The 10 BEST Demons In Demon Slayer

Despite the fact that Akaza has been given more than his fair share of hatred for slaying Rengoku, he remains one of the most well-liked demons throughout the whole of Demon Slayer.

The Demon Slayer manga has come to an end, and the 2nd season of the anime premiered in the early part of 2022; nonetheless, the series has lately made news honoring Tanjiro’s birthday with a unique art promo showing Tanjiro’s flight in his quest to save his sister Nezuko. This particular art promotion was created to celebrate Tanjiro’s birthday.

Due to the fact that Nezuko is the primary focus of the campaign, the Demons of Demon Slayer have generated a great deal of speculation on which of the higher moons will make a cameo in the forthcoming 3rd season of the anime. 


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Even though it will be more of a stand-alone storyline, there is little question that the third season of Demon Slayer will provide viewers with a glimpse into the personal lives of some of their favorite demons.

10. Tamayo

Tanjiro runs across Tamayo while he is looking for treatment for his sister Nezuko. Tamayo, although a very ancient and strong demon, spends her immortality looking for a cure that would allow her to turn back into a human.  

Tamayo is a very talented physician who has a wealth of experience accumulated over the course of generations. He is frequently called upon to assist the main characters after extremely perilous battles.


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Nezuko was the only demon that did not have the attitude of killing people without discrimination for the sake of gaining sustenance or power until Tamayo was brought into the picture. 

With an inherent goodness that surpasses even the most virtuous Demon Slayers and makes her charming to fans of the story, she instead serves as one of the finest reminders that Demons were once human.

9. Rui

Tanjiro, who had formerly held the rank of Lower Moon 5, had his first genuine meeting with the Demon Moons in the form of Rui. When Tanjiro and the rest of the group finally locate Rui, they find that the mountain where he had created his home is wrapped in his spider-like threads and is full of other demons that he refers to as his “family.”


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The vast number of fatalities that Rui and his family were responsible for persuading them that the only way to halt the widespread carnage was to beat Rui in a battle that would go down in history as one of the most aesthetically beautiful battles in the history of anime.

In contrast to Tanjiro’s family-oriented structure, which is shown by Tanjiro’s family, the dysfunctional dynamics of Rui’s family are demonstrated by Tanjiro’s family. 

Rui’s desire to preserve the family unit at the price of everyone’s pleasure, as opposed to Tanjiro and his mother’s selflessness, furthered the justification of Tanjiro’s self-sacrificing character dynamic.


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8. Enmu

Enmu is indeed a member of Muzan’s Twelve Demon Moons and holds the rank of Lower Rank One. She was first shown in the film Demon Slayer: The Movie — Mugen Train.

Upon merging with the Mugen (Infinity) Train, Enmu used his Demon Arts, Sleep Inducement, and Dream Manipulation, to lull the passengers to sleep so he could consume them while they were unconscious. 

Because he consumed such a great number of people, he was an unusually tough demon to battle, which resulted in the deaths of a significant number of Demon Slayers.


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Even though Enmu is sometimes overlooked by other Demons, the part he played in the Mugen Train film elevated him to heights that were above what he had achieved merely via the manga. 

Enmu was allowed to exhibit the full scope of his skills and talents, which include some of the hardest to counter, which contributed to the increase in his reputation among fans of Demon Slayer.

7. Daki

Daki is the younger sister of Gyuutaro who uses the fame she garnered as Warabihime, the most renowned Oiran in the Entertainment District, to cover up her involvement with demons. 



In addition to being immune to death by beheading, the fact that she could morph into a sash that was both as sharp as a sword and pliable enough to avoid being cut made her an extraordinarily difficult Demon to put down.

Nezuko needed a counterbalance to Gyuutaro, thus Daki was developed to fill that role. Daki’s strong hate of humanity is motivated by the crimes that they performed against her, in contrast to Nezuko, who was socialized to have a favorable impression of human beings. 

The only thing that Daki ever wished for was to be able to live in harmony with her brother, and after that was taken away from her, she made the decision to exact terrible retribution on the rest of the world.

6. Gyuutaro

Daki’s elder brother Gyuutaro also goes by that name, and the two of them have the rank of Upper Demon Moon 6 jointly. 

Gyuutaro is by far the more powerful brother, as shown by the fact that he was able to battle the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui and Tanjiro equally in one of the most compelling episodes of Demon Slayer while putting both of them on the defense.


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Gyuutaro is so skilled in the use of his dual Poisoned Blood Sickles that even the tiniest scratch from one of them may cause practically immediate death.

Gyuutaro is revealed to be exactly what Tanjiro would have been if he had chosen to despise and condemn the world after Nezuko was hurt. 

In addition to being an extraordinarily powerful Demon, Gyuutaro is also revealed to be what Tanjiro might have become.

Even though Gyuutaro made the decision to transform into a demon, the fact that he wants the ability to murder those who have wronged his sister makes him very similar to Tanjiro, an older brother who suffered because he desired nothing else but to safeguard his sister.



5. Muzan Kibutsuji

Over a thousand years old, Muzan Kibutsuji holds the title of the Oldest Demon in the whole Demon Slayer series. He is also primarily accountable for the birth of each and every other demon that appears in the series. 


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He is the primary villain of the series Demon Slayer as well as Tanjiro and Nezuko’s personal adversary and nemesis. Muzan is said to have directly carried out the murder of the Kamado family and transformed Nezuko into a demon with the intention of having her murder Tanjiro and then take her own life.

Muzan isn’t quite up to the level of other demons like Akaza and Doma when it comes to being a villain. Despite this, he is a fan-favorite character due to the fact that he plays the role of the primary antagonist, the progenitor demon, and the arch-nemesis of both Tanjiro and Nezuko. 

And because of the outstanding animation technique used by UFOTable, the fans’ anticipation to really view Muzan battle the demon slayers as the conclusion of the anime approaches ever closer has skyrocketed.



4. Kokushibou

In the whole of the Demon Slayer series, Kokushibou has the rank of Upper Moon 1, making him one of the earliest demons in the anime series.


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It was stated that Kokushibou’s overpowering strength was a result of his Demon Powers throughout the Infinity Castle Arc, which is the story arc in which he makes his first genuine appearance. 

Nearly five hundred years of expertise in combat, history as one of the Greatest Demon Slayers to have ever lived, and the ability to wield one of the strongest Demon Slayer swords all contribute to his formidable reputation.


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Kokushibou is a public favorite due to his paradoxical status as both a demon and a former demon slayer. Kokushibou made the decision to become a demon in order to surpass his brother, who was the most powerful demon slayer. 

Fans of the series are really pumped up to finally witness his long-awaited entrance in the anime adaptation of the manga since his most famous fight is illustrated in a stunning fashion in the book.



3. Akaza

In the Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Movie, Akaza made his debut by engaging in combat with the Flame Pillar Rengoku. This was Akaza’s first appearance in the series. 


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Regardless of the fact that he was responsible for the death of one of the most well-liked characters in the whole of Demon Slayer, Akaza’s past, which was exposed after the happenings of the Infinity Mansion Arc, has converted him into a figure who is perhaps more sympathetic than even Tanjiro.

To a greater extent than Gyuutaro, Akaza is the ideal opponent for Tanjiro. After the murder of his family members, Akaza made the decision to seek power in order to kill everyone, in contrast to Tanjiro, who desired vengeance but only harbored ill will for Muzan. 

Because of this, not only is Akaza one of the most powerful demons in Demon Slayer, but he is also the character with the most impressive writing in the whole game, even surpassing Tanjiro himself in this regard.


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2. Doma

Regarding Muzan’s hate of him, Doma, Upper Rank 2 of the Twelve Demon Moons, is unquestionably the most devoted of all of Muzan’s subordinates. 

Doma is a member of the Twelve Demon Moons. Doma established the Eternal Paradise Faith in order to increase his power. Within this faith, he lured in unwitting humans in order to maintain a steady supply of fresh humans that he could feast on. 

This led to him becoming entangled with numerous Demon Slayers and their families, who he eventually came to regard as his mortal enemies.


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Doma, especially, because of his lack of empathy, is the nearest to a true demon despite many of the other demons frequently being humanized. This is despite the fact that all demons are vicious and bloodthirsty.

Doma is without a doubt the most horrifying of all the demons in Demon Slayer due to his callous, emotionless, and delighted murder of anybody, even those he seems to adore.

1. Nezuko Kamado

After Muzan slaughtered their whole family, Tanjiro’s younger sister, Nezuko, underwent the transformation into a demon. Nezuko is now known as a demon. 

After sleeping for 2 years, Nezuko was persuaded to believe that all people are her family. 

She put her demon talents to good use by battling with her brother to destroy wicked demons as they searched for a cure that would make her human.

Nezuko is among the most interesting and multifaceted demons in the anime series since, with the exception of Tamayo, she is the only demon who works only for the good of mankind.


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She does not wallow in the pain of the loss of her family, but rather she is the one who is constantly coming to her brother’s aid. 

She has come dangerously close to death on multiple occasions while trying to save her brother, which has endeared her to the audience and helped her become one of the most famous of the story’s characters.