The Best Romance Manga (Based On GoodReads)

We’re utilizing the ratings on Goodreads to find the very best romantic manga published in the last 10 years since we know that a lot of manga lovers like a good love tale.

In addition to being an expression that is responsible for the rotation of the earth on its axis, romance is also the name of a literary subgenre that will never become stale. 

Regardless of how many cliches a romance narrative has, there will always be readers who devour it no matter how trite it is. 

The great majority of anime series begins with a series of manga, comics, or light novels. This makes the genre just as productive in animated form as it is in its original form.

On the other hand, these overused tropes may be reimagined in such a way that the narrative stays fresh in the thoughts of readers long after they have completed the book. 

There is something for everybody to enjoy within the realm of romance since it is a versatile genre that can be combined with other subgenres such as horror, thriller, sci-fi, and illusion. 

Goodreads provides a very realistic picture of which romantic comics have been the best over the last ten years. All forms of uplifting romance tales are eligible for consideration, from the more conventional varieties to those that blend elements of a number of other literary genres.

15. The Demon Prince Of Momochi House

RATING: 3.96

Aya Shouoto is the author of The Demon Prince of Momochi House, a fascinating paranormal romance that captures the interest of prospective readers right away due to the fact that she is also the illustrator of this book. 

Himari Momochi is an orphan girl who, on the occasion of her 16th birthday, is given a will that outlines her inheritance. She is then escorted to the Momochi Estate, where she learns that the actual world and the spirit realm are separated by a boundary of some kind.

A mystery kid named Aoi Nanamori, who also seems to be a youkai, comes to Aya’s aid after she has been assaulted by a demon. This series has gained notoriety as being one of the greatest paranormal comics on Goodreads because of its resemblance to the well-liked manga Kamisama Kiss, which is also the name of the series.

14. Love Me, Love Me Not

RATING: 3.99

Io Sakisaka, a writer and artist, has an existing massive fan base that will be enthusiastic about her new book Love Me, Love Me Not. Additionally, it is possible that new followers may be drawn to her after reading her most recent work. 

The artwork in this series is just as breathtaking as in her other works, and the story is full of warm and fuzzy feelings for its protagonist.

Yuri and Hikari have been friends ever since they were kids.  Even though they are diametrically opposed in every manner, they remain connected till the time when 2 boys called Rio and Kazuomi come together and upset their otherwise tranquil lives. Our characters learn the hard way just how complicated love and relationships can be during the course of this tale.

13. A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow

RATING: 4.02

In A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow, the reticent and timid Konatsu Amano is followed as she relocates from the town to the countryside. She finds out that the oddball Koyuki Honami is the lone member of the peculiar club she enters at her new school after she becomes a member herself. As time goes on together, the girls develop a closer connection that only strengthens with time.

Each Konatsu and Koyuki are reticent people who often feel alone, and the narrative shows how both of them are able to break through their emotional walls. 

In the same way that the narrative is simple and easy to understand, the artwork is deep and lovely. Its captivating storyline builds suspense gradually up to the very end.

12. Daily Butterfly

RATING: 4.03

Suu Morishita is the creator of both the textual and drawn versions of Daily Butterfly. Suiren Shibazaki, a girl of the same age who attracts attention due to her adorable beauty, and Taichi Kawasumi, a guy of the same age who seems to be a karate champion, are the two main characters of the story. Both are 15 years old.

Every male in school, with the exception of Taichi, falls head over heels in love with Suiren’s appearance on the very first day of school. Suiren and Taichi each end up falling in love with the other as the novel develops. They continue to see each other across the whole of the manga, right up to their senior year of high school.

11. Honey So Sweet

RATING: 4.05

Amu Meguro is responsible for both the writing and the illustrations of Honey So Sweet. After Nao Kogure, a high school student who is frequently terrified is invited to meet the deviant Taiga Onise with the goal of marriage, she realizes how nice he is as well as how his image is misinterpreted due to his terrible face and posture.

It has come to light that Taiga has been in love with Amu since they were in middle school together and she bandaged his wounds during a fight and offered him her umbrella. 

Granulated Sugar, the one-shot version of what would later become Honey So Sweet, was published before the series was picked up for serialization.

10. So Cute It Hurts!!

RATING: 4.07

Gou Ikeyamada is a well-known mangaka who is most known for his work on the series I Like You Suzuki-kun and The Rumoured Midori-kun. Ikeyamada is the author and illustrator of the manga “So Cute it Hurts,” which was once known as Kobayashi’s So Cute it Hurts. 

Because Megumu and Mitsuru Kobayashi are twins, when they become tired of going to schools that are mostly packed with people of their own gender, they choose to transfer schools with each other.

Nevertheless, when Megumu and Mitsuru consider the possibility of a romantic relationship, the changeover proves to be more difficult than they had first anticipated. 

Even though it tends more toward the comic side of romance than some of Gou Ikeyamada’s other works, So Cute it Hurts still manages to keep viewers interested in what happens next.

9. How Do We Do Relationship?

RATING: 4.10

A “false” romance or a “set up wedding” that turns into a true marriage is a common romantic narrative. This particular romance, however, has not one but two ladies. 

Miwa has always been aware of the fact that she has a preference for females, however now that she is attending a university and is far from her previous environment, she may at long last “come out of the closet.” She is really reserved, though, and is unsure of how to proceed in accomplishing that goal.

Miwa seeks the assistance of her friend Saeko, who is somewhat peculiar but well-liked, however, she comes away with much more than she asked for when the connection that she and Saeko fabricate in order to assist Miwa in coming out turns out to be true. 

How Do We Do Relationship? is still a fan favorite despite the fact that it uses more sophisticated narrative techniques rather than falling back on worn-out tropes.

8. Komi Can’t Communicate

RATING: 4.17

Komi Shoko, who suffers from extreme social anxiety and has a goal of making 100 friends, is the protagonist of Tomohito Oda’s manga series Komi Can’t Communicate. 

Her students have no idea that she suffers from social anxiety; yet, they are in awe of her and believe, as a group, that since she doesn’t speak to them, she must be too important to bother with small chat. 

Tadano makes the decision to assist Komi in achieving the friendship objectives she has set for herself after meeting her.

The manga has a fun sense of humor, and there’s a sweet romance developing between Tadano and Komi that unfolds gradually. 

Fans further love how the show portrays social anxiety and how it constantly reminds viewers that just because those who battle with social anxiety have a hard time forging relationships with others does not imply that they do not desire such connections. 

The series’ reputation continued to rise even after it was adapted into an anime series.

7. Inu X Boku SS

RATING: 4.23

The anime series Inu x Boku SS is one of a kind, and it has a large cast of eccentric characters that are sure to win over new viewers. The narrative chronicles the tale of youkai and was written and painted by Cocoa Fujiwara before she passed away. 

Ririchiyo, who is 15 years old, has the capacity to be reborn if she were to die. She is an Atavist, which means she is a human with demon ancestors.

Because Ririchiyo is so sharp-tongued, she decides to relocate to the Maison de Ayakashi, a high-security residential complex in which each resident is assigned their very own Secret Service Bodyguard. 

There, she sees Soushi Miketsukami, the guy who would later become her Secret Service Bodyguard who is completely dedicated to her.

There, she sees Soushi Miketsukami, the guy who would later become her Secret Service Bodyguard who is completely dedicated to her.

6. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

RATING: 4.20

The story of Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War is a seinen romance that centers on the characters Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, who are both members of the student council at Shuchiin High. 

They are over heels in love with one other, however, neither of them would admit it to the other. In this game of mental war for love, the one who gives away their secrets early is at a disadvantage. 

Rather than simply expressing a little weakness, Kaguya and Miyuki have managed to convert the whole situation into a stressful mental game in which they are trying to determine which side would eventually confess.

The series’ fame has surged since it was turned into an anime adaptation. The insanely funny series that viewers are familiar with and adore today is Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War, which was created by brilliantly combining the high-stakes psychological components of Death Note with the cliches of traditional romantic comedies.

5. My Dress-Up Darling

RATING: 4.22

Shinichi Fukuda’s My Dress-Up Darling is a seinen romance series that has gained a significant following with the broadcast of the anime version of the show in the latter half of 2021. The main character of the series is a young man named Wakana Gojo, who works at his grandfather’s store creating Hina dolls. 

Suddenly, he crosses paths with Marin Kitagawa, who shows curiosity about his pastimes and inquires him about the possibility of assisting her with a couple of cosplays.

They both provide unconditional support to one another and do not pass judgment on the other’s interests or activities.

Marin and Wakana get closer to one another during the course of the series, and finally, they develop affection for one another. 

My Dress-Up Darling stands out from other similar titles because of its hilarious and original sense of humor, in addition to its original idea.

4. Blue Flag

RATING: 4.34

There is the passion that develops among two individuals, as well as the traditional and intricate love triangle; nevertheless, the love quadrangle develops into an emotionally perilous labyrinth. 

Blue Flag is set at a high school during the spring semester, a very stressful period for students, particularly those in their last year of high school.

The plotline here is not what everyone was expecting, since the unrequited feelings are partially founded on same-sex desire and long-standing connections from childhood. 

The narrative of Blue Flag follows a group of adolescents, however, it deals with more adult topics, including the distinctions between friendship and romance and the ways in which people and circumstances aren’t really what they appear to be.

3. My Love Mix-Up

RATING: 4.37

My Love Mix-Up is about what happens to Aoki once he discovers that the girl he is in love with, Hashimoto, also has affection for some other guy. It was obviously a problematic situation, however, things get much more complicated when Aoki learns that her secret crush, Ida, also has a romantic interest in him.

This zany BL romantic comedy was first shown in 2021 and has since gone on to become one of the most successful romance anime ever produced.

It had a wonderful sense of humor, and the friendship that developed between Aoki and Ida as they struggled to come to terms with their love for one other was quite endearing to see.

2. Horimiya

RATING: 4.39

At first blush, it could seem as if Hori and Miyamura are completely incompatible with one another. On the other hand, they are only concealing their real selves from the rest of the world. 

Horimiya portrayed what took place following the confession, and she finished up the pining in a very short amount of time. 

Hori and Miyamura experienced regular adolescent experiences as they fumbled through their first relationship, and this led to the birth of a wonderful and healthy love tale.

Additionally, the connections between the ancillary characters in Horimiya are developed further. 

Ishikawa is turned down by Hori, although he continues to develop a strong friendship with Miyamura and finally begins a romantic involvement with Yuki despite this. 

Horimiya is one of the few romance series that really puts effort into developing relationships among the supporting cast members, and it does it very well.

1. Given

RATING: 4.50

Given is perhaps one of the greatest realistically romantic animanga series that has ever been produced. Ritsuka is a guitarist who, up until the point when he met Mafuyu, was becoming more dissatisfied with his pastime. 

Mafuyu is a beginner who is timid and socially uncomfortable, and he doesn’t even know he’s a genius until he begins practicing how to play the guitar with Ritsuka. Haruki and Akihiko have decided to become members of their band.

Ritsuka finally came to the conclusion that he had emotions for Mafuyu, who is still attempting to recover emotionally from the suicide of his ex-girlfriend. 

On the opposing side, Haruki and Akihiko have had tension between them for a very long time; nonetheless, despite their obviously shared affection for one another, they have never reacted to them. 

The series was unafraid to tackle unpleasant romantic problems such as recovering from a previous heartache and coming to grips with one’s sexuality, and it did it well.