Police Wars About Poppy Playtime’s Huggy Wuggy (MUST KNOW!!)

With the help of a new official Poppy Playtime plush, the infamous Huggy Wuggy has been reimagined as a cuddly little infant. Previously, Huggy Wuggy was a murderous monster.

The fact that no one would like to injure a cute new Baby Huggy Wuggy makes it an ideal candidate for the role of the antagonist in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, at the very least. 

In the 1st part of the terrifying game Poppy Playtime, players were chased throughout the Playtime Co. toy factory by a murderous doll named Huggy Wuggy.

Poppy Playtime, like its contemporaries in the indie horror genre, Five Nights at Freddy’s, has been more interested in merchandise in the wake of its meteoric rise to fame.

On a previous occasion, the developer MOB Games provided fans with a sneak peek at its latest Huggy Wuggy doll by means of Twitter, unveiling a Baby Huggy that was quite adorable. 

When its arms are outstretched, the size of the bouncing blue baby is 10 inches in height and 14 inches in breadth.

The large arm size of Huggy Wuggy, along with its trademark blue fur, makes it, of course, an excellent candidate for being cuddled. 

It’s surprising that someone managed to create a tame baby version of the official Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy plush toy, but the huge googly eyes and cute pacifier surely don’t hurt.

Given that Baby Huggy is a good-natured stuffed animal, one can’t help but wonder what the charming toy would be like if it were cast in the role of a new antagonist for the famous series, particularly considering the concept of Poppy Playtime, which is that toys may turn into cruel murderers. 

This beautiful diapered fuzzball is currently on sale at the Poppy Playtime shop for the price of $32 and can be purchased there right now.

The New Baby Huggy Plush From Poppy Playtime Is Extraordinarily Adorable

Some on Twitter were not so nice and were quick to connect the look of the new Huggy Wuggy plushie to that of another horror legend from the Bendy series who goes by the name Bendy. 

Although Baby Huggy has won the hearts of many people, others on Twitter were not so kind. A poster even posted a picture showing a plush version of Bendy brandishing a pistol in the direction of the new Baby Huggy.

Another fan voiced their concern with the apparently never-ending stream of goods for Poppy Playtime. 

Some other fans responded to the critiques by pointing out that other well-known independent horror franchises, such as Five Nights at Freddy’s, have had comparable levels of merchandise sales in the past. 

This is despite the fact that there is a notoriously massive chunk of official Poppy Playtime and Huggy Wuggy merchandise.

Sadly, these fan complaints over Poppy Playtime items are minor in comparison to the problems that the game and its gear have been subjected to as a result of the game’s popularity. 

The growing popularity of Huggy Wuggy among younger audiences caused numerous worries among schools and parents because of a shortage of awareness about the real nature of Poppy Playtime as an adult horror game.

This would result in schools and maybe even local authorities delivering a number of warnings to parents telling them about the monstrous roots of Huggy Wuggy. 

In addition to worries over merchandise, the creator of Poppy Playtime, MOB Games, has been embroiled in a number of other scandals that have alienated fans, such as allegations of plagiarism and a failed NFT campaign.

Final Thoughts

Even though MOB Games has previously been subjected to a certain amount of criticism, the fact that the franchise continues to have huge success in marketing goods such as Baby Huggy demonstrates that supporters remain loyal to the series.

Perhaps while trying to flee away from or even hurt a murderous edition of Baby Huggy may be a little too much for some gamers, fans are excited to discover what fresh shocks and horror await them in the heavily hyped Poppy Playtime Ch. 3, which is coming.