The Best Anime CAT GIRLS Characters (RANKED BY FANS)

Catgirls, a subgenre of female kemonomimi characters, are characterized by the incorporation of feline features—such as a cat tail, cat ears, or even similar cat shapes and characteristics—into an apparently humanoid physique. 

There are many subgenres of fiction that include cat girls, the most popular of which are manga and anime from Japan. Cat females are a highly unique kind of heroine in numerous otaku circles, and they are most commonly connected with a wide variety of imaginative creations, as they appear in both manga and anime. 


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The following list features the top cat girl figures from anime, for those who enjoy reading about characters with cats as their companions.

Top Cat Girl Anime Figures

40. Vanilla

Anime and Manga Series: Nekopara

This is another cat girl from the anime series Nekopara. Vanilla is a Neko cartoon cat lady with white hair who is known for her peaceful demeanor and silence. She doesn’t talk about how she’s experiencing very often, which makes her more or less a kūdere character. She is very devoted to her sister Chocola and would do anything in the world to be at her side. The Nekos Chocola and Vanilla belong to the Minaduki family and are the two youngest members.


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39. Tamako

Anime and Manga Series: Isuca

In the anime television series “Isuka,” Tamako is a specter from the hereafter that takes the form of a cat girl with two tails. She is the 2nd Specter to be shown in the series and made her debut in the episode that took place at Shinichiro Asano and Sakuya Shimazu’s school. 

In addition to this, she is significant since she is the “good” Specter who is discovered for the first time in the narrative. Tamako is a demon cat that became Asano’s personal once he was capable of calling forth her actual name with his “Shingan,” also known as his Eye of Truth. Tamako is portrayed as a cat girl in the anime series.

As a direct consequence of this, she is obligated to him now. Ultimately, she brings a fascinating new element to the narrative by playing the role of a Specter who isn’t strictly evil but ends up being a helpful ally to Asano and the other people he’s traveling with on their adventure.


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38. Dejiko

Anime and Manga Series: Di Gi Charat

The character Dejiko from the anime series Di Gi Charat is the next anime cat lady that we wish to present to you. She embodies every aspect of a catgirl, from her personality quirks to her outward looks. 



In addition to her cat ears and tail, she frequently carries a set of 3 bells, consisting of 2 adornments for her hair and one for her neck. In addition to this, she is adorable in her cat cap, which is shaped like the face of a cat. 

Dejiko is a formidable opponent despite the fact that she has a charming outward look.

37. Neferpitou

Anime and Manga Series: Hunter X Hunter

In the manga series, Neferpitou is shown as a genderless Chimera Ant, however, in the anime, she is a female Chimera Ant. She has the look of a cat. 

She was the 1st of 3 royal guards who belonged to the “Nen” Specialist class to be delivered, and she was the 1st child overall. She is blessed with incredibly extraordinary talents, similar to the majority of cat females.


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Neferpitou murders Kaito when he, Gon, and Killua are attempting to infiltrate the Chimera Ant nest. Using his Hatsu, “Doctor Blythe,” Neferpitou then restores Kaito’s body so that he may use it to control Kaito as a puppet.

Although Netero, who served as chairman of the Hunter Association and also was widely regarded as the most powerful Hunter in the world throughout the height of his career, acknowledges the possibility that Pitou is tougher than he is. 

Komugi, the king’s protege girl, is accidentally severely injured during the Hunter eradication group’s attack on the Eastern Goruto palace. Neferpitou, acting on the king’s commands, uses her expertise to cure Komugi.

Gon, on the other hand, has threatened to murder Komugi unless Pitou guarantees that he would return Kaito’s corpse once Komugi has been healed. 

Pitou argues that the assignment is difficult because he was dead, and as a result, he plans to murder Gon after making a pledge to accompany Gon to Peijin in order to restore Kaito. This pledge was made despite the fact that Pitou promised to travel with Gon to Peijin in order to restore Kaito.

36. Rem Galleu

Anime and Manga Series: How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

In the anime series How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, Rem Galleu is a prominent character who plays the role of a female cat girl. She is a member of the “Pantherian” species, which is a race of demonic beings that are half-man and half-feline. 



She was a summoner of level 40 when she decided to become an explorer in the hopes of becoming more powerful for a particular cause. Rem Galleu is currently in possession of 7 monsters, all of which she acquired after calling upon them.

The demon king Krebskulm’s spirit had been bound inside his forefathers for generations, and it turned out that Rem had inherited this curse through his mother and was looking for a method to break free of it. This was the motivation behind her decision to call upon Diablo. She was successful in freeing the Demon King with Edelgard’s assistance.

35. Felicia

Anime and Manga Series: Darkstalkers

There is another well-liked cat girl in anime, and her name is Felicia. Rose, a member of the Catholic nunhood, took her in when she was only a small cat and raised her as her own. After Rose passes away, Felicia decides to depart her hometown in the hopes of becoming a famous singer. 

Along the way, she encounters other Catgirls, which are unique individuals of the exact same breed as her, and the two groups decide to work together to make Felicia’s dreams come true. At long last, she and her pals put on a musical play, in which Felicia takes center stage as the protagonist.


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During the course of the circumstances of Darkstalkers 3, Felicia ponders how she may make the lives of others around her more joyful. In response, she decides to be a catholic nun and establish an orphanage that she names Felicity House. Her tail and ears are the distinguishing features of her appearance.

In Felicia’s exploits in other media centered on video games, she goes to a bar that she has never been to before, and there she finds John Talbain, who becomes her buddy and pledges to defend her from Felicia (herself).

After she exits, 4 bad individuals show there. They are supporters of Demitri Maximoff. She escapes, however, she ends up getting caught in a street. To her astonishment, Morrigan shows up to protect her.

34. Catherine

Anime and Manga Series: Gintama

Catherine is a neko girl of a more mature age. She was a robber in the past, but Otose brought her under his care and recruited her to work at his cafe. She has a peculiar dialect, and her ears are shaped like cats. 

She was a part of the Cat’s Punch gang, which was comprised of Amanto criminals. She has a pattern of mimicking Otose’s stances, such as the one she strikes while she smokes. Most manga and anime fans adore her, making her one of the most popular characters in the medium.

33. Nuku Nuku

Anime and Manga Series: All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

In the beginning, Nuku Nuku was simply a homeless cat that Ryunosuke came across while he and his father Kyusaku were on the flee after taking an android new prototype built by Kyusaku personally however that may be utilized for malicious reasons. 

Nuku Nuku went on to become the indisputable hero of the Japanese comic franchise. Nuku Nuku anime cat girl Ryu makes the decision to retain the homeless cat, despite the fact that it is fatally injured.


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In a flash of insight, Kyusaku transplants the entire brain of the cat that is on its deathbed into the android, bestowing onto the machine the knowledge and emotions of a cat. 

Despite the fact that he is conscious of his true parentage, Nuku Nuku views Ryu as his brother and thinks Akiko and Kyusaku are his mom and dad. She is very naive and immature, and she is often diverted by stuff that attracts kitties. 

Despite this, she turns into a protector for Ryu because she is practically invincible and protects him from harm.

32. Persia

Anime and Manga Series: Gate 

A personage who appears in the story of Persia. A cat girl from an anime series who has cat ears, cat ears, and a tail, and she has a romantic relationship with Kurata. Because of the color of her hair, you can easily recognize her.

31. Shizuka Nekonome

Anime and Manga Series: Rosario + Vampire

Shizuka Nekonome, who teaches at Yokai Academy and is one of the numerous faculty members there, is the adviser for the school’s journalistic club. She is a cat woman and a much-loved anime character depicting a cat girl. 


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Her demeanor might be described as careless, and she has a tendency to ignore crucial details. In spite of the fact that she is a beast, the Nekonome instructor enjoys eating fish, particularly Gold-Fish. 

In the anime, Shizuka doesn’t really appear to hold a particularly negative opinion of actual people, which serves as the analog for her fellow colleagues, to the degree that she advocates for peaceful coexistence between demons and humans.

30. Melwin

Anime and Manga Series: Cat Planet Cuties

Cat Planet Cuties franchise is a veritable collection of lovely kitty females. Melwin serves as the First Officer of the Catian Starship. She is shorter and thinner compared to the rest manga and anime girls, and she has a shorter breasts. 


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Her hairstyle is bluish and extremely short, and she wears cat ears. Despite this, she earned it onto this selection of the top anime girls who are cats.

29. Haineko

Anime and Manga Series: Bleach

Haineko is portrayed as a naughty Japanese anime cat girl and a foolish character throughout the manga and anime with a penchant for causing trouble and drawing attention to herself in any way she could. 

On the other hand, there aren’t many topics that can keep his focus for a significant amount of time, and he has a propensity to become distracted and lack concentration pretty rapidly.


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According to what Matsumoto says about Haineko in the manga, she is a lethargic and energetic personality who is very quick to get on her feelings. 

Haineko is also ego and shallow Zanpakutō, exactly like herself, even if she is unable to notice this trait in herself. When someone criticizes Haineko’s external looks or calls her “huge” or “old,” she answers with identical comments or, if they are in the middle of a battle, with far more ferocity. This is one of the quickest forms to get Haineko upset.

She believes that she is more beautiful than Matsumoto and possesses traits that are head and shoulders above those possessed by Matsumoto, however, she is likewise eager to demonstrate this belief, especially if it means using childish reasons. 

In all honesty, it is challenging for Haineko to be sober and sensible, yet it is not difficult for her to portray this persona, and in point of fact, she has appeared in this form whenever the situation called for it.

28. Chloe Lolo

Anime and Manga Series: DanMachi

Chloe Lolo is among the figures who appear in the manga and anime adaptations of DanMachi. Chloe, the following anime cat girl, comes from a background that may be considered traumatic. Chloe was brought up by parents who were both representatives of a household that was a part of a crime group. 

Chloe’s family was involved in drug trafficking. She was taught numerous ways to kill people from the time she was born, and she was congratulated whenever she did it successfully.

On the other hand, once her mother passed away while trying to protect her, she started disliking her family. Her goddess gave her permission to go, but before she could do so, she was given a series of missions to fulfill first, one of which required her to kill a Level 3 Empire Knight using just a knife.

She was successful and advanced in the process even though the tasks she was given were quite challenging. She eventually found her way to Orario some nine years before the events of the story, having spent some time traveling after she had abandoned her family. 

There, she was unsuccessful in her first assignment to murder Shakti Varma, barely fled with her life, and then started refusing jobs that required her to kill top-tier adventurers. 

After several failed attempts to eliminate a Ryuu on the wanted list, she decided to become a Fertility Hostess.

27. Lin Xiao-Mei

Anime and Manga Series: Shining

An anime cat girl who appears in multiple episodes of The Shining anime series is a character named Lin Xiao-Mei, who is also credited with the moniker Lin Lin. 

In Shining Hearts, she plays a supporting role, but in Shining Blade, she takes on the role of the protagonist. In the gameplay, she is a member of the beast race and works as an antiquities dealer. 

In addition, she does not share the same persona as the Phantom Thief known as “Black Tail.”

In the pilot, when Rick asks Airy who the young woman is who keeps bringing him bread, Xiao-Mei reveals that her identity is Xiao-Mei and that she loves Rick’s bread. 

She makes her first appearance in The Shining Blade under the name Lin Lin and begins the game in the guise of a cat with cat ears.

26. Natsuki Sasahara

Anime and Manga Series: Hyper Police

Hyper Police features a cat girl named Natsuki who is half human and half Nekomata and is 17 years old. She was born to a human dad and a Nekomata mom. 

Natsuki treats everybody with compassion and friendliness, and she makes it a point to defend the defenseless and uphold justice. She has a decidedly kitty disposition, as seen by the fact that she enjoys eating cat stuff, grooming herself in a catlike fashion, playing with knots and other spinning things like Sakura’s tail, and even wearing cat ears even when in human shape.

Her go-to beverage is catnip milk, which has an intoxicating effect on her due to the presence of catnip. After Batanen watched her talent to deliver electric shocks being exploited by a felon he was pursuing, who unintentionally took her captive and then turned her into french fries, he recruited her to work for the police company. 

Batanen was so impressed by her skill that he recruited her to work there. Furthermore, because Natsuki is yet relatively immature, she has difficulties managing her abilities. 

For example, she has indeed been recognized to give random flashes when she is terrified and devours everything that is just a couple of meters from her. Additionally, she has been recognized for swallowing anything that is across a couple of inches of her.

She is also a really poor sharpshooter with a rifle, and she has inadvertently shot at least two of her teammates, which is why she exclusively employs a small dagger as her favored form of close-combat weaponry. 

When it is furious or scared, its tail will temporarily separate into two halves. She takes great satisfaction in the fact that she possesses an Orihalcon blade and is in charge of two ‘Parasites,’ which is unique given the circumstances. 

It is regarded as a powerful asset to have one of your own. It wasn’t until the 9th volume it was established she was Bast’s daughter. Bast was an ancient Egyptian deity.

25. Chaika

Anime and Manga Series: Chaika: The Coffin Princess

A young teenage cat lady from an anime series with gray hair and violet eyes embarks on a journey to gather the fragments of her father’s body in order to provide him with a fitting burial. 

She takes a big coffin with her, which serves not only as her weapon, a Gandr but as well as a repository for her father’s bones.

Other than his assignment, Chaika has no recollection of the five years that have passed since the collapse of the Gas Empire.

A fact made all the more unsettling by the rapid appearance of additional people named Chaika who share the same physical characteristics and the same coffin. 

These individuals all assert that they are the legitimate daughter of Emperor Arthur Gaz, which will encourage Chaika to learn more about her ancestry. 

Because she is a Wizard, she has the ability to cast spells with her magical gun, which is called Gandr, by loading it with specialized ammunition.

Nevertheless, due to the weight of the weapon in addition to the length of duration it takes her to call creatures, she is a fairly stationary target who frequently requires Toru and Akari to defend or divert her. 

She is known as “Chaika la Blanche” by the others Chaika and the Kleeman Agency due to the fact that she wears mostly white clothing, although she does occasionally accessorize with shades of black.

24. Kuune

Anime and Manga Series: Cat Planet Cuties

One of the most beautiful cat females in anime, Qoone is also the captain of the Catian Starship. She is leading the team that is tasked with negotiating with Earth’s government.

23. Ibaraki Dōji

Anime and Manga Series: Onigiri

Ibaraki is a cat-girl figure from an anime series that is half-Oni, just like the central protagonist of this anime series. Because of this, she gets the impression that she is linked to the central protagonist in a certain manner.

She is in an identical position to Miroku in that she is a wandering merchant, but instead of having a business, she operates a traveling bar. Given the fact that she has cat ears, people frequently believe that she is a cat that is capable of transforming.

Ibaraki is a merchant who sells alcoholic beverages, and he is eager to do business with the player.

The majority of these things, which offer momentary increases in stats like movement speed or damaging production, function similarly to potions and allow players to acquire specific statistics that cannot be found in ordinary items.

Ibaraki developed her talents as a sommelier while working in the liquor industry, which enabled her to produce a wide variety of spirits and liquors. 

As long as the player provides her with the formula, she will be able to manufacture every type of drink imaginable, from potions that improve stats to booze that restores health. 

The greater Ibaraki’s passion for you, the wider variety of spirits she will be able to concoct, as well as the more special beverages you will have access to purchase.

22. Ichigo Momomiya

Anime and Manga Series: Tokyo Mew Mew

The following anime cat girl, Ichigo Momomiya, is presented when she slips and stumbles on her sweetheart, Masaya Aoyama while visiting an exhibition about Red Listed Animals. At this point, she has her first encounter with Mint Aizawa, who is impolite to her and hands her a handkerchief. 

She does not like Mint Aizawa. Lettuce Midorikawa is eventually seen by Ichigo just at the museum, where she is verbally abused by 3 girls who are angry with her for spilling hot coffee on them, despite the fact that they had specifically stated that they desire hot coffee.

Ichigo makes his way over to assist Lettuce, but before he can, Pudding Fong appears right in front of the girls and makes fun of them. This causes the girls to flee. 

They become enraged, but Zakuro Fujiwara is able to prevent the girls from continuing to bother Lettuce. Ichigo asks Lettuce why she will be required to sincerely apologize to them afterward, and they don’t see each other anymore until several minutes just after the earthquake. 

When Ichigo Momomiya goes outside to get some fresh air, he runs into the Mew Mews of the future and is subsequently injected with Irimote cat DNA. 

Afterward when, she notices that she is behaving strangely and remembers a dream scene in which a cat leaped on her body as she was being injected, which leads her to the conclusion that something has occurred to her.

21. Chocola

Anime and Manga Series: Nekopara

Chocola is a jovial and vivacious Neko anime cat girl that appears in the Nekopara anime series. Chocola has black hair and exudes positive energy. She considers Kashou her “Master” and has a strong attachment to him. 

She can’t bear the idea of being parted from her lord, and that’s why she accompanied him when he relocated into his new shop.  Her sister’s name is Vanilla, and they are twins.

20. Ao Nanami

Anime and Manga Series: Yozakura Quartet

Ao Nanami is a high school student who possesses extraordinary talents. She is 16 years old. She is portrayed as an anime cat girl and serves as the mayor of the town in the Yozakura Quartet Japanese manga.

In order to unlock all of the youkai that have been trapped in Hime, Ao Nanami constantly wears a scarf that was crafted by Akina. This scarf covers the scar that was left behind by Yae Shinatsuhiko. 

Consumes a great deal of food, particularly that which Akina has cooked. He walks all around the town day after day, and he is concerned about his size.

Aspirations to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and become a successful mayor. Due to the fact that her parents belong to the “lost generation,” she was brought up by her. 

Even though she appears to be harsh, she actually has a good nature. In the manga and the anime that was released in 2010, she has a desire for Akina but is oblivious to Gin. In the anime that was released in 2008, she is good friends with Gin and Akina.

19. Eris

Anime and Manga Series: Cat Planet Cuties

She is an extraterrestrial who is a member of the Catians race and is one of the main characters in the anime series Cat Planet Cuties. 

She is a joyful anime cat girl, relatively naïve, sociable, and easygoing, and she has a strong desire to learn all there is to learn about the planet Earth. 

She has a deep fascination with human civilization, despite the fact that she sometimes doesn’t comprehend stuff all that well in the end. 

She actually ended up learning more about the perverse aspect, she is the ambassador of the Catians on Earth.

Her deepest desire is to see a friendship established between the two races and, as a result, see a great increase in the number of friends she has, in combination with being with Kio.

Kio is the first male she befriends, and he is the one who reawakened her affection for him when he tried to save her from being kidnapped by the CIA. 

From that point on, she has a unique connection with him; consequently, when she reaches the age of 16 and experiences her 1st season of flu (or sexual selection), he selects Kio to be his initial partner. 

However, much to his dismay, he is forced to postpone the mating since it may interfere with his operations; at that point, his survival instincts were not under his control, and he was prone to making mistakes. 

Regardless of the fact she has other suitors, she is crazy in love with Kio. She isn’t concerned since, in her mind, Kio could be given to anybody; but, she doesn’t really appreciate it when other individuals engage in actions with Kio that she is unable to stop, such as when Aoi and Manami kiss him in outer space.

Despite the fact that she fits together extremely well with the team, not much is revealed regarding her life on her planet other than the fact that she harbors remorse for the actions of her ancestors and that she works fine wonderfully with the squad.

She is equipped with a unique suit that endows her with a variety of skills. In addition, she possesses around 18 assistant droids and a tiny ship.

18. Cyan Hijirikawa

Anime and Manga Series: SHOW BY ROCK!!

Cyan Hijirikawa, often known as the best anime cat girl, is the main character of the Show By Rock anime series. She is an introverted young woman who has a deep-seated love for music. 

She was engaged in a digital game on her mobile phone when all of a sudden she found herself in the middle of Midi City for no apparent reason.

She agreed to become a member of Plasmagica after being invited to do so by Retoree. 

Throughout live appearances, she, similar to the remaining musicians in the band, transforms into Myumons, a costumed black cat with a gothic lolita suit with patterned hosiery. She is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band Plasmagica, which is part of Show By Rock.

17. Nozomi Kiriya

Anime and Manga Series: Mayoi Neko Overrun!

The character Nozomi Kiriya from the anime series Mayoi Neko Overrun is considered to be the greatest example of an anime cat girl. When she was abandoned, Otome, who thought she was a big cat, discovered her and gave her sanctuary in her home.

She may come out as a little disoriented and preoccupied at times, however regardless of this, she is incredibly intelligent and in good shape, much as the majority of other cat females. Nozomi Kiriya constantly purrs the word “Nya” while making hand motions that are similar to the movements of a cat; by coincidence, she likewise has the qualities of a cat, such as quickness and dexterity.

In the Mayoi Neko Overrun series, her hairdo is designed to imitate the ears of a cat; however, it is simply hair; despite this, she is able to manipulate these “ears” at whim as if they were actually. This is one of the things that attracts people’s notice to her. In general, she is extremely sympathetic and emotional with everybody, particularly with Takumi.

Nozomi seems to have liked Takumi from the start, as evidenced by a number of situations, such as when she invites him to assist her in making the meringue, grabs his arm throughout the storm, or makes a suggestion that she wishes to visit the geysers with him.

16. Yoriko Sagisawa

Anime and Manga Series: De Capo

Misaki is a charming little girl who enjoys spending her time gazing out her window at the planet. She seems to have a cat called Yoriko that she admires and aspires to be like so that she may travel the globe.

In the anime, Yoriko transformed into a Nekomimi, which is a maid with cat ears. She seems to be Misaki, although she avoids interaction with other individuals. Because of Junichi’s compassion, she is gradually capable of overcoming her anxiety and going out into the wider world.

Yoriko was forced to go back to her feline form since the magic that changed her into a person was no anymore in place after the mystical sakura tree that was responsible for the transformation was cut down. Yoriko invited Junichi out on a date on her final day as a human and then told him everything before vanishing forever. 

15. Leone

Anime and Manga Series: Akame ga Kill!

She is a female who enjoys celebrating and making fun along the way with her squad even while they are on a mission; she is similar to a spoiler in that she sometimes displays herself to be impetuous or aggressive. 

She has light-colored hair and eyes that are golden. She is able to resurrect herself and change into a lion because of the weapon she uses for the Empire, which is called Lionelle.

Given that it was she who persuaded Tastumi to join the Night Raid, she has a strong sense of responsibility toward Tastumi and a great deal of compassion for her. She is responsible for the Prime Minister’s death, but not her own.

14. Merle

Anime and Manga Series: The Vision of Escaflowne

A cat lady 13 years old who has been Van’s childhood pal as well as his accompanying puppy. 

Merle suffers from severe bouts of jealousy whenever she thinks about Van’s connection with Hitomi, however, she will gradually come to terms with Hitomi’s arrival and may possibly make friends with her. 

She did not have a parent. Merle was brought up by the Fanel household, to whom she has remained extremely loyal throughout her lifetime, even to the extent of being willing to give up her life in order to save Van’s. Do you agree that she’s the cutest kitty in all of anime?

13. Alicia Rue

Anime and Manga Series: Sword Art Online

Alicia Rue is a member of the cast of Sword Art Online and is a cat girl. She is the head of the Cait Sith clan and acts as its chief. Following the discussions among the Sylphs and the Cait Siths, she was in danger from an assault by the Salamanders. 

Kirito defended her from the assault by battling and beating the Salamanders’ hero, Eugene. He also provided the Salamanders’ side with all of the cash he collected in the competition.

In order to show her appreciation, Alicia Rue plans a collaborative journey with her good friend Sakuya, the leader of the Sylph clan, so that they may assist her in completing the “Great Quest” of ALfheim Online and rescuing Asuna. 

This will be accomplished by ascending the World Tree to its highest point, which is currently unreachable.

Ordinal Scale follows the narrative of Alicia Rue, one of the Sword Art Online gamers devoted to virtual reality games who appears in an online article on the drop in server traffic and expresses her unwillingness to play Ordinal Scale. 

She fights alongside her companions and their allies in the decisive battle against the incredibly powerful Boss of the 100th Tier of New Aincrad, which takes place towards the end of the game.

12. Coconut

Anime and Manga Series: Nekopara

The Nekos of the Minaduki family includes Coconut, who is the 3rd youngest of all of them. She gets compliments from the other characters on how “cool” her attitude is, however, she secretly hopes she was more adorable.

Because of her carelessness and the fact that she believes she has very few capabilities, she has a poor sense of her own worth. In addition to this, she does everything in her power to emulate the role of an older sister while simultaneously avoiding becoming a burden on Kashou and the remaining catgirls. 

It was found out that she pretends to be somebody else but in reality, she is not that person. 

11. Himari Noihara

Anime and Manga Series: Omamori Himari

The female heroine of the Japanese anime Omamori Himari is a bakeneko, sometimes known as a shape-shifting demon cat, named Himari Noihara. 

Due to a long-forgotten pledge sworn by one of Amakawa’s commanders, who saved her when he rejected to murder her, she seems to Yuto as his protector to defend him from the ayakashi. 

She considers herself “the blade that defends Yuto,” and her peers in the ayakashi community refer to her as “the Crimson Blade of Noihara” because of her formidable sword skills.

Himari Noihara always speaks with a keigo accent, puts her hair in a long ponytail with a big pink knot to keep it on spot, and wears traditional Japanese clothing when she is not wearing her dress code. 

She considers Yuto, whom she refers to as the “Young Lord,” to be her closest friend. She can be philosophical at times because she is afraid that Yuto will kill her if her skills come to life.

So she loves him very much because she desires to be with him as a human and is extremely flirty with him since she and Yuto get on really well in Noihara while she had been a white cat. Rinko is frequently driven to the point of exasperation by this infatuation.

Himari is among the handful of characters in the anime to have Yuto’s lips on hers. Despite this, she considers her role as a guardian extremely vigorously and is prepared to use any measures required to safeguard Yuto from danger.

10. Millianna

Anime and Manga Series: Fairy Tail

Erza has known Millianna since they were both children and lived in Heaven’s Tower together. She is crazy about pets and Happy. She decides not to go on the global tour with Fairy Tail after she and the Tower of Heaven are rescued from Gerald and the Tower of Heaven. 

She rejoins Fairy Tail after a seven-year layoff, but this time as a member of Mermaid Heel. She wanted to exact her vengeance on Jellal, so she followed Kagura and became a member of this guild.

She competes in the “Pandemonium” competition on the 3rd day of the grand magical competition, which gets her team three points. These points will be joined to the ten that she gained in her battle against Semus, who was on the Quattro Toutous squad.

She fights with Kagura, Leon Bastia, and Yka of Lamia Scale on the 4th day of the tournament. 

At the beginning of the battle, she goes up against her 2 adversaries by herself, however, Leon is able to overcome her with his ice magic. 

On the sixth day, she is held captive by Minerva, who then torments her before bringing her back with Lector, who had already adhered to her clothing.

9. Karyl (Kyaru)

Anime and Manga Series: Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Kyaru is a part of the Beast Race. She has greenish eyes and beautiful black hair with a stripe of white running across the ends of her hair. 

She is someone who fits the profile of a tsundere because, despite the fact that she often vents her frustrations about Pecorine, she continues to remain loyal to her.

She speaks quickly and may easily get irritated or agitated due to her sharp tongue. She is a participant in the guild known as the “Gourmet Edifice.”

When it concerns issues pertaining to the extended family, Kyaru’s family adheres to a strict, fundamentalist ideology. Her mother never showed her any affection when she was growing up, so Kyaru learned to suppress her feelings and develop into a prodigy even if she ultimately failed. 

Nevertheless, she refused to give up on her daughter since Kyaru is her last hope of recovering her place within the family.

Because of this, she did not have any friends at school because her mother constantly made controversies at the school that Kyaru attended in order to ensure that Kyaru would not have any friends there. 

Kyaru formed feelings of compassion for Mana Senri (Kaiser Insight) since he was the very first one who showed her kindness. However, she was unaware that Kaiser Insight was using this attachment to manipulate her for her own goals. 

As a result of Kyaru’s victory against the Kaiser, she is less guarded around others, particularly Yuuki, whom she likes and has a crush on.

8. Neko

Anime and Manga Series: K Project

As well as being Shiro’s cat, Neko, a 16-year-old female, is a strain. Her personality is really reminiscent of a youngster. 

She has the ability to conjure illusions, which gives her the capacity to alter his appearance, render herself invisible, control his surroundings, and also alter the memories of other people: She has the power of perceptual disruption, which enables her to influence the perceptions of other people and give them the impression that their surroundings have shifted. 

She has a strong emotional attachment to Shiro, and she will go to great measures to protect him. She calls herself “Shiro no Neko,” which literally translates as “Shiro’s Cat.”

7. Tsumiki Miniwa

Anime and Manga Series: Acchi Kocchi

Tsumiki, the primary character, and heroine, is a delicate young woman who is not very tall. 

She has a disposition that is a cross between a Tsundere and a Kuudere, which means that on the surface she seems to have a tough, cynical, and uncaring demeanor, yet on the heart, she is kind and caring.

She adores Io with all of her heart and soul. Cat ears appear on Tsumiki whenever Io pets her on the head or if Tsumiki compliments her on any aspect of her appearance or personality. 

Tsumiki’s strength is disproportionate to her body size, and she often demonstrates this trait to Mayoi’s detriment. Additionally, she is really good at playing video games in arcades.

6. Koneko Tōjo

Anime and Manga Series: High School DxD

Because of her adorable demeanor as a young girl, Koneko, a student at High School DxD, is chosen to represent the school as its mascot.  As the “Tower” of Rias, she has power beyond that of mortals as well as impenetrable protection. 

To use a term from the world of Japanese anime, she is referred to as a Tsundere. When she does communicate, it is typically to humiliate Issei, scold her, or ridicule her for her wicked character. She is not particularly chatty, and she is a member of the team who fits together with Issei at the lowest.

Nonetheless, she appears to feel more at ease in Issei’s company following his encounter with Kuroka in the 3rd season, as shown by the fact that she occasionally rests upon him, for instance, on the train. 

However, the conclusion of the third season reveals a more chill version of Koneko, who even provides the hero with some erotic favors to demonstrate that she is not inferior to any other character.

In High School DxD, she is a member of the nekomata, a subpar class of demon-cats.

5. Blair

Anime and Manga Series: Soul Eater

The following cat girl comes to us courtesy of Soul Eater. Like the majority of cat females, Blair, a cat magician, has a highly seductive physical look. She has attractive breasts and abundant curves. 

She makes an appearance in the opening of Soul and Maka, and they put her to death since they believe she is a witch. She enjoys interacting with Soul through recreation. In actuality, she is a cat endowed with magical abilities who often makes references to the festival honoring witches.

She has a strong attraction to Soul, and she shares her home with both him and Maka. She enjoys having a good time, going shopping for new lingerie, and eating fish. She also loves to spend money. Her charms revolve around the holiday of Halloween and pumpkins. 

Despite the fact that she does not have a significant part to play in the Soul Eater sequel, she is aware of how to be of assistance in the struggle against Mizune and the Wandering Dutchman. In Eibon’s novel, she is a member of the rescue group that Kid leads.

4. Yoruichi Shihōin

Anime and Manga Series: Bleach

Even though Yoruichi Shihin is shown as a black cat with a deep accent in the manga, the voice was altered for international broadcasts of the anime to make it seem more masculine. 

It is not until much later that it is found out that she is in fact a woman, a former commander of special ops and former captain of the 2nd division, and the 22nd head of the Shihin family, a member of the noble families of Soul Society, from which she escaped after Kisuke Urahara was exiled. 

In addition, it is found out that she was the 22nd head of the Shihin family. She hasn’t been seen engaging in combat while using her Zanpakut. When she takes the appearance of a cat, Kisuke Urahara refers to her as his closest companion.

3. Rin Shao Mei

Anime and Manga Series: Shining Tears x Wind

Have you ever watched the video programs Shining Tears x Shining Wind? If so, you may like the animated television series modeled on those titles. And Rin Shaomei, who also goes by the name Lin Lin, is a protagonist that appears in many episodes of the Shining series. 

When she appears in her catgirl shape, she is characterized as a figure that is more solemn and reserved. In the gameplay, Rin Shaomei is a member of the Beast race and works as an antique dealer.

2. Neko-Musume

Anime and Manga Series: GeGeGe No Kitarō

There is a possibility that Japanese mythology is also the source of the attractiveness of catgirls in anime. It is rife with animal spirits that assume different forms in order to torment mankind, ranging from kitsune (foxes) to tanuki (raccoon dogs). 

The same is said of cats since there are urban legends that claim that if they are reared by humans for an excessive amount of time, they would turn into bakeneko, which literally translates to “monster cats.” They had the ability to communicate, to influence both the living and the dead, and to shapeshift into human form.

The bakeneko is only one example of how GeGeGe no Kitarō adopts a cartoonish approach to urban tales and folklore characters throughout the series. 

Most of the time, Neko-Musume seems to be a typical high school student. However, when she is upset, her eyes change to a feline appearance, cat ears sprout on her head, and she develops cat paws and teeth. 

Kitarō isn’t interested in her romantically, despite the fact that she has a thing for him. He has to think of a way to break it to her in a manner that won’t hurt her feelings, or she will start using him as a fresh clawing place.

1. The Puma Sisters

Anime and Manga Series: Dominion Tank Police

These days, the names Annapuma and Unipuma aren’t brought up very often in conversations about collections of kittens. Perhaps it’s since Shirow Masamune wrote another comic that was successful and included a combination of tanks and police officers. 

It is more probable that this is due to the fact that the original Dominion Tank Police OVAs are rather ancient since they were first produced between the years 1988 and 1994. Nevertheless, veteran anime fans may recall seeing this series with other legendary masterpieces such as Demon City Shinjuku and Ninja Scroll at some point in their lives.

If its attractive opening track didn’t get stuck in their heads, the barely clad figures of these sisters on the DVD packaging certainly did. In spite of the fact that they provide fan service, they are both powerful androids. 

They rebelled against their ‘love doll’ indoctrination in order to become criminals, and they quickly became a constant source of frustration for the Tank Police. Despite the fact that they are not the primary antagonists, their cunning and synergy together make them a remarkable team.


To summarize, many individuals, particularly those who like manga and anime, have a soft spot in their hearts for Japanese cat girl figures. Most of them are charming, tiny, and more susceptible to harm, while others are courageous, dominant, and powerful. 

They never fail to get people’s interest because of how fantastically they present themselves, which is true regardless of the other qualities they possess. So, which figure from an anime about a cat girl is your fave and why?