Is Encanto’s ISABELA A Villain In The Story?(TRUTH REVEALED)

Dolores is the character in Disney’s Encanto who most closely resembles a villain since she makes use of her magical skill to adversely impact other people, such as Isabela.

Dolores Madrigal appears to come the closest to playing the role of a classic Disney villain, despite the fact that Encanto does not feature a traditional Disney villain. 

This is particularly true considering how she attempts to make life difficult for her cousin, Isabela. 

Everyone who is born into the Madrigal family receives a unique gift of magical powers from the Magic Candle when they reach a specific age, with the exception of Mirabel. 

Mirabel is the only family member who does not gain a gift, and as a result, she is considered an outsider within both the family and the community of Encanto. 

Dolores has the ability to hear everything, including sounds that are distant or as quiet as the drop of a pin. This is her talent.

During a scene in which the Madrigal family is grouped together for a supper, Abuela Alma asks Dolores when Mariano Guzmán would propose to Isabela. The action takes place at the Madrigal home. 

Dolores gestures as though she is eavesdropping on their next-door neighbors and adds, “Tonight. He wants five babies.” After giving her cousin a mocking glance, she resumes eating her meal while maintaining a smirking expression. 

Isabela, in contrast, is visibly taken aback by Dolores’s assertion, as seen by the gasp she lets out, her wide eyes, and the unexpected appearance of flowers in her hair.

Dolores tells a falsehood to Isabela because she is envious of Mariano, which is a hypothesis that Encanto’s director, Jared Bush, has truly verified to be correct. Dolores is in love with Mariano. 

Dolores is compared to a villain not just because she lied, but also because she used her talent to manipulate events so that they went in the way she wanted them to go.  

She has no need to respond to Abuela’s query with information about the infants, however, she does so nonetheless since she anticipates Isabela’s displeasure with the subject matter. 

Dolores is using this as a covert tactic to attempt to build a breach between her cousin and the guy she believes she will never be able to have.

Why It Appears That So Many Individuals Believe Dolores Will Play The Role Of A Villain

Dolores’s use of her magical skill to cause mayhem is not limited to the white lie she told at the supper with her family. She overhears Mirabel telling Agustín about how she was present in Bruno’s vision just before he vanished, right before the dinner when she would propose to him. 

Dolores makes the decision to divulge the secret at the dinner, which not only results in the failure of Isabela and Mariano’s attempt to get engaged, and yet also causes widespread concern in Encanto that the Madrigal family may lose their magical abilities.

What’s even more upsetting is when Dolores uses her super-hearing to get access to vital info, but afterward opts not to pass it along to anybody else or take any action in response to it. 

She responds to Maribel’s question about what’s wrong with the magic by saying, The only one worried about the magic is you. And the rats talking in the walls. Oh, and Luisa. 

I heard her eye twitching all night,” which gives the impression she might have been conscious of the problems that have been occurring for some time now. 

Dolores even reveals at the finale that she did know Bruno with his rats were hidden in the walls of the Casita because she heard them every single day for ages, but she never revealed it to anybody. 

Dolores cannot be held responsible for the many problems that have arisen within the family or with the miracle, and despite all of her efforts to prevent Isabela and Mariano from getting married, it has been shown that Isabela has never had any intention of doing so. 

Dolores, on the other hand, will either utilize the power of the secrets she is privy to in order to control things to her favor or will just avoid them in order to prevent having to become engaged in them. 

It’s very distinct compared to her other magical relatives, especially Julieta, who can cure people with the food she cooks.