How the Demon Slayer Manga Ends? (DETAILS INCLUDED)

Muzan was ultimately put to death at the conclusion of the Demon Slayer manga, which resulted in the Demon Slayer Corps becoming victorious. Their triumph is a very big deal since it put an end to the Demons’ rule for good and eliminated the Demon race entirely. 

This is a very significant accomplishment. It is important to keep in mind that Muzan is the “founder” of all Demons that appear in the series; hence, putting a halt to him would put an end to the formation of Demons permanently.

The conclusion of the Demon Slayer manga was written in such a manner that the whole story brought us first to a climax inside a climax. 

Since Muzan is too powerful for the entire Demon Slayer Corps to be able to destroy him in the first instance, the first climax was obviously when he was vanquished by sunlight. 

The moment when Muzan was vanquished and Tanjiro was transformed into a demon was the high point of the story.


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Even though it takes place in modern-day Japan, viewers should still make sure they check out the Extended Finale of the manga. It is extremely significant. 

I came to the conclusion that the best way to learn more about the overall conclusion of Demon Slayer was to record all of the information on the last fight in its entirety. 

You will definitely have an understanding of what the series’ prolonged ending meant for it, in addition to the explanation of why the author opted to add such a section to the story.

Is This The End of the Demon Slayer Manga?

The last chapter of the series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, will be published on May 18, 2020. The series has finally been completed. Be aware that chapter 205 corresponds to what readers refer to as the “stretched ending,” since the tale of the last chapter is not focused on Tanjiro but rather on somebody who is linked to him. When we get to the point where we are going to discuss this unique epilogue chapter, I will then explain this particular portion.


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If you’d like to ponder what the true conclusion of Tanjiro’s narrative is, then you should know that it will be covered in the manga series’s chapter 204. On May 11, 2020, the 204th chapter, named A World Without Demons, was made available to readers.

This chapter takes place 3 months after the last chapter when the main adversary Muzan Kibutsuji was defeated. As suggested by the title, the demonic presence on the planet has been eradicated at this point. 

Upon successfully fulfilling their quest to put a stop to the demons’ dominion once and for all, they may finally enjoy the serenity that is rightfully theirs.

What Kind Of A Ending Did The Demon Slayer Manga Come To?

It is easiest to describe the ending of the manga by beginning with what took place immediately after they were victorious against Muzan and only then moving on to the more extensive conclusion. 


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Everybody who was battling Muzan at the moment had already reached the edge of surrendering since they were aware of how overpowering Muzan is.

Yet there is some good news: sunshine is the primary vulnerability of demons. Fighting Muzan until the dawn rises is nothing more than a game of chicken for the whole Corps. 

It was high time for the sun to rise, particularly considering that several friends had previously been eliminated from the battle.

This resulted in the mighty Muzan disintegrating, which provided everybody with a sense of comfort; in fact, several of them actually shed tears of happiness since the most trying phase of the process was finished, and the demons had been eradicated from the planet. 

They were eventually able to relax after they realized there were no more enemies in sight.

While some Demon Slayers tended to the wounded, some discussed the epic final showdown between them and the Hashira, while others still refuse to accept they have prevailed.


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When Giyu looks upon Tanjiro, although, he does not respond to her questions. While he is on his knees and gripping his sword, Tanjiro’s respiration has stopped completely. 

Everybody went into a frenzy as a result of this, and their worst fears were realized when it was verified that their buddy had passed away. 

And besides, he is worn out after the fierce battle with Muzan, and he is bleeding profusely from the wounded limb he sustained during the battle.

The focus then shifts to Muzan and his previous existence on earth as a human. This is when we all made the discovery that the Demon curse is not only some type of supernatural phenomenon but actually a form of the virus that was generated by testing carried out over Muzan.



It then cuts to the time when Muzan’s mind is truly within Tanjiro, as he is feeding … the second all of his demonic blood, and Muzan acknowledges that death is constantly around him also while he was a mortal.

As a direct consequence of this, Tanjiro came to after his death, albeit not as a human being any longer. When it was first announced that Tanjiro had regained consciousness, everybody let out a collective sigh of relief. 

Nevertheless, they immediately noted that Tanjiro’s arm recovered, which caused them to avoid Tanjiro as they discovered that their buddy had become a demon. This realization caused them to remain far from Tanjiro. 

The shocked and worn-out Demon Slayers are suddenly questioning in horror why Tanjiro appears to be acting oddly, loving his new shape with inexplicable enthusiasm. Tanjiro’s behavior has left them perplexed and fatigued.

At this time, they seemed to have no option but rather too ready themselves for yet another fight although feeling extremely fatigued after beating the previous Demon King. After fighting Tanjiro, they kept begging him to go return to his human form.

As Tanjiro went on unleashing his spine lashes and began exhibiting his overpowering appearance, Nezuko raced to her brother and held him so hard.

This started Tanjiro’s inner fight to get free of Muzan’s grip over him. And because of the strength of brotherly love, mixed with a little compassion from his pals, they were capable of eventually taking out of the Muzan within Tanjiro and eventually returning the fighter to becoming a person. 



The Demon race has been completely eradicated now that they have truly found harmony, and Tanjiro, his sister, and their pals are now truly able to live their lives in harmony.

The ending moments are so serene, that viewers will feel moved since Tanjiro and Nezuko have fulfilled their aim, plus vanquished all devils for good. 

And while the other version of the narrative comes to a close, Tanjiro and his sister continue to enjoy the company of their close friends in the Kamado household. The final frame of part 204, then displays an advanced metropolis, which begins a new tale.

This is when chapter 205, the expanded conclusion, enters the picture. The chronology of this chapter happened maybe thousands of years following Tanjiro’s chronology. 

This chapter, however, introduces us to the sophisticated Kamado household, one member of which bears a remarkable likeness to Tanjiro.


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It additionally revealed the bloodline of Zenitsu, Nezuko, Inosuke, and indeed Murata. They maintain the same intimate bonds as their forebears, suggesting a solid family history.

The story totally came to a conclusion by presenting a shot of Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade, Kyojuro’s flame-shaped hilt, as well as an old picture of Tanjiro and everybody who lived the last fight, as well as the hanafuda earrings of Tanjiro.

Who Is Killed in the Final Chapter of the Demon Slayer Manga?

In contrast to many other Shonen manga, the ending of Demon Slayer included more than one death. However, we won’t be discussing the deaths of people who passed away before the decisive fight since compiling such a listing would take an extremely long time. 


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Despite this, and as a result of the tremendous strength possessed by Muzan, the following individuals—both Tanjiro’s supporters and opponents—died during the decisive battle:

  • Akaza
  • Daki
  • Gyokko
  • Hantengu
  • Gyutaro
  • Kokushibo
  • Tamayo
  • Nakime
  • Kaigaku

In addition to them, there were other demon slayers of a lesser level who made a heroic sacrifice in order to assist Tanjiro and his companions in distracting Muzan’s attention. 

Tanjiro passed away in addition to Muzan, who was destined to disintegrate when exposed to the sunshine that everybody had been waiting for. His resuscitation was made possible by the consumption of demon blood, thus all credit goes to it. 

However, if it hadn’t been for it, the climax would have concluded with Tanjiro lying on a grave rather.


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What You Need to Know About the Demon Slayer Manga

The tale of Tanjiro, a Demon Slayer, is followed in Demon Slayer. Tanjiro’s goal is to become a member of the Demon Slayers and help eradicate demons for eternity. 



The conclusion of the narrative reveals, among other things, that the only way to achieve complete peace is to vanquish Muzan, the demon who is the root of all demonic power.

However, along with that accomplishment comes the sensation that it is next to impossible to do. In addition to this, it demonstrates that every obstacle, regardless of how insurmountable it may seem to be at the moment, can be conquered with enough tenacity and unwavering commitment to a better tomorrow.

One other interpretation of this tale is that they devised a strategy to defeat Muzan once and for all in order to assure that the demon’s curse, which resembles a virus coupled with magic, would be broken. 

It is important to keep in mind that demons are born from the blood of Muzan since he is the sole source of strength with which to produce them.



And besides, Muzan’s metamorphosis into a supreme demon was the direct consequence of an attempt that was intended to maintain him living but ended up partly failing and backfiring, culminating in Muzan’s metamorphosis into a demon.

An Explanation of the Manga Relating to the Extended Final Chapter of “Demon Slayer”

Manga’s last chapter only demonstrates how close the Demon Slayers and their families eventually become. It moreover shows how calm the earth has become following the destruction of all demons, allowing the humans of the next generation to live regular lives exactly like the ones we have today.


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The prolonged finale’s representation furthermore suggests that when there are no more demons on the planet of Kimetsu no Yaiba, humans will eventually be capable of focusing on developing their social and making it more advanced, which will allow them to live normal lives without the necessity to face challenges and train to become warriors, who will only end up dying at a young age.

This chapter’s slice-of-life aesthetic reinforced my impression that they would never again face the kind of danger that befell Tanjiro’s family at the start of the book.