How Old Are Euphoria Main Character? (DETAILED EXPLANATION)

The main protagonists in the adolescent drama Euphoria on HBO are largely high school students, although several significant characters are either younger or older than you may expect.

Euphoria, the successful adolescent program on HBO, has grown into a cultural force, and season 2, which began at the beginning of 2022, spurred weekly fan comments on social networks.  

The bawdy drama portrays a bunch of very complicated young characters who are coping with addictions as well as social concerns and the turmoil that comes along with high school.

Because of the circumstances in which the children find themselves, it may be difficult for some audiences to accept the fact that they are actually very young. 

The main characters in the show have developed in a variety of ways throughout the course of the series, and viewers can’t wait to see Rue and her pals again in the 3rd season as they get closer to the finish of their high school careers.

10. Rue (17 Years Old)

The lead role in Euphoria belongs to Zendaya, who plays the part of Rue Bennett. In the second season, Rue is a high school junior at the age of 17 who is battling a deadly heroin addiction, and the audience witnesses her at her rock bottom. 

To support her addiction, she deceives a major drug dealer into believing that she will sell $10,000 worth of narcotics, but she really keeps all of the money and the drugs for herself.

It breaks my heart to see Rue spiral more and farther into her illness, causing irreparable damage to the people in her life as a result. In the part of a teenager, Zendaya delivers a presentation that will be remembered for generations. 

Her truthful representation of the realities of addiction, which is both heartbreaking and scary, has earned her the recognition and prizes that she well deserves, and it is a wonderful match for Rue’s younger years.

9. Maddy (18 Years Old)

Maddy Perez, whose character is performed by Alexa Demie, is a senior in high school who is in a destructive connection with Nate Jacobs and is close buddies with Cassie Howard. Maddy Perez is 18 years old. 

When Rue describes witnessing Cassie and Nate in his vehicle together during New Year’s Eve, she and Rue are much like siblings before she discovers Cassie’s treachery. Rue tells her that she saw Cassie and Nate together in his truck.

When Maddy found out that Cassie had been secretly dating her ex-boyfriend, it destroyed her heart and left her feeling completely devastated. 

She gives off the impression of being sturdy and secure, yet it is only natural to assume that her armor has some weaknesses. This act of treachery seems like another setback that someone of such a tender age shouldn’t have to endure.

8. Kat (17 Years Old)

Kat Hernandez, portrayed by Barbie Ferreira, is a junior in high school who struggles with her perception of her physique. Kat is 17 years old. Kat gains self-assurance and learns to accept and love her body over the first season of the show.

In the 2nd season, Kat’s journey takes an unexpected turn as she finds herself grappling with the pressures of social networking sites and society’s idealized depiction of the ideal figure. 

Kat, who was formerly kind and self-assured, has recently become impolite and brash, and she has even lied to her lover about having a fatal disease in order to break up their relationship. Fans are holding out hope that the confident and warm-hearted Kat will return in season 3.

7. Nate (18 Years Old)

The character of Nate Jacobs, who is played by Jacob Elordi, is a hyper-masculine football player who emotionally and violently assaults women and appears to battle with his gender orientation. 

He is a senior in high school and is 18 years old; despite the fact that he is awful in season 1, it appears that he has become even more problematic in season 2. 

Besides the fact that he gets into psychologically draining battles with Cassie, however, he also puts Maddy’s life in danger by making death threats.

Nate sneaks into Maddy’s room and threatens to shoot them both if Maddy does not return the incriminating footage that was recorded by Nate’s father. 

Maddy eventually complies with Nate’s demands. When Nate betrayed his father to the authorities, it was a little step in the right direction, but it was still one of the worst things Nate had ever done. 

Because Nate is still developing as a person, people have high hopes that he will improve significantly over the course of the next season.

6. Cassie (18 Years Old)

In season 2 of Euphoria, the character of Cassie Howard, a senior who is played by Sydney Sweeney and is 18 years old, transforms into a completely different person. 

Cassie is described as being bashful and kind at the beginning of the episode. She is a caring sister, friend, and partner.

Yet, towards the end of the 2nd season, she has undergone a turn for the nastiest.

She is sneaky with Nate and makes an effort to feel nothing when Maddy discovers their relationship. 

She acts as if she is suffering from the loss of her closest friend, yet she refuses to stop dating Maddy’s former boyfriend.

Rather, she isolates herself from everybody else but him and even engages in a violent altercation with Maddy in front of the entire freaking school. 

When seeking their real identities, teenagers frequently try out a variety of personas, which is never a good look for anybody.

5. Jules (17 Years Old)

In the 2nd season of Euphoria, the character of Jules Vaughn, who is portrayed by Hunter Schafer and is a junior in high school, has a significantly lower part than in the first season. 

Rue’s girlfriend Jules is the one who first assists him in maintaining his sobriety. Meanwhile, once Jules decides to leave the city, it is impossible for her and Rue to go back to their previous position.

Rue is getting further into her drug addiction, and Jules is becoming tight with Elliot, the new boy at school, which ultimately leads to Jules cheating on Rue with Elliot. 

Despite the fact that they are still dating, they are having problems as a result. 

This betrayal is the primary focus of her plot this season, and several viewers are dissatisfied with both the path she’s taken and the manner in which the program has underutilized a multifaceted fan favorite. 

She is deserving of the opportunity to develop beyond the stage she is now at.

4. Fezco (19 Years Old)

Fezco, also known as Fez, is a 19-year-old dropout who formerly worked as Rue’s heroin dealer. 

Angus Cloud plays the role of Fez. When the dealer realizes how severe Rue’s addiction has become, he does the right thing and stops selling her any more narcotics. 

Regardless of the reality that he is flawed, he is still a very kind and compassionate guy, as seen by the fact that he tends to his sick grandma and his younger brother Ashtray. 

Tragically, it is obvious that his faults are the product of both his absolute poverty and his immaturity.

Even at New Year’s Eve party, Fezco and Lexi Howard chat with one another and, in the meantime, build feelings for one another. 

They start spending all of their time together, and over time, their friendship develops into something nice and innocent. 

Until a SWAT squad surprise attacks Fezco’s house, he intends to deliver Lexi a note and some flowers before she performs her big performance.

3. Cal (43 Years Old)

Nate Jacobs’ father, Cal Jacobs, is represented here by Eric Dane and is 43 years old. In the first season, Cal had a sexual encounter with Jules, who is just 16 years old, establishing him as a sexual offender. 

In addition to this, he has a hard time accepting his sexuality and dealing with the responsibilities of being a family guy. 

Cal gets knocked unconscious after being beaten by Ashtray, and while he is in this condition, he goes to his family and tells them he is leaving them, despite the fact that it is clear he is not in charge of his behavior.

Once Cal departs, Nate follows him and summons the police to his home, where they discover him in the act of illegally filming himself, Jules, and other partners. Nate catches him in the act and brings him to justice. 

Nate endured Cal’s cruel treatment throughout his youth, which had a significant role in shaping Nate into the vicious young man he is today. 

Throughout the event, he is ultimately capable of standing up to his father, who has been violent to him both mentally and psychologically. 

Cal is too old to just be pardoned at this point, irrespective of the fact that he has gone through a lot. He is a terrible guy who justly deserves everything that comes his way.

2. Ashtray (14 Years Old)

Ashtray, also known as Ash, is Fez’s younger brother and is played by Javon Walton. He is 14 years old. Over the years, Ashtray has been of assistance to Fezco in the drug trade. 

He is known as the operation’s muscle and is not hesitant to physically damage others or intimidate others. In the last act, both he and his brother find themselves in very difficult circumstances.

On the day of Lexi’s performance, law enforcement knocks on their house after discovering that Ash was responsible for the death of a fellow dealer. 

Ash rejects Fez’s offer to accept the blame and instead barricades himself in the toilet. From there, he fires at the SWAT officers, and he is killed when the police return fire. Fez is prepared to take responsibility for what happened.

It is horrible to see such a little kid being killed in such a brutal manner since the sight is both horrifying and devastating.

1. Lexi (17 Years Old) 

The character of Lexi Howard, who is portrayed by Maude Apatow, is a junior in high school and is 17 years old. Rue has known her since they were little children to be her closest companion. She is the younger sister of Rue’s best friend, Cassie. 

During the most severe phase of Rue’s addiction, the two drift apart, but Lexi demonstrates that she would never abandon her friend. 

When Lexi eventually makes the chance to showcase her talents to the world with the play that she has been working on for so long, she emerges from the shade that her older sister, Cassie, has cast over her.

The narrative titled “My Life” is a rather overtly fabricated autobiography in which Lexi takes the role of the primary protagonist. In the essay, she discusses the sexuality of football players as well as the pseudo-masculinism that is associated with the sport. 

As part of her discussion, she reveals truths about Rue, Cassie, and even Nate. Her show is a huge success, and despite the fact that it causes an explosive dispute between Cassie and Maddy, it’s wonderful to see Lexi in the limelight, where she can be recognized for everything that she has accomplished at such a tender age.

Final Thoughts

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