Moriarty the Patriot Positive Stand on Trans Rights(SEE THIS)

In episode 15 of Moriarty the Patriot, James Bonde is revealed to be a member of the gang, and in the phase, it is established that there is no room for discussion regarding his gender identification.

CAUTION: the following discussion may reveal plot details from Moriarty the Patriot episode 15, “The Phantom of Whitechapel, Part 1,”.

The first season of Moriarty the Patriot has shaped its eponymous character into less of a calculating villain aiming to drive Sherlock Holmes to the edge and more of a complicated antihero appreciating Holmes out from the darkness. 

This episode furthermore takes the opportunity well to detail all the ‘courageous’ aspects of William by uncovering that he is a backer of transgender rights, or at the absolute minimum, absolute freedom to self-identify. 

Although this episode kicks off a new story arc for the anime that focuses on London’s most notorious killer, Jack the Ripper, it moreover takes the opportunity to even further clearly sets out the ‘courageous’ side of William.


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At the conclusion of the last story arc titled “A Scandal in the British Empire,” a well-known character from the Sherlock Holmes canon was given a funeral in private, and James Bonde became a member of the Lord of Crime’s gang. 

At the beginning of Episode 15, Louis takes Bonde to a room in the Moriartys’ London residence that is inhabited by an undercover agent named Fred Porlock and a marksman named Sebastian Moran. 

It’s impossible not to think about the current, real-life bathroom controversies around transgendered people’s right to utilize whatever toilet matches their gender identity when viewing this scene of a naked Moran being surprised by Bonde’s entry and his insistence that he is a “woman” who really doesn’t fit there.

Bonde’s level-headed response to Moran’s blustering is one of the things that makes Moriarty the Patriot such a commendable read: “Moran, I am a man. I’d like you to treat me as a man.


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Moran then claims that Bonde’s appearance disqualifies him from claiming as such, to which Bonde responds by playing on the clear homophobia and transphobia that accentuates the Colonel’s unease with a powerful show and flirty confidence. 

Moran, who was hoping for support from the other cisgendered guys, is incredibly fortunate that neither of the Moriarty brothers provides him with any. Louis points out to him that “Mr. Bonde is a man now,” so he says, “so I do not see the problem.” 

In a related manner, when William gets to figure out exactly what all the noise is about, he dismantles Moran’s issue by exposing it for what it really is, which is a non-issue: “Are you saying that you’re taking some issue with a fellow man sharing the same room?

William is aware, despite the fact that the argument has been resolved, that there is still an ongoing lack of unity within his ranks. 

As a result, he secretly sends Moran, Bonde, Fred, and Louis on their Jack the Ripper assignment to complete the first step of the operation when the mission provides Bonde with the opportunity to demonstrate his special capability for trickery and hero fighting, it is quite evident that William’s intention was to eliminate any discontent by establishing a friendship among them all. 

Initially, the team is confused as to why their “boss” is placing all of his eggs inside one bowl. Moran comes to the conclusion that he and Bonde are on the same level in the end, despite the fact that their personal experiences and proficiencies are different.

The episode does a wonderful job of defining with casual ease precisely how Bonde desires to be perceived moving forward, and it urges the viewers to embrace him as to who he is as a method of counteracting Moran’s ignorance. 


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In the meantime, William’s dedication to social equality as a supporter of the oppressed is reinforced when he speaks up for Bonde when he is questioned, and when he takes himself away from the center of attention when he acknowledges that Bonde requires it for himself. 

Both of these actions strengthen William’s dedication to sociocultural fairness. Even though the events of Moriarty the Patriot take place more than a century in the past, that does not indicate that its political correctness is obsolete.