Fans of “1000-Lb Sisters” star Amy Slaton Halterman have noticed a change in the once-chubby appearance of her face after she began making efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Amy Slaton Halterman, from the show 1000-Lb Sisters, has been gradually losing weight ever since she had gastric bypass surgery, and her admirers can see a change in the way the weight has been distributed over her cheeks.

Amy and her sister Tammy Slaton began their successful TLC program when the two of them weighed a combined total of more than one thousand pounds. Amy was aware that she needed to make a decision or run the danger of her life being taken.


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Amy has personal experience with the uphill battle that is inherent in any plan for weight reduction and can attest to the difficulty of the process.

According to In Touch magazine, Amy weighed in at a whopping 406 pounds when her admirers first laid eyes on her. 

Amy had successfully shed a significant amount of weight by the time the third season of 1000-Lb Sisters came to a close, as shown by the fact that she now weighed 275 pounds.

The amount of time and work that was required for Amy to achieve a healthy weight was a challenge for her, but after becoming a mother, the TLC star realized that she needed to make better decisions to guarantee that she would be around for her children.

The First Season of 1000-Lb Sisters, Based on Amy Slaton

Supporters of “1000-Lb Sisters” got to see Amy when she was at her heaviest throughout season 1. As the native of Kentucky’s physique sagged, her face took on the appearance of many chins at the same time. 

It was clear that Amy’s body was burning fewer calories than the amount of food that she was taking in, thus it was necessary to take action.


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In a previous photo, Amy can be seen barely holding her head up and seems to have difficulty breathing. Amy’s followers could sense that she was unhappy with her figure and wanted to make some kind of alteration to it.

Amy Slaton After She Underwent Weight-Reduction Surgery

There was no question that the star of “1000-Lb Sisters” had lost part of the weight after undergoing surgery a couple of months after the procedure. Amy’s face became more angular, and as a result, her dark brown eyes and prominent cheekbones were more visible to the audience.

During season 2, Amy reported that she was pleased with her success and said that she has moved from wearing a bathing suit size 5XL to an XL bikini as a result of her weight loss. Rather than attempting to conceal her fears by pulling her hair back, Amy began to wear her hair down more often.

What Amy Slaton Appears to Look Like in the Present Day

Amy is continuing to put in a lot of effort in order to maintain her new form and her thinner face. Despite this, she made the choice to create a family, even though her surgeons encouraged her to wait until the healing process was complete before doing so. 

Fans of 1000-Lb Sisters may now notice more clearly defined characteristics on Amy’s face since her face is now much smaller than it was in the past.

Amy is now able to turn her head without difficulty since she no longer has any additional chins. The reality TV personality and mom of 2 are currently putting effort into bettering herself, and she has a goal of reaching 150 pounds by the end of her trip.