The After Movies RANKED From Worst To Best

The film version of the novel After was released in 2019, and it was followed by two sequels the following year: After We Collided and After We Fell. We place the many romantic drama franchises from worst to best in our ranking.

There are three separate films that make up the After movie franchise, but how do these love dramas stack up against one another? 

After is the name of a series of books written by Anna Todd, and the movies based on those books depict the rocky relationship that develops between the bookworm Tessa Young (Josephine Langford), and the free spirit Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin). 

Both of the young loves had to contend with resistance from their other pals, diverging life paths, and a never-ending conflict within their families.

In the wake of the 2019 film adaptation of After, the series employs cliches from the romance genre. Tessa’s life appears to be flipped entirely upside down the moment she steps foot on campus for her first year of college. 

When the gloomy and Pride and Prejudice book-reading naughty boy, Hardin Scott, develops a love curiosity in her, everything is simply going to become more problematic from here on out.

Regardless of the fact that they are attracted to one another, their relationship is fraught with difficulties. Tessa has a hard time putting her faith in Hardin, while Hardin has a hard time controlling his aggressive tendencies. 

After We Collided, which is scheduled for release in 2020, will be followed by After We Fell, which is scheduled for release in 2021.

The After film series has been so popular that a 4th installment, titled After Ever Happy, is now under development. Despite this, viewers and critics have very divergent perspectives about the After film series. 

In spite of negative critical reception, Tessa and Hardin’s narrative has remained popular with moviegoers, as shown by the fact that the 1st film in the series, 

After, was honored with a Teen Choice Award and an E! People’s Choice Award in 2019. When it comes to the After movie series, it is abundantly clear that there is a significant amount of variety, which begs the question: which one of the films in the franchise is the finest, and which is the worst?

3. After We Fell

Regrettably, the 3rd and last book in the series, titled After We Fell, does not have a storyline that is either fascinating or consistent. One problem continues to be addressed throughout the vast bulk of the running time: Hardin’s anger at Tessa’s choice to relocate to Seattle in order to take a new career there.

In the midst of the couple’s efforts to address Hardin’s anger management issues, several unrelated plot developments take place, including the following: they make contact with Tessa’s long-lost father; Hardin’s mother remarries; and, in an unexpected turn of events, Hardin learns the identity of his biological father.

Tessa, in particular, does not have any form of function in the movie, and Hardin has lost the modesty that he learned over the course of the preceding 2 movies. The movie makes improper use of its cast and characters. Overall, After We Fall is aggravating, and it is unquestionably the worst entry in the After series to this point.

2. After

After is surprisingly unexceptional considering it comes at the start of such a significant relationship. Although it improves on several aspects of the novel After suffers from a lack of compelling drama. The first act of the movie is strong, and it establishes Tessa as a protected fish out of water who is attracted to Hardin despite the fact that it runs against her fundamental ideals.

Unfortuitously, the remainder of the movie doesn’t provide anything that may be considered appealing. Despite the fact that Tessa and Hardin’s chemistry blossoms greatly towards the story’s conclusion, neither of their personalities is given a lot of attention to detail. 

The dramatic climax of the movie isn’t as impactful as it should be since the dare that launched their relationship isn’t revealed until the very end. 

As a result, the tension leading up to their breakup isn’t nearly as intense. Although there are points throughout the movie that are draining, Langford’s acting is the one thing that keeps After going.

1. After We Collided

After We Collided actually happens a month after the couple from the previous film breaks up. During this time, Tessa triumphs in her work at a publishing firm, while Hardin blames himself for his duplicity. After We Collided has a surprisingly direct performance by Dylan Sprouse.

When they finally get back together, Hardin must face the prior trauma that hindered their ability to be compatible with one another. Unexpectedly, the movie abandons the pure drama structure of the source material and instead adopts the genre of a provocative romantic comedy. 

This works to the advantage of the movie, which has an entertaining — although muddled — a combination of intense dramatic moments and lighter comedic moments.

The movie gives an interesting peek into a crazy relationship, despite the fact that the storyline is poorly structured and completely comes apart at the film’s finale. 

Even though After We Collided is not a particularly cohesive movie, it does what it sets out to do quite well: it is an enjoyable and captivating escapist experience, and it is without a doubt the greatest installment in the After film series.


In conclusion, After movies have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their romantic and emotional storylines that appeal to a wide audience. These films, which are based on the best-selling novels of Anna Todd, follow the tumultuous relationship between the main characters Tessa and Hardin as they navigate love, heartbreak, and personal growth.

Despite facing criticism for their portrayal of toxic behavior and problematic themes, the After movies have garnered a devoted fan base and have even spawned multiple sequels and spin-off series. Overall, the After movies serve as a testament to the enduring appeal of romance in popular culture.