From the start of Demon Slayer, fans have been asking what the meaning of Tanjiro’s scar is, and Shinjuro Rengoku has just now provided the solution to their question.

CAUTION: The following discussion may include spoilers for the episode “Layered Memories” from the second season of the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, which is now available to watch online on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

Since the beginning of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tanjiro’s scar has been a source of contention and consternation among the franchise’s devoted followers.


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Shinjuro Rengoku, the father of the late Kyojuro, has, for the 2nd attempt in the “Entertainment District” arc, abruptly responded to one of the most pressing topics that have been raised during the course of the anime.

As it seems apparent, the scar on Tanjiro’s forehead actually has some importance to it, as opposed to merely being a burn on his head similar to the one that Todoroki had from scorching water.

So, How Demon Slayer’s TANJIRO Got His Scar? This scar on Tanjiro’s skull was not there when he was born; instead, he received it as a result of an incident in which he tackled his younger brother to move him out of the path of a falling pot of boiling tea. In the first episode of the series, the scar appeared as a pink circle with a light pink center on his skull.

In the early episodes of the series, the only thing unusual about his scar was the fact that, regardless of the fact that it was the product of an incident instead of a birthmark, his father had a mark that was almost similar to his son’s scar in the same position on his own forehead.


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Despite this, his father’s scar was never discussed, and it seems that the series was willing to brush it off as a mere coincidence.

Not until the Final Selection did Tanjiro’s scar begin to seem, shall we say, peculiar. Tanjiro’s head is either bleeding or wrapped for the following several episodes after he took a hit to the same spot on his head where his scar is placed. This happened after the previous episode.

Nevertheless, when he finally removes the bandages, the scar looks quite different; it is now a jagged line that is dark crimson in color.

Nevertheless, this modification was of significance to absolutely no one inside the series; hence, the viewer was led to believe that the change was just a retcon intended to make the mark seem more hip.


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Tanjiro’s Scar: How Did He Get It?

As was just said, Tanjiro received his scar as a result of the heroic act of protecting his younger brother from an oncoming brazier. However, this isn’t the sole explanation for why Tanjiro has a scar on his face. In the Final Selection, Tanjiro and a large number of examiners participated together in order to become an official demon slayer.


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When Tanjiro battled the Hand Demon, the scar on his face became more severe. When Tanjiro was engaged in combat with the Hand Demon, he was struck by the Hand Demon, and as a result, his face was slammed against a tree, which caused his scar to become even more severely injured.

Due to that occurrence, Tanjiro’s scar bled, and it seems that as a result of the blood dripping on his wounded scar, his scar has grown larger and darker than normal. 

Later, during the Final Selection moment, while Tanjiro is recuperating at his master’s home, he is wearing a bandage over his scar, which only serves as more proof that it was hurt during his battle with the hand demon.



After he began his trip just several days later following the event, he removed the bandage that had been covering the burn on his forehead, which resulted in a scar that was far larger and deeper in color than the typical burn scar that we see in the first episode.

When Did Tanjiro Get The Scar, And Where Did It Originate From?

One of the more straightforward explanations for where Tanjiro’s scar originated is that he fought the hand demon while also attempting to save his younger sibling. 


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However, before I go any further, I feel it necessary to warn the audience that the next information contains huge spoilers since it reveals a very important aspect of the plot and it is going to be discussed. 

There is a good chance that the vast majority of you are already curious about whether or not the scar had a significant significance for Tanjiro, or whether or not it was merely a coincidence.

At the beginning of the series, it was implied that Tanjiro’s scar was the result of an accident; but, as the story proceeded, it became clear that the scar was really a representation of Tanjiro’s calling to be a Demon Slayer.

If you have previously seen the Hashira, you may have noticed that some of them have scars in addition to them. 

The reason for this is that the scar also serves as a Demon Slayer Mark, which is evidence that the bearer is an extremely strong Demon Slayer who is destined to put an end to the Demon race once and for all. 


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Because of the mishap, Tanjiro has always considered the scar to be nothing more than a burn mark.

Meanwhile, Tanjiro was unaware of the total capabilities of the scar, nor was he aware of the power that lay dormant inside it.

And besides, the appearance of the Demon Slayer Mark in the very same place where the hot water spilled on him as he was protecting his younger brother from it is a total and utter coincidence. It is impossible for this to have happened by any other means.

It is fascinating to observe that Tanjiro became more powerful in two distinct ways as a result of the event that created the scar and the Demon Slayer Mark that he obtained. 


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As the oldest brother of the family, the tragedy made him more cautious and resolute in his ambitions, but at the same time, he realized that the Mark itself strengthened him as a genuine Demon Slayer. Eventually, he grew motivated to join the Hashira because of this realization.

The hidden power that Tanjiro has as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps is not the only thing that makes his scar unique and distinctive. 

In addition to this, it is a unique mark that can only be possessed by those who are proficient in the Sun Breathing Method, which is the most potent kind of breathing technique that Demon Slayers may use. 

Additionally, during the course of the series, this scar will undergo three distinct transformations.

This demonstrates that the scar is not simply a burn that he received, and instead, it is a particular mark that symbolizes a Demon Slayer’s power level as it expanded further via training, and of course, the resolve to become a formidable Demon Slayer. 

As a result, you might argue that there are 3 factors that contributed to the formation of the scar on his face in the first place.


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My Personal View On Tanjiro’s Scar

When we go ahead in time to the “Entertainment District” arc, we find that Tanjiro’s scar has once again become a prominent subject of debate.

During the fight that Tanjiro was having with Daki, Upper-Rank Six of the Twelve Kizuki, Tanjiro remembered a letter that he had gotten from Shinjuro Rengoku in the time that had passed after their first meeting, which had been a negative experience for both of them.


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It would appear that Shinjuro is the sole individual who has any knowledge whatsoever about the Sun-Breathing method, and it was in this letter that he stated to Tanjiro that the scar on his forehead is the sign of one who has been selected to wield this technique.

Shinjuro asserts that some are born with this mark, but it is clear that Tanjiro was not one of those individuals. Shinjuro, on the other hand, may not possess all of the information correct.

This fact itself would be sufficient to disprove Shinjuro’s assertion, however, when a recollection from Muzan emerges in Daki’s mind, it is a vision of a guy sporting a scar remarkably similar to Tanjiro’s and wearing Hanafuda Earrings, which are a sign of Sun-Breathing.

In addition to this, it is known that Tanjiro’s father, who was the one who trained his son the several techniques of sun breathing, was indeed born with a scar on his skull.


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In the end, there are too many things falling into place for Shinjuro’s assertion to be anything other than the truth. It would seem that Sun-Breathing is more of a matter of destiny than a Breathing Style that can be learned by anybody.

Sun-Breathing is the first and most powerful of all Breathing Styles, therefore it’s possible that it’s the only thing that can genuinely hurt Muzan Kibutsuji and the most powerful demons he controls.

The Progenitor of Demons is not a lover of sun breathing, judging by the visceral response of Muzan’s cells to the memories triggered by Tanjiro’s remarkable similarity to the enigmatic Sun-Breather.

Even though Tanjiro is hardly able to sustain Sun-full Breathing’s force, Muzan has already decided that he does not want any part of him, thus the only thing Tanjiro has to do now is to maintain his life long enough to perfect the Hinokami Kagura.


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Although Tanjiro Kamado, the main character in Demon Slayer, has a characteristic scar that bears a great deal of relevance to the story, the scar really dates back to when he was a youngster.

Tanjiro Kamado, the main character of Demon Slayer, is immediately identifiable because of the distinctive facial scar that is situated just over his right eye. But how did Tanjiro end up with such a peculiar scar, and what does the scar mean in the context of the story?

Because Tanjiro already has a scar over his eye in the very first chapter of the famous manga, its origins must have occurred prior to the beginning of the tale told in Demon Slayer.

Before the start of the story, Tanjiro lived in a house with his family, which consisted of his siblings, including Nezuko, in addition to his parents, who made their living selling charcoal. When the youngsters were having fun one day, one of them accidentally knocked over a blazing saucepan, which resulted in hot coals flying all over the place.

The scar that can be seen on Tanjiro’s face at the beginning of the story was caused when he attacked his younger brother in an effort to move him out of the way but rather caught the coal in his face.



Because it serves as both a representation of the loyalty that he has toward his family as well as a connection to the element of fire, which will become more linked with him as the book develops, it proves to be an acceptable marking. On the other hand, this is not entirely the conclusion of the tale of Tanjiro’s scar.

Fans may observe that it appears somewhat differently later on in the series compared to how it appeared earlier in the series, with the scar’s form and size altering somewhat during the course of the story. However, these alterations are not just a continuity mistake; rather, they are the direct effect of the happenings throughout the series.

As Tanjiro draws closer to the completion of his preparation to be a Demon Slayer, he alongside the other trainees is given the mission of vanquishing a formidable demon as the last selection.

The majority of the other trainees are slain by this demon during the fight, and Tanjiro does not emerge untouched from the conflict either.

During the course of the encounter, the scar sustains some damage, and its subsequent healing is fairly sluggish, resulting in it becoming somewhat bigger.



The scar on Tanjiro’s face is significant to the plot in a number of different ways. To begin, it is a distinguishing characteristic that draws attention to him. While other Demon Slayers have the ability to go undercover and blend in with the populace, news of Tanjiro’s appearance travels swiftly among the demons, and he is identified almost immediately by his opponents from the beginning of the fight.

As Tanjiro evolves into a more formidable adversary for the demons, the scar on his face becomes larger and becomes more prominent, making it simpler to identify him.

Later on in the narrative, when Tanjiro comes to learn about his father’s background, the identical mark he had, and the Hinokami Kagura (Dance of the Sun God), it is discovered that individuals who are meant to master the genuine demon slayer technique, described as Sun Breathing, would have a red birthmark on their face.

This is because people who are meant to become masters of Sun Breathing are marked with a similar birthmark (called the Mark of the Sun).


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Because demons are annihilated by sunshine, the most effective strategy for getting rid of them is to learn how to harness the power of the sun. Because the markings expand as the user approaches their maximum potential, the transformation of Tanjiro’s scar as the narrative unfolds provides a clue as to the extent to which he has advanced.

Although scars on the face have become increasingly common in recent years in manga and anime, with protagonists such as Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia and Senku from Dr. Stone sporting them, Tanjiro’s scar and the use of scars in Demon Slayer, in general, demonstrate that scars can serve a purpose beyond that of merely being distinguishing features.

Scars, much as in the game Demon Slayer, may progress the story, disclose vital character characteristics, and function as a marker for something more about a hero.


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When Did Tanjiro Receive His Scar?

The circumstances surrounding how Tanjiro acquired his identifying scar, namely the moment in which he did so in the process of rescuing his younger brother, was left out of a definitive portion of the chronology presented in “Demon Slayer.”


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The incident in the anime series in which he received the scar as a result of the accident has not even been depicted yet, and the reason for this is that Season 2 is not yet scheduled to be created or shown on television.

But I’d want to talk about something else this time, and that’s how he got the scar that serves as the Demon Slayer Mark and as a badge of honor for someone who does the Sun Breathing Technique.

He also learned how to employ the Sun Breathing method from his father Tanjuro when he was younger, which made the Demon Slayer Mark he gained even more unique.

Given that he is a part of the Kamado family, he learned the method so that the formidable Breathing Technique may be passed down through the generations.



Tanjiro was unaware of any of this, including the premise that he had truly learned such a strong technique a very long time ago, much before the beginning of the series. 

The reason for this is that his father never explained to him that the method is essentially a collection of several tactics designed to fight demons.



Tanjiro was conscious of the fact that it was only a straightforward style of dancing that had been taught to him by his father. 

It would dawn on him that he had really picked up the Sun Breathing Technique during the Infinity Castle Arc of the Demon Slayer series, which takes place sometime in the latter portions of the same series.

However what astounded me was the fact that the events that occurred when Tanjiro received the scar, as well as the scenes that occurred after he discovered how it was made, genuinely served as a source of character growth for him. 

Initially, after being burned by the hot water by accident, he developed a more protective and caring attitude toward his family in his role as the elder brother.


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Secondly, when he understood that it was a mark, it inspired him to become a formidable Demon Slayer and gave him the determination to do it. 

And finally, when he realized that being able to master Sun Breathing is a mark of becoming a practitioner of the strongest effective demon-slaying method that has ever existed, it made him more motivated than ever to achieve that goal.

What Causes the Changes to Tanjiro’s Scar?

The scar on Tanjiro’s face can be seen expanding during the course of the anime series. This growth can be seen occurring at regular intervals. 


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The event that occurred during the Final selection, in which Tanjiro was struck by the Hand Demon and then slammed his face into a tree as a result of the impact, caused Tanjiro’s light-colored and little ordinary scar to become darker and larger than it had been before.

Due to the fact that production on Season 2 is still ongoing, the episode in which Tanjiro received his scar has not yet been shown in the anime. 

However, the moment in which his formerly light-colored scar darkened has already taken place.

Blood begins to trickle from the scar on Tanjiro’s forehead when his face collides with the tree, and the wound has become much worse as a result.

However, similar to what I said previously, it has been established that the mark in question is not just a scar but rather a Demon Slayer Mark.


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What Caused Tanjiro to Get That Scar?

Since the first chapter or episode of the Demon Slayer series, you have no doubt been curious about the answer to this question. And besides, Tanjiro was shown in the series already bearing the scar on his forehead when it was first seen. 


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As the story went on, Tanjiro was provided the opportunity to discuss the circumstances that led to the formation of his scar.

He said that he acquired it when he sheltered his younger brother who was being hit by a brazier. His sibling had fallen down.


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 As a consequence of the burn that was induced by the boiling water in the kettle, scalding water splattered across the top left portion of his forehead. This resulted in the formation of his identifying scar.

As I continue to explore this piece with you, you will come to see that the scar conceals a great deal of activity behind it. 

This information provided some fans with the comfort of having their beliefs validated since it showed that the scar on Tanjiro’s face is not just the result of an incidental wound that he received at some point in time prior to the beginning of the series.


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What Exactly Is a “Demon Slayer Mark”?

Given that you know that Tanjiro’s scar is a Demon Slayer Mark, I can further explain in more detail what a Demon Slayer Mark is and what it can accomplish for a Demon Slayer. 


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I will also cover the benefits of having a Demon Slayer Mark. If an individual has a Demon Slayer Mark, then they have access to an amazing reservoir of power that they may draw from. 

A Demon Slayer who possesses this mark has become competent in effectively competing in combat with some of the most powerful demons that have ever existed.

Demon slayers who are in possession of the Demon Slayer Mark also get the capacity to observe how the bodies of humans and demons work. The unique aspect seems to be that it enables them to observe the circulation of blood inside the body of their enemy, which is a significant advantage.


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They have a tactical edge in combat as a result of this since it enables them to anticipate the next move that their opponent will make after they have begun assaulting them, provides the person who has it with the capacity to see how the body functions and how the blood flows, allowing them to predict the upcoming move that their adversary will make.

The most essential benefit is that it confers a significant advantage in the use of the Nichirin upon the Demon Slayer who has been marked with the Demon Slayer Mark. 

Because of this, their swords take on a blood-red glow, which, due to the intense heat generated by the swords, actually has the effect of retarding the amazing regeneration capacity possessed by demons.



Nevertheless, making use of this potent talent may be challenging due to the fact that sometimes the Hashira were unaware of how to do so until an accident caused them to do so when they were battling a particularly difficult demon. Prior to that, the Hashira had no idea how to make use of this ability.

One individual of the Hashira, though, is aware of how they came to have a Demon Slayer Mark. Due to a member of the Hashira named Muichiro Tokito, it is not simple to unlock that power since it takes the individual to have a connection to the person who has the original scar, who is named Tanjiro, as well as a life-or-death circumstance.

To acquire the Demon Slayer Mark, one of the requirements is to have a temperature of 30 degrees and a heart rate of at least 200 beats per minute. This is one of the prerequisites that must be met. 

As the anime series progresses, Tanjiro confronts more powerful opponents, which causes him to level up. As a direct consequence of this, his scar, also known as the Demon Slayer Mark, is mutating and expanding as he gains more strength.

Similar to Ichigo’s Zanpakuto, which is similarly sealed, and Naruto’s Kyuubi seal, the Demon Slayer Mark is essentially a reoccurring subject in the shonen manga style.


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 The Demon Slayer Mark seems to be sealed likewise and evolves in a manner that is very similar to how Naruto’s and Ichigo’s sealed powers develop as a result of rigorous practice and unwavering commitment.

In terms of drawing a conclusion for this post, you might conclude that Tanjiro’s scar is the result of a number of distinct events, all of which took place at the exact same moment when he was a small boy and long before the beginning of the series.   

However, the really astonishing thing is that Tanjiro’s scar simultaneously provided him with 2 tremendous character improvements that made him the caring, yet powerful, guy we all adore as we saw him grow over the series.


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