Fantastic Beasts: EVERYTHING You Need to Know About GRINDELWALD

Although there are many things that might be said about Grindelwald from Fantastic Beasts, these memes are the ones that do the greatest job of summing up his character.

As a result of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’s poor performance at the box office, its generally negative ratings, and the absence of any word about a 4th film, it appears that the Wizarding World series is now likely over.

There is a chance that fans of Harry Potter will never obtain any further information on Gellert Grindelwald, who is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous and influential magicians in history.

Gellert Grindelwald is an intriguing figure who had a significant impact on both Albus Dumbledore’s life and the Wizarding World, despite the fact that his portrayal in the Fantastic Beasts films is generally considered to be unimpressive based on a sloppy screenplay and characterization.

This is mainly because of the fact that the role of the character has been recast in each film in the franchise.

Although there are numerous characteristics that can be said about Grindelwald, such that he is competent and strong, these memes are the ones that best describe him.

A Power Nearly Equal to That of Voldemort

Grindelwald is widely considered to be among the most dangerous antagonists in the Potterverse. 

Yet, he is frequently perceived as being less powerful than Lord Voldemort. 

However, as this meme delightfully illustrates, the Dark Lord was defeated on several occasions by children, which puts him in the same category as a juvenile Cheems.

Following Tom’s initial attempt to save Harry Potter from Voldemort in Godric’s Hollow resulted in the infamous rebounding of Voldemort’s curse due to Lily’s selfless act of love, Tom’s subsequent attempts to save Harry were unsuccessful, and following that, little appeared to proceed Tom’s way. 

However, Grindelwald was effective in a number of his wicked intentions and killings, which distinguishes him as the more powerful of the two meme hounds.

He Was Able to Evade MACUSA

In the 2nd installment of the Fantastic Beasts film series, viewers are given the opportunity to witness Gellert Grindelwald’s daring breakout from the MACUSA as he is transported from a jail in the United States to one in Europe.

Later, he is placed in a wagon, even though no one anticipated that he had already escaped from his jail and converted into Abernathy. Nobody really anticipated him to have become Abernathy.

As the amusing meme brilliantly illustrates, nobody anticipated his master plan happening, and the majority of them freaked out and yelled such as Harry and Ron once they realized that Grindelwald was free and ready to seize control of the carriage. 

They had every reason to be terrified of him given his reputation for being ruthless and willing to murder anybody or everything that stood in his path.

He Used To be Dumbledore’s Lover in the Past

The majority of individuals have tumultuous relationships from their past that they would prefer to forget, however, this is particularly true in Dumbledore’s situation. 

According to what he described to Harry, his passion for Grindelwald caused him to entirely lose his sight, and as a result, he admired Gellert for all of the wrong reasons.

“Did I know, in my heart of hearts, what Gellert was? I think I did, but I closed my eyes” remarked Dumbledore at one point. 

Different meanings in different terms, he was aware of Grindelwald’s pursuit of principles that would eventually result in several killings, yet he felt that Grindelwald was attractive nevertheless, as the meme delightfully illustrates.

Madds Mikkelsen Performed as a Wizard

Once his character was killed off in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Mads Mikkelsen was recruited by Warner Bros. to perform Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. Kaecilius, a villainous wizard and a retired part of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, was portrayed by Mikkelsen in the 2016 film Doctor Strange.

Is it a favorite role for Mads Mikkelsen to portray nefarious magicians or wizards? Maybe. 

The one thing that cannot be argued is the fact that he is a really brilliant actor who successfully plays a wide variety of characters. As a result, it should not come as a surprise that he was given the role of a wizard in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the Wizarding World.

He Should Be Held Accountable For Arianna’s Death

When Albus Dumbledore fell in love with Gellert Grindelwald, he became so enamored with the new flame that he neglected his family, including his brother Aberforth and his sister Ariana. 

This occurred despite the fact that Albus was responsible for taking care of his sister after their parents passed away.

Ariana required particular treatment, but Albus abandoned her totally while he pursued fame and glory with Grindelwald. 

Ariana’s situation was critical. As a direct result of this, she was abandoned at the bottom of the ocean like a skeleton.

It is true that Dumbledore’s carelessness was inexcusable; even so, in perhaps one of the majority powerful scenes in the Wizarding World, Grindelwald, Albus, and Aberforth ended up fighting and ended up killing Ariana, and Dumbledore handled with excruciating remorse for his entire life. 

This event is considered to be among the most emotional moments in the Wizarding World.

He Didn’t Reveal the Location of the Elder Wand to Voldemort

It is stated in the books, but not in the movies, that once Voldemort proceeded to hunt for Grindelwald in Azkaban and asked him for the location of the Elder Wand. This is a significant difference between the two mediums.

Because Gellert acted as if he did not remember whatsoever, it was possible to infer that he had either accepted responsibility for his earlier actions or that he continued to love Dumbledore and wished to protect him.

Grindelwald was slain by Voldemort because he had no tolerance for him, and despite questioning several times, getting no response, and maybe rolling his eyeballs to the back of his skull. 

Even though it was a horrible end for the person, the meme does a good job of putting the whole thing look a lot funnier.

Additionally Portrayed by Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp had the opportunity to play the character of Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 2 before Mads Mikkelsen was assigned the role. 

Mads Mikkelsen isn’t the only versatile actor who has been recruited for the part of Grindelwald. 

Despite the fact that Newt Scamander’s childhood boggart was a workplace, it is not difficult to suppose that Newt’s encounter with Grindelwald may have had the ability to alter his greatest phobia.

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland is shown as Newt’s boggart after the spell Riddikulus is performed upon it, which undoubtedly results in a few giggles. 

Defeated by Dumbledore and Newt Scamander

Fans of the Fantastic Beasts films were deprived of the opportunity to witness the famous ultimate combat between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald, which is documented in a number of books set in the Wizarding World. On the other hand, Potterheads who have read the books are already familiar with the outcome of the battle.

In 1945, Grindelwald experienced the saddest thing that could have happened to him, and Gellert suffered a defeat at the hands of Dumbledore, which resulted in his incarceration in Azkaban.

Obviously, without Newt’s assistance, this wouldn’t have become feasible, which is something that this meme brilliantly brings to light. 

Dumbledore, without the need for a shadow of a doubt, saw himself as being just as fortunate as Thor in Thor: Ragnarok for possessing such a formidable buddy.

Grindelwald Is Unrelentingly Cruel

Tina Goldstein must have been in a state of utter desperation when she asked Grindelwald if he really had the courage to spit on her priceless hot dog. 

This is a simple scenario to see playing out in her mind. This meme makes the point that despite Gellert’s numerous heinous deeds, he was never interested in spoiling the food that other people prepared for themselves.

Because of this, and only this circumstance, he may perhaps be regarded as “not that cruel.”

In the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Tina merely desired to eat a hot dog, but other characters, including Newt Scamander and Jacob Kowalski, continued accidentally shoving her as she attempted to take a bite out of her meal. Tina’s goal was to simply consume her meal.

Tina Goldstein must have been in a state of utter desperation when she asked Grindelwald if he really had the courage to spit on her priceless hot dog. This is a simple scenario to see playing out in her mind. 

This meme makes the point that despite Gellert’s numerous heinous deeds, he was never interested in spoiling the food that other people prepared for themselves. 

Because of this, and only this circumstance, he may perhaps be regarded as “not that cruel.”

Final Thoughts

If you have ever wondered who Grindelwald is, then this article is perfect for you since it describes some of the juicy details about this Fantastic Beasts character.