One of the most well-known anime series of the last 20 years was Naruto, and even though the series came to an end in 2017, fans are still incredibly connected to it.

The fact that those who are unfamiliar with anime or even anime aficionados who just never got around to viewing this specific series are indeed curious about it is not surprising considering Naruto’s enduring appeal and acclaim in the anime community.



When considering watching a new anime, particularly a shonen series with several episodes, fans may have many concerns regarding the show, particularly when it relates to a long-running franchise like Naruto.

How Many Episodes Have Been Produced So Far?

As was just noted, Naruto isn’t a particularly short animation. It is inspired by a manga that has been running for a very long time and is quite popular, which implies that there is a significant amount of plot to cover, much as in much other shonen anime.

Due to the fact that the manga was published at exactly the equal moment as the anime, there are instances in which the tale has caught up to the manga. 

In an attempt to prevent it from being overtaken, anime-only tales have been incorporated into the series, which has resulted in the show being even longer. 


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The first series features a total of 720 episodes, of which 220 are from the original series and the remaining 500 are from Shippuden.

Is It Possible to Watch Shippuden Alone, Without Having to First Watch Naruto?

No is the straightforward response to this inquiry. Shippuden is technically the 2nd installment in the Naruto series. 



Even while somebody might watch it without having seen the original series, they would be missing out on a significant portion of the background in addition to the evolution of the characters’ relationships with one another.

What Exactly Is the Story of Naruto?

This is perhaps the most prevalent question that Naruto fans have, and it is quite logical why they may be curious about him. 

The simplest explanation is that it focuses on a group of students in middle school who are now undergoing ninja training at their school.

The central hero, Naruto, is an outcast and an orphan who isn’t respected by the community as a whole due to the fact that the Nine-Tailed Fox was imprisoned within his body when he was a newborn.



This is the reason why the rest of the town does not accept him. His objective is to disprove everyone else’s assumptions about him and assume the role of the village chief.

Is There a Time Leap in This Episode?

In addition to having very extended running times, shonen anime are also “notorious” for their frequent usage of time leaps, often known as time skips.

This makes perfect sense for shows like Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach, in which the protagonists are still relatively young when the story begins.

The series jumps about in time in an attempt to skip more tiresome and less important plots while also allowing the characters to advance in age. 


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In the case of Naruto, there is a leap in time of three years, which brings the main characters’ ages up from 12 to 15 years old.

Which Fights Are the Best to Watch?

Some viewers give a show like Naruto a higher rating based not on the characters or the storyline but on how thrilling it is to see all of the many battles that take place. 

It’s possible that the animation, various techniques, and various degrees of brutality will all provide as much satisfaction as the plot will.


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There are certain great competitions, like the one involving Naruto and Sasuke or Neji and Hinata, that culminate in spectacular standoffs in the anime. Although it is impossible to analyze individual bouts without giving away the tale, some of these rivalries include fantastic standoffs.

How Many Seasons Contain Filler Episodes?

The fact that there are 720 episodes of Naruto might be quite overwhelming for anyone who is considering starting to watch the series for the first time. 

That is a significant amount of time to devote to anything, particularly an anime, plus it is certainly surprising given the abundance of other series that are far shorter in length.


Will Boruto End and When?

It is thus helpful to understand that it is not necessary to see each and every episode. 

The remaining 299 episodes are considered filler material, which means that it is not necessary to see them in order to completely grasp the tale.

That’s slightly less than 50%, which represents a significant reduction, and it relieves some of the burdens.

How Would You Describe the Process of World-Building?

The incredible quantity of world-building which gets into developing the plot and the legend of the ninja villages as well as clans is one of the things about Naruto that stands out as being particularly outstanding. 

The events of the novel take place on a made-up planet where there are a number of settlements whose primary purpose is to provide ninja training.

They occasionally find themselves in conflict with one another but for the most part, they are friends. 


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The use of ninjutsu as well as the background of the clans that reside in the villages are both set out in great detail and given careful consideration; every component has an impact on the narrative in a unique manner.

Do Any of the Characters Die?

There is a significant amount of bloodshed in Naruto since the story follows a group of characters who are learning to become ninjas. 

Although the show is aimed at a younger demographic, there are a number of fatalities that are seen on screen. However, much of the violence is implied rather than shown directly.

A significant number of the early fatalities are for fleeting characters and antagonists that the audience has not invested a great deal of emotional investment. 


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But as the plot progresses, the stakes become higher and higher, and there are certain to be some unexpected fatalities among the characters.

How Accurately Does It Reflect the Original Manga?

Because of the very various approaches to the narrative that each media takes, it may be challenging to successfully convert a manga tale into an anime. 

Based on the total count of chapters and the duration as well as the total number of episodes, there may be more or less space available to deal with in one media compared to the other.

There are several minor deviations from the manga’s primary storyline that are included in the anime adaptation of Naruto. 


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The most notable distinction is the use of filler arcs. In contrast to the manga, the anime places a stronger emphasis on the roles of the female characters.

What Is Boruto’s Relationship To Naruto?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is an anime series that tells a continuation of the Naruto tale. Boruto recounts the adventures of several of the key characters from the first Naruto series as they raise their own children.

Since it actually occurs many decades following the conclusion of Shippuden, there will be a plethora of details to close the gap on some of the most popular characters among fans, as well as the question of who gets married to whom.


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This article was written with the intention of answering the “most wanted” questions (FAQ) regarding the Naruto series.