How To Locate The Avengers Google Search Easter Egg: “Thanos Snap”

Even though the iconic Thanos snap Easter egg is no longer included in Google’s search results, it remains possible to find it online if you are aware of the right places to explore.

Over the years, Google has distributed a variety of Easter eggs and concealed goodies, one of which is an Easter egg based on Thanos from the Avengers that can be found buried inside Google Search.

Easter eggs are a cinematic tradition that dates back decades, and one of them in Avengers: Endgame pays homage to Roscoe Simons, a previous incarnation of Captain America. 

Even while Google is no longer making the Thanos Snap Easter egg available to users, this does not imply that it cannot be discovered anywhere else online.

Google’s Android mobile operating system, along with its many other goods and services, including Google Search, is known to frequently feature hidden easter eggs due to the company’s tradition of doing so. 

In point of fact, it is not uncommon for Google to participate in festivities by hiding a themed Easter egg whenever a significant film is launched or an anniversary is achieved. 

This was the situation in 2019 when The Wizard of Oz celebrated its 80th anniversary, as well as the scenario just before the most recent Avengers film, was set to be released in cinemas. Both of these events took place in 2019.

On April 26, 2019, Avengers: Endgame was made available to the public for the first time, and not long before that date, Google introduced an Easter egg to Search that was based around Avengers: Infinity War. 

The secret sweet lent a dash of Marvel’s Avengers mystique to the proceedings, although in a rather Thanos-like fashion.

To find the camouflaged surprise, the user would just check Google for specific keywords such as “Thanos,” “Thanos glove,” or “Infinity Gauntlet,” and afterward hit on a picture of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Easter eggs are hidden in Google Search for extended periods of time quite frequently. For instance, a Pac-Man egg that was first made accessible in 2010 to commemorate the game’s 30th anniversary remains on sale today. 

The Easter egg pertaining to Thanos, on the other hand, was taken down from Google Search at some point in the year 2020.

Where to Look for the Thanos Easter  Egg hunt on Google

While Google has already deleted the Easter egg involving the Thanos snap, it remains theoretically accessible online for anybody who is interested in having the opportunity to see it. 

“elgooG” was first conceived as a reflected counterpart of Google Search with the intention of providing results that were shown vertically instead of horizontally.

On the other hand, the website not only generates new Easter eggs but also recovers older ones. After going to the website specifically devoted to Thanos Snap, the easter egg will function just as it did previously, but without the need that users to carry out any searches.

Alternatively, the user only has to glance at the knowledge panel, which is a little information box that Google utilizes to offer a fast summary of a location, individual, or imaginary villain. 

In this case, the user is searching for a small picture of the Infinity Gauntlet. If you click on the picture, the Easter egg involving Thanos will be triggered.

Following the same pattern as the Thanos Snap, the fingers of the Infinity Gauntlet will click once activated. At this time, you’ll see that several of the search engine results have already started to vanish.

After a couple of moments, the user will see that large chunks of the search engine results have entirely disappeared as they scroll down the screen.

The procedure may be completely undone by clicking the picture of the Infinity Gauntlet a second time, much like the original Easter egg that Google created for the Thanos Snap game.

The Reasons Behind Google’s Decision to Delete the Thanos Easter Egg

It is to everyone’s benefit that the Thanos snap Easter egg can continue to be accessed by visitors through the elgooG website; yet, the question remains as to why Google Search decided to delete it in the initial place.

Although some Google Easter eggs have existed for a number of years, some are only available for a limited time and disappear after a couple of months.

When it comes to time-sensitive Easter eggs, this is a rather common occurrence. For instance, doing a search on Google Search for “Askew” will continue to cause the page to tilt and seem crooked. Many, including the Easter egg involving the Thanos snap, do not exist anymore.

As was previously noted, this is only one case of Google concealing an Easter egg inside Google Search. There are many more examples. In February 2022, in recognition of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Google added a trick that looks like the Bat-Signal to their Search page. 

When you do a search on Google for terms such as “Bruce Wayne” or “Gotham City,” the search engine displays the Bat-Signal flashing throughout the screen, accompanied by an image of Batman speeding off to fight crime. 

There are also Easter eggs for the Zerg characters from StarCraft, Sonic, and a few more characters.

Additional Google Easter Eggs That Are Still Accessible to Users

Although the Easter egg involving the snap of Thanos is no longer immediately accessible via Google search, there are a number of others that may nonetheless be accessed. 

The ‘Cha Cha Slide,’ which was launched to honor the 20th anniversary of the hit song in 2020, is one of the finest Easter eggs that keeps on giving and is consistently one of the most popular dances.

If you use the search function and type “Cha Cha Slide,” a picture of a microphone will appear. If you press on it, the on-screen dance will follow the words of the music, and further clicks will display even more dance routines that are analogous to the lyrics. 

It represents one of the most involved Easter Eggs that may be found, and the volume should be cranked up in order to get the most out of it.

The “Fidget Spinner” Easter egg might give some thoughtless diversion for those times when you are feeling particularly bored. If you do a search on Google using the term “fidget spinner,” a digital representation of the product will appear.

You can get it to start spinning by clicking the “Spin” button, and you can make it stop by clicking anywhere on the spinner. If you prefer a numbered wheel to a spinning wheel, you may switch it to the numbered mode by clicking the “Number” toggle button.

Utilizing the dropdown menu, you could even modify the number of numbers that will be shown on the wheel to reflect your preferences.

The Easter egg in Super Mario Bros. is yet another classic that still has a lot of fans today.

If you do a search using the term “Super Mario Brothers,” you will see a coin block followed by a question mark in the knowledge panel located on the right-hand side of the search engine results page.

Simply clicking on it will reward you with two hundred points and play the recognizable coin sound.

Additionally, if you click the coin block a total of one hundred times, the recognizable “1-Up” sound will be produced.

If you realize where and how to search, Google Search really has a huge amount of hidden Easter eggs for you to find. If you don’t recognize where to search, you can miss them.