

Simply by playing her biwa, she was able to control and build new chambers inside the infinity castle. She was the only inhabitant of the infinity castle with this ability.


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Through the usage of her Blood Demon Art, she is able to control space to a limited degree, as well as build portals in the shape of doors and employ them for the purpose of helping herself and other demons in combat.

She also has the ability to make and detach multiple eyes, which gives her the ability to see other individuals from a great distance and spy on them. Muzan was able to overcome her when Yushiro gained control of Nakime’s eyesight and used it against her.

Despite the fact that she is not quite as powerful as the other Upper Moons, both in terms of fighting and power.

16. Kaigaku

Both Kaigaku and Zenitsu Agatsuma had studied under the previous iteration of Thunder Hashira, who had been a demon slayer turned demonic. Kaigaku was the senior of Zenitsu Agatsuma.

Because of his history as a demon hunter, Kaigaku was without a doubt one of the most powerful upper moons.

Through the use of his demon blood art, he was able to improve his manner of thunderous breathing and create electricity.


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Zenitsu was still able to triumph against him despite the fact that he had transformed into a demon and had enchanted his Thunder Breathing skills.

15. Kyogai

Within the narrative of Demon Slayer, the location of the Drum Demon was among the most interesting and captivating.

Kyogai may either change the direction of his dwelling, which is called the Drum House, or he can launch a terrible assault against anyone who threatens him with a single strike of this large boy’s drum.



Kyogai is the 1st of the Twelve Kizuki that Tanjiro confronts, or more accurately, the 1st to become a member of the Twelve, and his power most certainly provided Tanjiro with an enormous and psychedelic challenge to climb. 

However, given that Muzan demoted Kyogai, it seems unlikely that it would be appropriate to position Kyogai any higher than he currently is here.

14. Susumaru and Yahaba

Initial villains Susumaru and Yahaba come as a package deal, and in order to accomplish their goals, they pool their resources, work together, and play to each other’s strengths.

Yahaba has the ability to control how an item flows and has eyeballs on his hands like Pale Man, in contrast to Susumaru, who can sprout more limbs and unleash massive balls of death.


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It’s simple to see how their advantages might reinforce one another, and although they’re formidable on their own, as an early danger Tanjiro encounters, they’re not exactly formidable. 

In spite of this, they have at least won a seat on the team due to the fierce competition they keep putting up against him and Nezuko.

13. Swamp Demon

The novice Tanjiro is almost defeated in combat by the Swamp Demon, despite the fact that the Swamp Demon was a very minor enemy in Season 1. 

This monster may appear in one of 3 various forms, each of which has its own set of characteristics. Only adolescent females are consumed by the Swamp Demon since he thinks that “the flavor of flesh will become worse” as they get older.



His Swamp Domain is a pocket realm that is far larger than it seems to be on the surface, and he uses this to his advantage when capturing his unlucky victims. 

Through the use of the Sixth Form: Whirpool method, Tanjiro is finally successful in killing this monster.

12. Enmu

Enmu, the antagonist of the anime film Mugen Train, which is a leading contender for the title of greatest anime film of 2020, is a joyfully cruel demon who is listed as Lower One of the Twelve Kizuki. 

His power and abilities derive from sending his victims to rest and offering them lovely dreams while he exacts his wickedness upon them. He is as evil as he is elegant.


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On paper, making a movie out of a single edition of manga seems like a wonderful idea; however, the film’s plot and characters need to live up to their potential. 

As Tanjiro rides the titular train, fortunately, Enmu’s phantasmagoric weirdness poses a cinema-level menace, which makes for a distinctive and powerful enemy.

11. Daki

One of the more recent demons that Tanjiro and his companions have encountered, Daki is a demon who is preoccupied with things that are at least as beautiful as she is. 

She is able to transform her flesh into a number of other items, however the majority of the time, she does so in order to generate strands of fabric that are poisonous. 

She will frequently ensnare unsuspecting victims inside the very fabric of the material in order to munch on them at a later time.


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Her regime of horror in the Entertainment District resulted in the destruction of many houses and the deaths of so many individuals, and she and her brother Gyutaro put up a fierce and stressful struggle against Tanjiro and the other individuals. 

She is, without a doubt, deserving of Muzan’s judgment of her, in which he refers to her as a “special demon.”

10. Slasher

Slasher could be a relatively little demon, however, he has more than enough power to terrify a whole hamlet by himself. His moniker comes from the very barbaric way in which he put his victims to death. 

The Slasher will slash, cut, and slice his victims until eventually losing interest and going on to the following victim.



Nevertheless, he doesn’t appear to understand the strong distinction between poor demons and expert Demon Slayers, and as a result, he naively underestimates Kyojuro Rengoku’s quickness. 

In the end, the supersonic speed of the Slasher is shown to be inferior to the ultimate assault that the Flame Hashira executes.

9. Yushiro

The contentious nature of Yushiro’s character is well-known. This helps clarify, at least in part, why he is so impolite to Nezuko and Tanjiro: anytime his dear Tamayo stopped paying much attention to him, he immediately becomes irritable. 

The fact that Yushiro acts like a kid helps him conceal the extraordinary fighting skills he has, which is a quality that often works in his favor.


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Yushiro’s Blood Demon Art is an incredible concealing skill, and it’s been given the suitable term Blindfold. He has the ability to make several targets invisible while retaining their ability to sense one another. 

After Yushiro demonstrates his Mind Control method, Further Muzan views him as a significant danger and believes him to be an enemy.

8. Nezuko

Tanjiro is everybody’s favorite cute demon—that is until someone puts a finger on him. If that occurs, everybody in the vicinity has to escape and hide because Nezuko will release her raw and incredible power as she progressively loses the tremendous control she has over herself to keep unsuspecting individuals safe.

The adventure that Nezuko is on has yet to come to a conclusion, and it is feasible that she will rank higher by the time the series is through. 


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However, based only on the power that she has shown so far, including both the self-control that was described before as well as the unfettered force that she demonstrates when she fights, she has already earned a safe place among the top five.

7. Gyutaro

Gyutaro is another new character that was just added to Demon Slayer. He looks like a combination of the Joker and the most terrifying boss from Bloodborne, but of course with a KnY twist. 


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As a result of the harsh experiences he had during his time as a human, Gyutaro has developed a very cruel side to his personality. 

He is able to quickly dispose of his adversaries by using poison-tipped scythes and floods of blood that are capable of sending destructive shockwaves.

It falls on Gyutaro to truly pack a punch for Tanjiro since he is not only Daki’s elder brother but also the genuine Big Bad of the Entertainment District arc. 


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Gyutaro certainly lives up to the challenge and does so with flying colors. The fact that the pair gives the four demon slayers a good run for their money is impressive, however, the fact that Gyutaro was able to demolish such a large portion of the Entertainment District after being beheaded demonstrates his monstrous might.

6. Akaza

Even though Nezuko is the most popular demon, his rival Akaza is likely the most reviled. The Upper Rank 3 demon appears towards the conclusion of the Mugen Train arc, right when the tale should be coming to a close.

He fights against Rengoku and demonstrates great power and speed until, in fact, he wins and kills Rengoku.


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The position of Akaza in this group is comparable to that of Nezuko in that there is probably more to observe of him, however, what has been witnessed of him so far is outstanding, despite the fact that it is also quite sad.

To tell you the truth, anybody who can overcome Rengoku and his breathing technique merits placement here, and although it is conceivable to see him ascend higher in the rankings, the majority of people undoubtedly look towards what will certainly be his demise later on.

5. Rui

The harsh attitude that Rui presents hides a strong need for interaction with other people. He attributes his “sense of loneliness” to his original parents and claims that the more dominant he got, the less he recalled what it was like to be a human.


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The Spider Demon’s prestige among his own kind is improved as a result of Muzan’s personal choice of Rui for the Lower Rank Five position. 

The manipulation of fibers is at the heart of Rui’s Blood Demon Art, giving it a distinctively spider-like quality. 

The gossamer threads that Rui uses are very abrasion resistant and are strong enough to cut through boulders, trees, and even human flesh.

4. The Spider Family

Tanjiro’s fights against the members of Rui’s dysfunctional discovered family of spider demons have been some of his toughest to date in the anime, and they very well may be his toughest fights overall. 

During the course of their attempt to eradicate the family, Tanjiro and a host of other demon hunters are being harassed and threatened by six members of Rui’s Spider Family, each of whom has unique abilities and varies in size.

During the story arc with the Spiders, Demon Slayer’s fame in the west saw a meteoric rise. During each of the various battles, the anime reached both its highest point of action and its highest point of terror. 

To defeat Rui, Tanjiro needed to tap into hidden reserves of power inside himself that he had never tapped before. They would have earned the right to be ranked first if it weren’t for the fact that…

3. Tamayo

Tamayo is a helpful physician and was the 1st truly good demon that Tanjiro encountered on his quest (apart from Nezuko). 

She is able to perform charms via the use of her Blood Demon Art, in addition to her enormous power, which she uses to battle her natural need to feed off of human beings.

Tamayo is not a very engaged warrior in the anime, certainly compared to what the anime has shown, however, her control over her basic demon impulses is outstanding. This is especially true given that Tamayo is not a particularly active warrior in the series.

As a result, she gives proof and optimism for Tanjiro that someday his sister may have the same amount of control over herself as Tamayo does. In other words, she proves that Tamayo is in charge of herself.

2. Wakuraba & Rokuro

Rokuro and Wakuraba, who are both members of the lower ranks of the Twelve Kizuki, are alternately referred to as Rokuro and Wakuraba. As a result of this, their strength levels are far greater than those of their demon allies. 

There isn’t much information available about these 2 characters, other than the fact that they are very quick, tenacious, and almost immune to the effects of harm.

Muzan asserts that they are somewhat more powerful than Rui, which gives the impression that both of these demons are quite capable adversaries. 

Rokuro and Wakuraba, together with Mukago and Kamanue, are finally put to death by their master since they were unable to complete the responsibilities that were assigned to them.

1. Kibutsuji Muzan

The supreme enemy of the Demon Slayer, Muzan’s strength has only been hinted at so far, but it is clear that when the moment arises for Tanjiro to meet him, he will be up against the toughest competition he has ever faced in his life.

Muzan’s power has been exaggerated beyond all reasonable bounds, and it is almost likely that, once he engages in combat, he will cause widespread destruction and inspire fear among both the Demon Slayer Corps and his own subordinates.

As the primary antagonist, it is essential for Muzan to possess incredible power and provide a significant challenge for the protagonists to conquer.

Even though the full extent of his power has not been demonstrated, the fear that he instills in his subordinates and the resolve of the Corps to eliminate him completely and permanently ensure that he deserves to be placed in this position. 

His cruel nature is the only thing that comes close to matching his physical prowess.