Married At First Sight Season 12: What Are They Doing Now?

After a year has gone since the conclusion of the drama-filled 12th season of Married at First Sight, fans of the program are likely curious as to the whereabouts of the cast members from that season.

It is becoming less probable that the couples who get married on Married at First Sight would not only make it beyond decision day but also remain together in the months after the shooting is over. 

Fans continue to hold out hope that each new season will be better than the one before it, and season 15’s couples haven’t been any different in this regard.

So far, MAFS has been responsible for producing 14 couples that are doing quite well. Even if one of those couples is from season 12, the Atlanta season did not fail to deliver on its promise to provide viewers with exciting and, at times, stressful drama, the repercussions of which may still be felt today.

Erik Lake

Despite the fact that the pair had to work through a number of challenges during their time in the program, Eric and Virginia came to the conclusion that they wanted to remain in a relationship. 

Even so, after filming was finished, the couple revealed to People that they had attempted to deal with the problems that were occurring in their marriage privately, although they finally chose that getting a divorce seemed to be the smartest choice, and so in July of 2021, they decided to file the necessary paperwork and declared their divorce.

Erik has kept a positive attitude about his time spent on the show and frequently posts videos to his Instagram account in which he makes fun of several of the items that he was viewing performing during the show. 

Since their breakup, Erik has remained employed as a pilot. He has also kept things humourous regarding his time spent on the show. 

However, if his comments page is any indicator, there seem to be definitely a couple of ladies who would happily become the next Mrs. Lake. He has likewise maintained any details about his sexual connections secret. He has not disclosed any of these details.

Virginia Coombs

Throughout the program, Virginia gave off an impression of being a youthful woman with a carefree attitude; this impression of her has not changed though she went through her divorce. 

She now devotes a significant portion of her time to improving her mental state by socializing with her friends and, obviously, spending time with her dog Rockie.

She quickly developed a friendship with another wife from the same season, Haley, and has an even stronger connection with Clara. 

Because she and Clara just recently shared a lighthearted TikTok about opening a combined Bumble profile and what they’re seeking in a partner, it is reasonable to infer that both of them are still enjoying the single life after their respective marriages ended in divorce. 

In addition to these activities, Virginia is using her time to travel, participate in events, and promote various businesses on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Ryan Oubre

Ryan and Clara remained married up until the day of the decision, however after shooting MAFS, they became another pair to end their relationship. 

The difficulties that the couple had during their time on the program persisted after the shooting, and they decided to divorce only a few months after making the choice to do so. 

The breakup was revealed in a statement that was published on Ryan’s Instagram. In the message, he implied that the fact that the two of them were of different races led to a great deal of deeper confusion inside the partnership, which ultimately contributed significantly to the couple’s demise.

The cast of the season was affected in a variety of ways by the comment, and Virginia released a video on her account in reaction to the statement he made (via Monsters & Critics). 

Ryan did not react to Virginia’s repeated invitations to meet, and he is now concentrating on improving his own health and assisting others in achieving their objectives while working as a trainer at a CrossFit facility in Atlanta (per Instagram).

Clara Berghaus

On the program, much of Clara and Ryan’s problems were on a lack of intimacy in their relationship; however, Ryan’s post reveals that there was more going on in the background than was first revealed. 

However, Clara seemed to have a different viewpoint of the reasons why her marriage to Ryan ended, and in reaction to his comment, she issued one of her own, in which she emphasized in US Weekly her readiness to simply move on from that phase of her life.

Clara had no trouble celebrating its conclusion and formally ending that chapter of her life on TikTok as the previous year drew to a close. Regardless of the reason behind it, she had no problem doing any of these things. 

She has maintained her position as a flight attendant and has continued to go on exciting new experiences with her dearest friends, some of whom are also participants in the MAFS season 12 marriage competition.

Haley Harris

On the day of the choice, Haley and Jacob’s marriage, which had been less than perfect from the beginning, came to an end since neither of them chose to remain married. 

She may not have come away from her time on MAFS with a spouse, but she did make a lot of good friends with the other ladies that participated in the season.

She, along with many other MAFS graduates, spends a significant portion of her time traveling all across the globe to locations like Monaco, Portugal, and Columbia, and she posts pictures and captions about her adventures on her Instagram account. 

Sadly, she continues to get a lot of criticism from MAFS fans, as seen by the fact that many of her postings get nasty comments regarding how she seemed on the program.

Jacob Harder

It was nearly immediately apparent that the age gap, the variations in character, and the absence of connection were going to be the most significant contributors to the failure of Haley and Jacob’s marriage, and this was the case nearly as soon as the couple tied the knot. 

Both parties were relieved to put the past behind them, and Jacob has not changed his eccentric, corgi-loving personality.

In the season one finale of “Married at First Sight,” titled “Where Are They Now?” Jacob seemed to have made a connection with a lady from Atlanta who was capable of developing a connection with him through some of his numerous hobbies. 

It would seem that Jacob is still single at the moment; however, he is keeping himself busy with upcoming plans to move into a new property, as well as the company of two very stunning corgis. He looks to be loving the single life in his early 40s.

Vincent Morales

The viewers of the show voted Vincent and Briana as one of their favorite couples of the season, and they are the only couple from season 12 who are still married. 

The two, like every married couple, had their disagreements throughout the course of the program; nonetheless, they were ultimately shown to be a fantastic marital fit and continue to be happily married to this day.

According to E! News, Vincent has said that he has a newfound faith in the project and that he believes it to be successful as a result of his participation in the program.

You can witness the successful salesman and businessman often attending events, traveling, and just having real fun with his wife in videos uploaded to their combined YouTube account. These films can also be seen on their individual channels.

Briana Myles

Ever since the end of the episode, it would seem that Briana is enjoying her life to the fullest with her husband Vincent and the life they have built together. 

The happy news that they are going to be parents for the first time together has been shared with the public. According to what the woman who is pregnant said to People, she “can’t wait” to watch Vincent become a father.

The pair keeps their MAFS fans up to date on a significant portion of their married lives by being highly active on Instagram. After becoming a hit on the program, Briana has maintained her relationships with her co-stars and the show itself. 

Most recently, she and Beth from the previous season hosted the episode of the show titled “MAFS Season 13’s Most Memorable Moments.”

Paige Banks

Fans wished nothing but happiness and success for Paige after seeing her tumultuous marriage to Chris, which lasted one of the fewest episodes of any season of MAFS.

It was disappointing to witness how her marriage to her husband worked out on TV as somebody who was so eager to be married and so prepared to believe in the institution, however since she and Chris formally split up, Paige has kept enjoying her life to the fullest, telling Essence she’s meeting new guys and has no grudge towards the program for the opportunity she had.

She makes frequent appearances on MAFS and has even co-hosted an empowerment conference with Haley and Briana, her fellow wives from season 12 of the show.

She also disclosed to Essence that she was now writing a book that would be published at the end of this year and would be a result of her faith and efforts toward self-healing.

Chris Williams

Fans definitely had concerns about Chris after he played such a significant role in the messiest season of the drama-filled reality program that he was a part of. Even while his ex-wife could not be talking about him, the fans of MAFS definitely are. 

Chris’ Instagram profile is currently set to private, however, the 35,000 individuals that follow him are allowed to view the social media news he periodically chose to drop, and they have had a front-row ticket to the entire craziness that has unfolded.

Those who are curious about his ex-girlfriend Mercedes should know that after he revealed that she had a miscarriage, the pair was sighted going on vacation together by MAFS fans, as it was mentioned in the r/MarriedAtFirstSight subreddit; however, it does not appear that they are nowadays on decent relations with one another.