One Piece Chapter 1044 SPOILERS: Warrior of Liberation (WARNING)

In One Piece Chapter 1044, the devastating revelation that (SPOILER) has returned has left everyone in complete and utter amazement.

CAUTION: The following may include information that might be considered a spoiler for One Piece Chapter 1044, “Warrior of Liberation,” which was written by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone and published in English by Viz Media.

The events of Chapter 1043 showed Kaido’s response to CP0’s meddling in the confrontation between him and Luffy.



After he had knocked Luffy to the ground and made it seem as if he had killed the Straw Hat, he focused his rage against the agent who was holding Luffy’s arm back.

The fact that Momonosuke couldn’t hear Luffy’s “voice” caused him to experience a state of terror, which was validated by both Law and Kid.

Kaido then insisted on having a conversation with Momonosuke, who later revealed to Yamato that he was concerned about his ability to defeat Kaido in a fight between the two of them.

He believed that his only choice was to give up, but Yamato wouldn’t even accept the idea, demanding that the two of them face their deaths together.


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Exactly at that moment, Zunesha had a psychic conversation with Momonosuke, during which she informed him that Joyboy had come back.


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Luffy is astonished to discover that he is somehow alive at the beginning of Chapter 1044, and he wonders how this is even actually possible. Even though he thinks he should have lost the battle, he feels energized by his performance.

Momonosuke, who is below underneath, gets shaken up as a result of Zunesha’s revelation that Luffy is in fact Joyboy. When Momo repeats this aloud, Yamato reacts with the same level of shock that she did before.

Sanji is awoken in the Pleasure Hall by the lady he assisted throughout his battle with Queen. She had been tending to him while he was unconscious throughout the battle.


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Regardless of the fact that he was asleep the entire time, he is aware of the transformation that has taken place in his commander.

The others on the island begin to experience the same thing as a result. On the Live Floor, Kid, Law, Marco, and Hyogoro can all sense the transformation that Luffy is through.

Marco uses this opportunity to tell Nami and Tama, who are both weeping, that Luffy is still alive.

The Five Elders of Sacred Marijoa are continuing their discussion with one another concerning the missing Devil Fruit, which occurred in Sacred Marijoa.


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Having just angered Kaido by sacrificing one of their most skilled operatives and wondering what the goal was, one of the members queries why they did it.

Some person argues that it is critical that they work to reduce the number of potentially harmful factors.

Afterward, when, another member reveals that the World Government has spent the last 800 years attempting to acquire the Gomu Gomu no Mi but has never been successful.


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After that, the members start talking about how Zoan Fruits possess their own willpower, especially the one that goes by the name Gomu Gomu no Mi.


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At this time, it is disclosed that the item that was formerly referred to as the Gomu Gomu no Mi is in fact the Hito Hito no Mi meaning Human-Human Fruit in English, which is Model, Nika.

The usage of this specific kind of Devil Fruit bestows upon the user a flexible body, its only restriction on which being the user’s own imagination.


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This explains how Luffy was capable of changing the path of his blows when he was fighting Kaido.

Anyone that consumes the Nika Devil Fruit is granted the ability to assume the form of the deity after they have achieved their Devil Fruit Awakening.

This provides an additional boost to their physical prowess and opens up more opportunities for tactical innovation in combat.

Luffy leaps into the air and makes a position that is very comparable to one that was displayed by Nika in a previous chapter as the Elders are having a conversation between themselves regarding the Hito Hito no Mi and the absurd strength it possesses.


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Orochi begs Hiyori at the Treasure Repository to take the Seastone Nails, declaring that he has constantly liked and trusted in Hiyori’s father, Oden and that he has also believed in him.

Kaido merely intended to use him as a means to acquire control over Wano.

Hiyori continues to play the shamisen despite his relentless attempts to deceive her, and she does not fall for his falsehoods.

She brings up the fact that her father honored his commitment to Kaido and Orochi to dance for five years, despite the fact that he did not even inform his own family of the agreement he had made with the two of them.

Despite the fact that hot oil continued to burn his complete body for a whole hour, he maintained his faith that Orochi would honor his commitments.

She recalls a moment when she questioned Oden about whether or not he was content with the manner in which the people of his nation discussed him.

He reassured her that everything would be well by pointing out that he had his family and other people who relied on him.

Once again, Orochi starts spreading false information about how he has consistently claimed that Oden was an excellent warrior.



Hiyori loses her temper and hurls her mask on the ground, exposing the tear-stained visage that was hiding behind it. She then yells at Orochi to be quiet.

She claims that she’s Kozuki Hiyori, who has never brought dishonor to her father’s reputation despite her being hungry, and that Orochi was not really a shogun.

She gets to her feet and confronts Orochi, who asks her not to take vengeance on him.

As Orochi begs for his life, the ghost that started the fire in the castle materializes and informs him that his plan was unsuccessful.

Orochi inquires as to whether or not the spirit is that of Kanjuro, but the spirit just repeats that it is exhausted. Orochi does not pay attention and instead instructs “Kanjuro” to kill Hiyori, referring to the event as “The Failure of the Woman’s 20-Year Revenge.”

Rather than approaching Hiyori, he approaches Orochi and sets his fire as Hiyori watches. Hiyori is pleaded with by Orochi to assist him, but all she can offer is that the Kozuki Clan is reliable in keeping its word.

After returning to the outer world, Luffy has a feeling of full revitalization and a sense that everything is now within his reach.

He also notices that the sound of his pulse has changed. He is able to do everything he sets his mind to and considers this point in his life to be his Gear Five.


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The Animal Kingdom Pirates get punched unconscious by Luffy’s Haki, and the ceiling of the Skull Dome begins to crackle with violent black lightning as a result.

Kaido yells out to them, curious about what might possibly be up there on the roof.

Everybody who was watching was taken aback when, all of a sudden, the ceiling caved in and a gigantic hand reached down to grasp Kaido.

Luffy grabs Kaido up through the ceiling of the building and swings him around in the air.

He laughs as he rounds the dragon in a circuit, continually smacks him on the ground quickly, and crushes Kaido’s skull to the surface. Even while, he is spinning the dragon in a circuit.

Inside a small panel, just a portion of Luffy’s face is exposed, and it can be seen that his once-dark hair has been bleached and now mimics flames.


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Regardless of the thrashing, Kaido is happy that he has the chance to fight Luffy fairly and expresses his gratitude for the fact that he is still alive.

He then uses his Blast Breath to attack him, but Luffy is able to control his laughter long enough to lift up a portion of the earth and send it flying in the opposite direction of Kaido.

As Kaido says sorry for the CP0 member interrupting, he begins laughing wildly again, however, Luffy says him not to bother over it because his face is now exposed in its entirety.

His formerly black irises have become lighter, and the brows on his head have taken on a more arched shape.


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