Married At First Sight Season 11: What Are They Doing Now?

Although Amani and Woody could have only just become parents, the remaining cast members of MAFS season 11 have had vastly diverse post-show experiences.

The reality program Married at First Sight has been on the air for only 8 years, yet it is now on its 15th season. 

Fans have once more been cheering for their favorite combinations while expecting the ending that will inevitably be reached for others thanks to the 5 couples from San Diego. 

Fans have noted that there are fewer couples that they actually feel as attached to in the latest popular season as they did with certain couples from previous seasons. 

When the matchmakers from the show’s New Orleans location were tasked with forming 5 new pairs out of local singles, they produced some of the finest and worst chemistry matches in the history of the competition. 

At this point in time, two of the three couples who made the choice to continue their marriage on decision day are now leading happily married lives, while the remaining couples have no trouble moving on from the events of the past.

Henry Rodriguez

Before the happenings of the reunion episode, viewers had a perception of Henry as being cautious and silent. 

However, after seeing that episode, it became even more obvious reasons why he and Christina were not part of the season 11 MAFS couples that remained together. 

The audience members saw Henry defend himself against Christina’s activities while they were watching the play at that very moment.

Among these acts was the assertion that she had information that she obtained from a “trusted source” that indicated he was homosexual, and then the apparent attempt to use that knowledge to extort him using the information she had obtained.

Despite the fact that he had shown anger at her at that time, he has moved on from his time on MAFS and is now seeing a new lady called Kayla McCormick. 

Both of them are now watching the most recent season of MAFS and have given their thoughts to People on the couples competing in this season.

Christina Croce

The choice that Christina and Henry made to break their marriage on decision day did not come as a shock to the viewers of MAFS. Their differences were clear from the very outset, which contributed to the difficult start they got off to. 

Their relationship, on the other hand, did not come to an end with their wedding on “judgment” day, and more concerns were discussed in the episode where they reunited.

They are no longer in a relationship, and it is unknown whether or not they have continued to be friends after breaking up. 

Because she made her debut on the program, Christina has been tight-lipped about the details of her private life. 

Her social media accounts have been locked down, and there has been no public discussion of what the last few years have been like for her.

Miles Williams

In the beginning, it appeared as if Miles and Karen would not make it since Karen had some reservations, however today they are one of the very few MAFS couples from their season who remain married. 

Miles has posted videos on his Instagram account that reference their presence in season 11 of the program as well as what their lives are like today. 

The couple has been quite upfront about the fact that their time spent on the show is very different from their life as a married couple.

Miles has been open and honest about his struggle with mental illness in a number of podcasts, and he and Karen are making efforts to live happy, fulfilling lives together by going on adventures, going to events, and maintaining a healthy married relationship. 

According to his Instagram account, Miles is presently serving as the principal of an elementary school in New Orleans. He maintains a strong relationship with Woody, who was also married during Season 11 of “The Bachelor.”

Karen Landry

On the first episode of MAFS, Karen got off to a rocky start when a production error exposed Miles’ name prior to actually her wedding day. She was afraid that her anxiety would get the better of her, but in the end, she decided to give the marriage another go, and today the two of them are more content than they have ever been.

Karen has reached the level of actual influencer thanks to the product reviews, culinary instructions, and even advice on how to properly care for plants that she shares on her TikTok and Instagram channels. 

The pair additionally has a joint YouTube channel, which they use to give MAFS viewers and subscribers a little bit more of an inside glimpse into what their marriage has been like since they were on the program.

Olivia Cornu

After it was made evident that Olivia’s husband Brett was not as motivated to focus on their marriage or relationship and devote herself to the situation as she was, a lot of MAFS viewers felt awful for Olivia.

Despite the fact that she was devastated by the way in which the relationship came to an end, she was capable of moving on with Chris Collette from season 14, whose marriage was as well one of the most heartbreaking MAFS couples. 

Despite this, none of them has shared any fresh information about the status of their relationship.

Olivia maintains her position as a nurse in New Orleans, however, she and her close friend John Conner have already launched a podcast titled “Check The Locks,” which focuses on genuine crimes. Fans may tune in to the show through Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, and a variety of other podcast streaming services.

Brett Lindsey

Throughout the wedding, Brett and his wife Olivia appeared to share strong chemistry with one other. However, as soon as they left for their honeymoon, things started to go sideways, and their marital problems only grew worse from there.

Although Brett has expressed on his Instagram during Q&As with his audience that although he doesn’t think the pair would have ever been able to make their relationship work, people should not really cast accusations solely on what they witnessed on the program, the couple ultimately made the decision to have a divorce.

The majority of Brett’s attention is now focused on his cat, and despite a rumor from Reality TV World that he found a new girlfriend only after divorcing Olivia, it seems as if he is now back to being single.

Woody Randall

Both Woody and his close buddy Miles participated in the MAFS process at the same time, and as a direct result of their time spent on the program, both of them are now happily married. 

The two sets of people love spending time with their significant others, going on frequent dates together, and documenting their adventures on Instagram so that their followers can remain up to speed.

The friendship between Woody and Amani is one of the reasons why Amani is among the most admired MAFS celebrities, however Woody himself is likewise a big favorite among show followers. 

Fans may subscribe to their joint YouTube account to remain up to speed on their path as new parents and see how he and his wife are adjusting to their new roles as parents.

Amani Aliyya

Amani’s sophisticated but childlike approach, along with her all-around kind and sincere character, helped propel her to the top of the list of most popular members of the cast in the history of the show’s MAFS franchise. 

Although in the midst of heated debates with her boyfriend Woody, she exhibited a degree of wisdom and composure that is rarely found in the couples featured on the program.

She and her husband, Woody, remain together and are quite happy. They have just become parents for the first time, and they called their boy Reign. 

The newlyweds continue to make their home in New Orleans and have emerged as one of the show’s most inspiring success stories.

Bennett Kirschner

Because of their unique chemistry and real appeal as a pair, Bennett and Amelia soon became one of the most beloved couples of the eleventh season of MAFS. 

Bennett even revealed that he had received a tattoo of Amelia’s initials as a solution to the question of whether or not he wanted to remain married on decision day, so when they announced their intention to divorce in October 2021, viewers were understandably taken aback.

Fans were dismayed by the decision to end their marriage, but they could take solace in the fact that Bennett and his ex-wife proceed to get along. 

Bennett is currently working in New Orleans as a director, scriptwriter, songwriter, and singer for Intramural Theater, which fans can learn more about on his webpage. 

In addition, he maintains friendships with a number of the other spouses featured in the show and can be seen on the Instagram sites of a number of them.

Amelia Fatsi

Regardless of the fact that Amelia said that she just participated in the program for pleasure and also because she believed it would be enjoyable, she still managed to form a strong connection with Bennett. 

Because of the originality of her character, it is difficult to conceive of there being another individual whose energy might possibly complement hers who is also just as distinctive.

On the other hand, it would seem that she has located that one unique individual. 

After divorcing Bennett, Amelia has discovered a new significant other in Alexander Bayer, a yoga instructor, and the two of them have been traveling across Alaska together. 

If her independence on MAFS is something you miss, you can always check out her Instagram to see what she’s up to in Alaska.