NEZUKO Becomes a Demon Slayer In Outstanding Fan Art (AMAZING!!!)

Nezuko Kamado is shown in a magnificent new piece of fan art as being changed from her typical demonic condition into a full-fledged demon slayer in her own right.

One piece of fan art envisions a demon called Nezuko in the role of a demon slayer. The manga series Demon Slayer covers the exploits of individuals who have pledged to rid the world of demonic dangers in addition to the narratives of several of the demons themselves.

Nezuko is a human who was changed into a demon and also appears to be the younger sister of Tanjiro, the main character of the manga series.


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In the latest piece of fan art, Nezuko completely abandons her demonic identity and transforms into a complete demon slayer, exactly like her brother, who also appears in the piece of artwork.

Demon Slayer Chapter 1 by Koyoharu Gotouge was where Nezuko Kamado made her first appearance in a manga. Nezuko was a normal human who was Tanjiro’s sister before she was corrupted into a demon by the evil force named Muzan Kibutsuji. 

Tanjiro did not give up on Nezuko when she became a demon; instead, he adjusted his behavior to accommodate her situation in order to protect himself and others around him whenever Nezuko expressed her demonic side.


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Nezuko is often spotted with a piece of bamboo in her mouth, which serves to both stifle her urge to utilize her demonic fangs and prevent her from biting someone fatally with them.

This is done so that she does not accidentally kill anyone with her demonic fangs.

The artist represented Nezuko as a demon slayer herself in a Tweet that was posted by JeeZ. Tanjiro was drawn in a small bubble in the corner assuming the part of the human-converted demon with Nezuko’s piece of bamboo in his mouth.  Nezuko is shown in a breathtakingly beautiful way in the artwork.

Rather than having her eyes and muzzle flooded with agony, she now has a face filled with magnificent optimism, and she is drawing a sword that she will use to defend herself against any coming demonic danger.



Nezuko did not become completely evil despite the fact that she was transformed into a demon.

Nezuko has repeatedly shown that despite the fact that she is highly affected by evil, she has a profound love for her family, and she would do whatever in her power to assist them in times of need.

Nezuko is shown to possess amazing abilities during the course of the manga series, and despite the fact that she is under the influence of a demonic curse, she would be an excellent asset to the Demon Slayer Corps if she were to join the organization.

In her Awakened Form, which is similar to a berserker condition, Nezuko’s power is massively increased, and she also takes on a more demonic appearance.

In addition to this ability, Nezuko has the ability to regenerate her health and possesses superhuman strength.



In general, Nezuko is a strong entity; nevertheless, their fellow members of the Demon Slayer Corps are scared of her due to the knowledge that she is a demon; this is the reason why she wears a muzzle.

Nevertheless, in this magnificent work of fan art, Nezuko from “Demon Slayer” takes on the role of a demon slayer herself.

These 10 works of fan art are representative of the fact that Nezuko from Demon Slayer has rapidly become one of the most cherished female characters in the medium of anime.

After becoming one of the anime’s most memorable characters, Nezuko quickly became a meme staple because of the show’s widespread online appeal. 

Perhaps it’s because she has become an online meme that more and more people are interested in learning more about this adorable kid dressed in pink who has her lips bound shut.


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It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Nezuko has won over the hearts of men and female admirers of the Demon Slayer Japanese anime, which is something that is very difficult for any anime hero to do. 

She has proved to be among the most beloved protagonists in the series, which is something that can’t be denied despite the fact that the reasons why both sides of the fans appreciate her might differ in reasons. 

In honor of her widespread reputation, here are 10 pieces of fan art that pay respect to her.


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10. Artist: pyololu

This piece of fan art really captures one of the most lovable aspects about Nezuko, which is how lovely she is, and this is a characteristic that can be seen very plainly in the character. In contrast to the majority of artists, who decided to concentrate on Nezuko’s facial expressions and her clothing, this one went for quite an innovative perspective that highlights Nezuko’s boots, which are among the most distinctive aspects of her appearance.


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9. Artist: Ellioranthe

When Tanjiro discovers that his family has been slaughtered and that his sister has been turned into a half-demon, he does not hesitate to assume the blame for her. This photo does a fantastic job of capturing Nezuko wearing her signature pink outfits, which can be seen in the anime and have been faithfully replicated here.


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A special note should be made of her wonderfully drawn hair, the ends of which are crimson so that they match the color of the field of flowers in which Nezuko is seated.

8. Artist: Evan Scale

This piece of artwork has the word “adorable” transcribed all over it, particularly considering that it was drawn in the Japanese “chibi” style, also known as an art form in which characters are shrunk and made into a caricature-like version of themselves. 

As is common knowledge, “smaller” instantly implies “cuter,” so this piece of artwork definitely fits that description.


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We can’t decide whether an aspect of this piece of art is lovelier: the chibi Nezuko or the chibi demon umbrella that’s perched over her head!

7. Artist: asuka111

Cat males and girls are extremely popular in Japan, mainly due to the “moe” element that they exude. This indicates that Japanese people have a far stronger affinity for cats than they do for dogs or any other type of animal and that they take pleasure in imitating the characteristics of cats in their works of art and animation.


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Despite the fact that Nezuko isn’t transformed into a catgirl, she can be observed striking a position known as the “nyah” with her hands. This pose makes her hands seem to be like the adorable paws of a cat.

6. Artist: serafleur

Everyone is aware that anime has its own visual style, which is extremely unlike the cartoons that are produced in the United States. Nevertheless, what is lacking on both sides are actual art designs, which is something that fans more often get to experience in video games.


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The following piece of Nezuko fan art is very unusual and, while having been painted digitally, appears astonishingly convincing. It provides us with an excellent picture of what Nezuko might look like if she were a real human female.

5. Artist: violetta chibi artx

Another piece of artwork is based on the chibi character Nezuko, however this time in a unique chibi style. This piece of artwork, in contrast to the one before it in which all of Nezuko’s characteristics were decreased proportionally, highlights Nezuko’s enormous face as its most significant element. This is because it creates a striking contrast with Nezuko’s little body.



Although of course, the feature that draws the most attention to her beauty is unquestionably her eyes, namely the extraordinarily long and flowing lashes that she has.

4. Artist: taxicabreros

Chibi artworks are quite distinct from drawings of kids because chibis are only reduced versions of grownups, whereas children are plainly shown as being of childlike proportions. 



This piece of fan art depicting infant Nezuko sprinting in the wind as her clearly large garments flow behind her is a very charming representation of Nezuko, and it makes for an excellent example of Nezuko fan art.

3. Artist: andythelemon_

Although realistic art techniques are uncommon, it is even more unusual to have Japanese characters created in a manner that is unmistakably Western. 

Viewers who have spent their childhoods reading American comics, particularly those published by Marvel and DC, would likely agree that the look of this graphic design is more in line with that of classic American comic books. 


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In any case, the brother and sister seem really stunning in the depiction of them in this artwork.

2. Artist: Artgerm

It is quite pleasant to witness traditional painting in this day and age when technology has permeated every area of our life, even the act of sketching. 

When a piece of traditional art depicts a person’s most beloved figure, as is the case with this piece of art, the enjoyment of the piece is amplified.


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The majority of painters choose to depict Nezuko in chilly pinks and reds; however, the artist’s artgerm went in a different direction by using warmer hues such as orange and green. 

These colors happen to compliment Nezuko’s distinctive pink color perfectly.

1. Artist: taxicabreros

This is the 2nd element of artist taxicaberos that you’ll find on this list, and there’s a valid reason for that! The fan art that they created for Nezuko is nearly on par with the quality of the official art for the anime.


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One could even be forgiven for mistaking this piece of fan art for a marking of Nezuko’s character. 

However, if one examines it more carefully, one will notice that there are some subtle distinctions between this piece of fan art and that of Nezuko’s official art, the most obvious of which is the color of the kimonos in two very different drawings.


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