Angels may take many different shapes and can have a wide variety of functions and talents, based on the setting of the anime. Below are some of the more impressive examples.

Angels are celestial creatures that serve deities and defend the elements of kindness, and some angels are believed to look over people as well. Traditional definitions of angels describe them as guardians of the good.

Even though they are typically shown as attractive individuals with white wings, this is not necessarily the reality, particularly in the realm of anime.

Angels in anime frequently take on characteristics of other celestial beings from different myths because of this.

They are also often represented as souls of the deceased, which partially conflates them with saints; yet, on other occasions, they are represented as an ancient race that existed before humanity.

In some anime, they are portrayed as robots, aliens, or perhaps supernatural females who simply call themselves angels. Angels do not always behave in a good manner either. After all, it is often thought that demons were once angels who fell to the evil side of the force.

10. Risky Safety: Safety Concurrently Occupies the Body of a Shinigami

She really combines a body with a shinigami, a spirit of death, dressed in a witch’s garb called Risky, who also works as a soul-collector “shoulder devil.” 

Safety is a tiny angel trainee who puts a little spin on the “shoulder angel” cliche. Which one emerges at a given moment is determined by the feelings of the individuals in their environment.

Whilst Risky schemes to take people’s souls, Safety utilizes her abilities to provide happiness and prosperity to others. 

She also possesses the ability to help people be in love with each other by shooting them with magical arrows, much like Cupid does.

9. Dokuro Attempts to Rescue Sakura from Himself Using Angel Dokuro-Chan Despite Being Beaten Up By Him

Dokuro is an angel who can move across time and he was sent to the past to eliminate a youngster called Sakura who was prophesied to bring about a troubled future. 

Nevertheless, she finishes up madly in love with him, which makes her objective much more difficult. She had every intention of rescuing him from his predicament.

Nevertheless, due to the fact that she is impetuous, she ends up being the one to brutally attack him and reduce him to a bloody pulp.

Thankfully, she is able to utilize her abilities to undo the harm that was done. 

Based on the short novels and manga, she rarely really “ends up killing” him; rather, she uses her supernatural abilities to maintain his life despite the fact that he is suffering from life-threatening injuries.

8. Steel Angel Kurumi: Kurumi & Her Sisters Are Battle Androids

Nakahito Kagura inadvertently kisses a realistic “doll,” which quickly becomes active after the encounter. It comes out that she is a “Steel Angel,” which is a kind of combat robot. 

Kurumi comes to see Nakahito as her master and starts to defend him from thugs and the Imperial Japanese Army when they encounter each other.

As Kurumi learns more about her background, she also makes new friends and foes. Among her new acquaintances are the Steel Angels Saki and Karinka, who she refers to as her “sisters.”

7. A Centaur’s Life: In This Serial, Angels Are A Kind Of People

Angels, as various species in A Centaur’s Life such as centaurs and mermaids, appear to represent a race of people living on a planet where regular humans do not exist. 

Angels appear to be the sole people in this world. There isn’t anything magical regarding them, since their halos are really produced from their hair, and although they possess wings, it does not seem that they are capable of flying as is the case with other winged entities in the anime. 

The anime is named after Manami Mitama, who plays the role of the series’ primary angel character. 

She is a friend of the main characters who is severe and works hard, and she demonstrates throughout the story that she is very caring of her younger sisters, a trait that is significant to her background.

6. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty and Stocking, the Anarchy sisters, were expelled from Heaven and given the mission of destroying the bad spirits who haunt the world in order to accumulate enough “Heaven Coins” to buy their way back in.

Naturally, people are easily distracted by the delights of this world, whether it be cake or men.

Obviously, they have competition in the form of a pair of demon sisters who go by the names Scanty and Kneesocks. 

Of course, there is a possibility that the famed plot surprise at the conclusion of the series would include the idea that demons are really fallen angels.

5. Angel Tales: These Deceased Pets Are Aiding Their Previous Owner

The story follows Gorō Mutsumi, a typical unfortunate anime hero, up to the point when his mobile phone begins calling on guardian angels to assist him. 

Although at first glance each of them seems to be a stunning young woman, Gorō does not comprehend that he ought to recognize them as having certain commonalities with him.

It turns out that they are reincarnations of his deceased pets, and they want to repay him for the compassion he has shown to them while they were alive. 

Before long, he has a total of twelve of them following him. And that’s only the beginning of things: it comes apparent that there are additional paranormal creatures who are desperate to prevent Gorō from having his luck flip around. They are working together to do this.

4. Wedding Peach

Momoko and her colleagues do have the capability to turn into the Love Angels, who are magical girls that utilize the force of love to combat the love-hating demons. 

These devils seem to be completely other creatures, and they may be cleansed of their wickedness. Momoko and her companions have this talent.

It becomes clear that the name Momoko is greater than simply a name; Momoko is the child of an angelic mother and a mortal father, and her pals are the reincarnations of angels whose own bodies were shattered in war.

It’s fascinating to note that Momoko’s mother is additionally the sister of Aphrodite, the love goddess, who seems to be the leader of the Angel World.

3. D.N.Angel: Daisuke and The Phantom Thief Dark Merge One Body

Daisuke Niwa is afflicted with an uncommon genetic ailment. As a result of this illness, he is compelled to assume the appearance of the black-winged angel known as Dark, who is entrusted with robbing tainted works of art and purifying them. 

This metamorphosis is brought on by the emotions of love; nevertheless, only genuine love, in which another person loves Daisuke as much as he loves himself, may remove the curse.

Having said that, despite the fact that the entire process of exchanging a body is difficult for Daisuke, Dark is a very polite individual. 

Throughout this story arc, it is important to remember that angels are more than meets the eye. Krad, the blonde angel dressed in white, is the antagonist of the story and a competitor of Dark.

2. Sailor Moon

When Usagi changes, she frequently alludes to a theme involving angels, and this achieves its pinnacle throughout the 5th narrative arc. 

Her Eternal Sailor Moon outfit does, in fact, appear with wings; however, due to the fact that they may be held down during combat, they end up being more of a liability than an asset for her.

The Korean dubs notably used the phrase “Moon Angel Power, Light Up!” to describe her ultimate metamorphosis.

It is later shown that she has the ability to spontaneously generate a set of wings. 

In point of fact, throughout her ultimate struggle with Galaxia, she is finally reduced to little more than her wings, providing a stark counterpoint to the demon Chaos. 

Perhaps Princess Kakyuu thinks Sailor Moon is “truly an angel on Earth” and makes this observation in the manga.

1. Dragon Ball

This is a guardian angel who serves as Beerus, the God of Destruction’s, personal companion. In addition to the above, he regularly instructs students in many aspects of martial arts. 

His demeanor is generally peaceful and pleasant, but he has a bit of an eccentric side, as seen by the fact that he has peculiar priorities or is preoccupied with food, and he has a tendency to behave carelessly.

By turning back the hands of time, Whis was able to rescue the world from Frieza. Because he cannot use this ability twice in succession, it is not one that he should utilize carelessly. 

However, he argues that the primary reason he did this was to save the food supply of the planet rather than to save people’s lives.


Some of you may have noticed that we can see that there are angelic characters in specific anime. This article covers some of the most noticeable ones. We hope you enjoy this fantastic article about the angels who protect (at least most of them) their heroes.