The big mystical Madrigal family is the main focus of Disney’s Encanto, but just how old are all of the family members? The ages of the characters are listed in the following list.

In the Disney film Encanto, an entire family is shown to be endowed with extraordinary powers; nevertheless, these extraordinary powers are not the sole thing that makes their lives interesting.

Since it was first published, Encanto has been the subject of speculation regarding the biographical facts of the characters, particularly their ages. 

Thankfully, Jared Bush, the director of the musical, has responded to the queries posed by the audience in a number of different Twitter conversations. 

After that, he clears up any misunderstandings regarding the family structure within the Madrigal family by pointing out the subtle differences in the Madrigals’ ages and behaviors.

Bush and his co-director Byron Howard had discussed the possibility of collaborating on a musical project for a long time. 


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Both of them had the opportunity to grow up in huge families, and as a result, they shared the idea of using that shared background as inspiration for the twelve primary characters in Encanto.

This idea presented a challenge for the graphics team working on the movie because they had to create characters who were different from one another regardless of the fact that they belonged to the exact same family. 

Because of this, the characters in Encanto, in addition to having distinct special abilities, as well have distinctive characteristics that are the result of their varying ages and phases of life.

Fans instantly noticed that a number of the Madrigals appeared possibly older or younger than they would have meant to be. This was due to the fact that Encanto purposefully avoided revealing the Madrigals’ ages.

The conversations had made their way to Twitter, during which Bush provided further context into the origins of the Disney characters. 

He went on to describe the ages of the characters in Encanto, as well as the significance those ages have on their characteristics and the connections between them. 

Having said that, the ages of each Madrigal are listed below.


Camilo, at 15 years old, is a “theater kid” who is experimenting with many personas. He is only a little older than Mirabel. 

Camilo, Dolores’ younger brother, has the ability to modify his appearance. Because of his power, he is able to keep his family entertained and, on occasion, force others into giving him what he wishes.



According to what Bush describes, this is the reason why it comes as a surprise to the Madrigals because Mirabel did not get a gift immediately after Camilo received his.

Abuela Alma

Even if Abuela Alma does not possess any supernatural abilities of her herself, the Madrigals were fortunate enough to be the recipients of the miracle. 

Her candle had already developed its magical qualities fifty years before the beginning of Encanto’s story.

While the movie’s chronology was intentionally unclear, Alma had watched over the town for fifty years, ensuring that her family’s enchantment and the talents of her kids and grandchildren were not lost.


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Consequently, if Abuela was around the exact age of her deceased husband, she would have been either 75 or 76 years old when the events depicted in the movie took place.

Abuelo Pedro

Yatra, who was born in 1994, was just 26 years old when he partnered with the authors of Encanto, which means that Abuelo Pedro was also 26 years old when he passed away.

At a gathering for the occasion of the Day of the Little Candles, the father of the miraculous Madrigal family, Abuelo Pedro, who may in fact be the Casita, first saw Abuela Alma. 

The two people got along brilliantly right away, got married, and ended up having triplets.



Sadly, the conquerors caused havoc in the town in which they resided, compelling the villagers to escape and compelling Pedro to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to preserve his family.

As shown by Bush, Abuelo Pedro was the same age that Sebastian Yatra was when he wrote “Dos Oruguitas” when he crossed the river. 

The Colombian artist sang the wistful ballad that was sung as memories to Abuela Alma and Abuelo Pedro telling the story of their love affair.


In the movie Encanto, which is heavily inspired by Colombian culture, the character of Agustín’s age is never given; nonetheless, the filmmakers of the film explain that he is only a few years younger than Julieta and her siblings.

This is additionally backed by the fact that he is sloppy and subject to accidents, which is the reason he ultimately got involved with Julieta as a romantic partner. 


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Agustín does not inherit any of the family’s magical skills because he joined the family through marriage. 

But that only served to make him more approachable to Mirabel and the public in general.


Julieta, the mother of Luisa, Isabella, and Mirabel, possesses the miraculous gift of being able to heal others through the food that she prepares in the kitchen. 

Mirabel’s hand, as well as her husband Agustín’s bee stings, are both cured by her at Encanto.

Due to the passage of 50 years since the occurrence of the miracle, Abuela Alma’s triplets are close to reaching the age of 50.


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Also, in another tweet, Bush affirms that Julieta is the oldest of the children. This is indicated by the fact that she is the one who feels the most responsibility to assist everyone within the community.


She will be 21 years old when the actions of the film take place.

Isabela, the oldest grandchild of the Madrigal family, has almost always been under pressure to be considered the most attractive and faultless of her siblings. 

Once she ultimately learns to embrace her own, flawed self towards the end of Encanto, her ability to cultivate flowers and plants undergoes a transformation as a result. 


In a post on Twitter, Bush reveals that Mirabel’s age in Encanto is 15, indicating that she is only a few months younger than her cousin Camilo.

Mirabel is the only Madrigal who does not possess any sort of magical ability. She is the youngest daughter of Julieta and Agustín.



When the miracle is in danger, she is essential to reestablishing the magic and reconstructing Casita, regardless of the fact that she is different from the remainder of the family.


Luisa is 19 years old.

Luisa, who was first presented to the audience in the song “Surface Pressure,” is the local runner of the town thanks to her extraordinary strength. 

She is able to raise bridges, modify houses, and complete her responsibilities without a problem.

The sister, who is a classic example of a middle child, maintains a tough front, both mentally and physically, in order to appease her family. 


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Unfortunately, she is also plagued by worries that she would fall short of the standards set by the people in her village. 


Pepa too is 50 years old, and she is happily married to Félix.

Pepa is the Madrigal triplets’ middle child and is regarded as the most sentimental member of the family in the musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Pepa’s name comes from the Spanish word for “middle child.”


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Because of the fascinating connection between her ability to regulate and manage the weather and her feelings, Abuela is quick to give her a lecture whenever she seems to have a cloud hanging over her head. 


Even though it isn’t stated directly, Félix is probably around his early to mid-50s at this point.

As a member of the Madrigal family by marriage, Félix shares Agustín’s lack of supernatural abilities. 

Bush mentions the fact that he is a bit older than the triplets, despite the fact that unclear exactly how much older he is than the triplets.

Despite this, his laid-back demeanor, which stems from his senior age, makes him an ideal companion for the sensitive and intense Pepa. 


Bruno, together with his two siblings, is now 50 years old and resides in Encanto. 

Due to Bruno’s negative forecasts, his family as well as the rest of the community reject him because of his clairvoyance, which they believe is a curse.

In point of fact, his predicament is described in full in the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” which also serves as a cautionary tale for those who are of a younger age. 

The truth is that Bruno is just completely misunderstood, which is a disheartening discovery given that he is the youngest of the Madrigal triplets in Encanto.


Antonio, the Madrigal who is the youngest overall, is just 5 years old when the activities of Encanto take place. 

His ceremony is the first one to take place after the one that Mirabel had, whose power shift was exposed at the start of the movie, and it serves as the primary subject of the initial part of the movie.

Therefore, Antonio is under a lot of pressure to make sure he doesn’t let down his family. 

He is blessed with the ability to communicate with animals, which shows to be of great assistance as he uncovers the mysteries surrounding the magic his family has always practiced.


Dolores, who is likewise 21 years old and the oldest yet the only daughter of Pepa and Félix, is still only a few months younger than Isabella.

Dolores, who possesses supernatural hearing, is more cautious and calmer, and the age gap between her and her flawless cousin Isabella forces her to remain in the darkness of her relative’s accomplishments.

Dolores, on the other hand, finds her way to happiness through the story’s ending in Encanto.

Will There Be Encanto 2?

Disney has not commented on the likelihood of a sequel to Encanto, either confirming or denying its existence. 

However, this does not rule out the possibility of there being a sequel in the future. 

And besides, Encanto was such a success that it was awarded both the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 2022.

Encanto’s success is comparable to that of “Frozen” and “The Incredibles,” all of which received sequels several years after their initial release. 

There is currently no estimated release date for Encanto 2 because there still hasn’t been any statement indicating the fact that the movie would be produced.

In addition, due to the time-consuming nature of the animation process, audiences often have to wait many years between each new Pixar film. 

The careful attention that is evident in Encanto highlights the advantages of having to wait awhile for a movie that was made with deep enthusiasm and emotion, but it is unlikely that a release date will be determined any time in the near.


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