Married At First Sight Season 13: WHAT HAPPENED?

In light of what we know about the connections between the contestants on MAFS season 13, it’s probable that the experts missed certain details.

The married couples from season 15 of Married at First Sight have successfully through the honeymoon phase of their relationship and are now adjusting to life as a married couple in the “actual life.” 

Fans of the program are holding out hope that this season would have more romantic ties between the couples who were reportedly paired up by the professionals as true-love matches. 

Fans should brace themselves for the long term since the drama doesn’t usually end when the cameras stop rolling if the last several regular seasons would be any evidence of what is about to follow, and they should be prepared for it. 

Although the Houston season did not result in any long-term marriages, the cast members of season 13 have developed numerous strong friendships over the course of the last several months, some of which were more surprising than others.

Ryan Ignasiak

Ryan has also maintained in touch with some of the other men from the MAFS season 13 and can be spotted on his Instagram account doing exercises and meals together with them. This occurred after Ryan divorced Brett. He even went to an Astros game with Doctor Viviana from MAFS, who left the program after its 15th season thus that she might devote more of her attention to other possibilities and interests outside of the show.

Ryan is still employed in the oil and gas sector in Houston, yet he manages to squeeze in time before making showings for MAFS. 

The episode “Where Are They Now?” from season 14 marked his comeback to the program a special episode in which he could have begun to develop some connection with Alyssa Ellman. 

The couple was playful with one another, and despite the fact that it appeared as if they had stronger chemistry combined as they shared with their past partners, the relationship between them didn’t last very long, and they do not date at the present time.

Brett Layton

On the day of choice, Brett made the choice to divorce her spouse Ryan, and the couple went their own paths. Even though she is no longer with her spouse, she has maintained her friendships with some of the other cast members from season 13.

Due to the fact that Brett chooses to keep her social media accounts secret, her friends are often the ones who provide the most up-to-date information about her life. 

Myrla just shared a TikTok video in which she, Brett, and cast member Rachel all participated in a round of carpool karaoke.

On the other hand, based on the information provided in her bio on Instagram, it is reasonable to assume that she is still employed as a coach and teacher in the Cypress-Fairbanks public school. 

She had made the decision to continue following the program in the capacity of a fan and has provided People Magazine with her insights on the MAFS couples competing in the 14th season.

Rachel Gordillo

Since her appearance on the critically acclaimed reality TV program, Rachel Gordillo’s life has not slowed down in the least. 

She has maintained close relationships with Johnny and Brett, who both appeared in Season 13, as well as Myrla, who she worked with throughout that season. All of this occurred after the conclusion of the shooting.

Rachel is always on the go, posting photos and stories from her travels on Instagram and her own blog, “Booked at First Sight.”

She also doesn’t hide from her time on MAFS, sharing the occasional comedic clip or TikTok in which she discusses her marriage and the reactions she’s had from viewers since the shooting.

Jose San Miguel

After revealing that they had split up upon shooting scenes MAFS however and must have later gotten back together, Jose and his wife Rachel declared through the use of US Weekly that they had asked for a divorce and will further be formally parting ways.

Since that day, he has kept working at NASA as a Mission Flight Specialist and maintains communication with the other spouses from season 13. 

Although he hasn’t specifically or openly affirmed the romantic moments, he has reacted to fans’ feedback making them aware that he is pleased with his life and is continuing to move forward since his divorce. 

Enthusiastic exploratory MAFS fans took recognition of a new woman in several of his posts on Instagram.

Myrla Feria

Throughout this season 13 reunion and the episode titled “Where Are They Now?,” Johnny and Myrla discussed the bond that they had built after shooting and how they got closer after she divorced Gil. 

The show was titled “Where Are They Now?” They are emphatic that they are simply friends and that they have never dated, despite the fact that many people have wondered as to whether or not their friendship ever developed into anything more romantic.

She has maintained a tight relationship not just with Johnny, but also with Brett and Rachel. 

Myrla has been hinting in recent photos on Instagram that she has a new boyfriend in her life, but she has been careful to keep the name of her new beau a mystery.

Nevertheless, she has not been shy in expressing her thoughts on the most current MAFS couples featured in season 15 of People magazine.

Gil Cuero

In season 13 of MAFS, Gil was a fan favorite, and viewers often sided with him in the conflicts that he was experiencing in his marriage to Myrla. 

Their disparate worldviews made it challenging for them to maintain their relationship as they navigated the challenges that come with starting a new marriage after filming the show (through E! News). 

The show’s experts had hoped that the two would find that they were attracted to each other despite the fact that they were polar opposites.

These days, a significant portion of Gil’s life is devoted to traveling. 

At the moment, he is working along with a travel agency to provide travel experiences to other people in the hopes of persuading them to go on vacation to locations chosen by the travel firm. 

Although Gil maintains that he is content with his single status and that he is “in a relationship with his passport” (via Instagram), some former contestants on Married at First Sight have suggested that he “save” them from their unsatisfactory relationships. 

However, Gill is uninterested in the suggestion and instead makes light of the idea that he should be anyone’s “savior” in videos that he posts to his social media accounts.

Bao Huong Hoang

Bao and Johnny separated after the choice was made, and she started dating her costar from Season 13 Zack Freeman, who’d been married to Michaela Clark. Based on US Weekly, more adultery claims were mentioned towards Zack, which finally led to the breakup of the couple’s relationship, which produced quite a bit of drama in the process.

Currently, Bao is devoting the majority of her attention to her job at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. She also spends a lot of time with her family and her dog.

Johnny Lam

Johnny has carried on with his life after the end of his relationship with Bao. He and Myrla quickly became friends after both of their divorces, but he’s been spotted on Instagram hanging out with the ladies who were on his season (of course, with the exception of his ex-wife Bao), and he just recently caught up with Myrla when she was traveling in Europe (via Instagram).

Johnny also maintains friendships with some of his male co-stars from his various acting roles. In February of this year, both he and Jose posted on social media about going to activity at the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo alongside on Instagram. 

The former contestant from season 13 came to the program to participate in the season 15 launch special. During his appearance, he provided quite a few comments on the relationship that developed between his ex-wife and one of the other husbands from the show.

Michaela Clark

Michaela made the decision not to go on the overnight trip with the other cast members to celebrate the conclusion of the Houston season when it was officially done. 

Despite the fact that she would have liked to put the past between her and Zack to rest, she said that she has had zero communication with him since their divorce.

She was perceived as a villain throughout the season owing to some of her bursts of irritation whenever it happened to her relationship, however, she maintains that she chooses to work on herself and push ahead with her recovery in order to have a better future. 

Even though she is still recovering from the ordeal she went through on the program, she hasn’t totally put it in the past. 

She still maintains communication with the other individuals of the Houston cast, the majority of them are the other ladies in addition to Johnny.

Zack Freeman

The pairing of Zack and Michaela was not among the most successful ones created on MAFS, and viewers had a difficult time rooting for them. 

Despite the fact that Michaela was shown in a more positive light than Zack, viewers were able to deduce from the problems that both characters were experiencing that they might both likely be happy with someone else. 

Zack stated in the episode “Where Are They Now?” from season 13 that he’d seen Bao getting such happiness; however, after a couple of months of dating, the 2 finally broke up. Zack claimed that he might imagine Bao becoming that bliss.

Since then, the software engineer has avoided the public spotlight, and he has only either just reappeared on Instagram, where he has been pretty quiet and basically only appears in a select few uploaded images, posts with his pal, and posts with another season 13 cast member, Ryan.