The Best SEXUAL Anime of All Time (FANS’ CHOICE!!!)

Even though anime lovers may not want to acknowledge it, these episodes might nonetheless become popular “guilty pleasures,” despite the fact that they will not be considered “anime of the decade.”

Among the thousands of reasons why anime has so far been capable of surviving is because it is aware of the ways to appeal to each and every fanbase, regardless of how popular or niche that group may be. 


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The amazing achievements that have been made by the anime business continue to grow, and there has never been a time when there have been so many different chances and genres for fans to investigate.

A large number of anime programs defy assumptions and provide storylines that are difficult to follow while also reimagining stale clichés. 

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of offensive clichés and predatory fanservice in anime series, which may make viewers feel self-conscious and embarrassed. Even though they won’t be considered for “anime of the year,” these series have the potential to become fan favorites anyway.


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10. Shimoneta

Some members of the anime audience are quick to suggest that inappropriate humor and excessive amounts of fan service are unavoidable drawbacks. 


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This viewpoint may be slightly overstated, but anime such as Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist investigates the risks of suppression and ignorance, although via absurdist ways of doing so.

The events of the anime take place in a parallel universe in which open displays of sexuality are criminalized by a totalitarian government. An intrepid band of revolutionaries has sworn to themselves that they would restore sexual humor to the general populace as though it were as necessary to existence as water. 

Oddly motivating is the way that Shimoneta brings together sexual jokes and the struggle for freedom in contrast with one another.


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9. High School DxD 

The harem genre is responsible for many of the most popular anime programs that fall under the category of “guilty pleasures.” This genre tends to generate programs that are much more concerned with the love exploits of its clumsy central character than they are with telling an innovative or difficult plot. 


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In terms of harem leads, High School DxD’s Issei is hardly a groundbreaking character by any means.

His uncomfortable and hormonal actions end up getting him dead on a first date, and he is reincarnated as a demon servant to the school’s finest lady. 

This ends out being to his advantage. High School DxD is guilty of engaging in unnecessary fanservice, yet Issei has a weirdly endearing personality, and the exaggerated dramatics are enjoyable in their own straightforward ways.


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8. Prison School

There is a current tendency in anime programs toward the use of very unusual jails as settings for compelling stories. 


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However, there are programs like “Prison School” that transform imprisonment into a never-ending source of opportunity for victimization, despite the fact that these dungeons may be quite cruel in their essence.

The Hachimitsu Academy has been known for quite some time as Tokyo’s most stringent all-girls academy, however, the 1st episode of the anime opens with the institution’s first 5 male students being accepted into the school.

This unlikely situation of a fish being placed in an unfamiliar environment offers a fertile foundation for sexual conduct, voyeurism, and depraved plans. 

In spite of the fact that Kiyoshi Fujino as well as the remainder of his male pals are responsible for engaging in dishonest conduct, the manner in which the anime portrays its female characters is insensitive.



7. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 

There has never been a time in history when there has been a greater availability of isekai cars, both of the conventional and subversive varieties. 


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The story of a shy gamer who is lured into his favorite game when he discovers the form and powers of his formidable video game avatar are told in the scene How Not to Summon a Demon Lord.

Takuma Sakamoto is excited about the latest possibility he has to become somebody significant, however, he rapidly realizes that he is unable of keeping up with the pace of this society. 


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Takuma is left with a long-lasting perception of the female characters in How Not to Summon a Demon Lord due to the frequency with which the program showcases their physical characteristics. It’s not even close to the most profound isekai fantasy, but it has a lighthearted attitude and does not really consider itself very deeply.


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6. Hetalia: Axis Powers

If you’re looking for a case of an absurdist anime that doesn’t consider itself too literally but still manages to crank out over a hundred episodes of political crazy, look no further than Hetalia: Axis Powers. 


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Upon watching only several episodes of Hetalia, it’s almost impossible not to get hooked on the show’s infectious energy and hilarious sense of humor.

Hetalia takes great satisfaction in its exaggerated historical and political metaphors, and one of the ways it does this is by personifying the countries of the globe as ridiculous clichés. 

The crowd typically gets the impression that they shouldn’t giggle at Hetalia’s broad gags, but the truth is that everyone is pilloried in equal measure. In spite of all the difficulties, the anime is successful in imparting real information to its viewers.



5. Monster Musume 

There is plenty of harem anime that take their fantasy genre influences and run with them, presenting a regular male hero alongside dwarves, nymphs, unicorns, medusas, or other otherworldly creatures with romantic intentions.



Monster Musume is not focused on creating a new genre, as seen by the fact that its protagonist is open to the supernatural advances of those around him. 

Monster Musume is propelled forward by a tale that isn’t particularly sinister, however, the monsters that are a part of Kimihito’s existence are the real draw. 

Monster Musume has a significant amount of fanservice and embarrassing miscommunication, but all of these elements are to be anticipated in a show of this kind.



4. A Sister’s All You Need 

Itsuki Hashima is an author who is having trouble making a living from his work. He regularly finds himself just at mercy of the individuals in his immediate circle, many of whom serve as distracting and troublesome obstacles. 


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A Sister’s All You Need investigates Itsuki’s connection, frequently displaying little to no sense of guilt. There remains a lot of meat on the bones of all of this, despite the fact that some of these filthy activities will make you shudder.

A rendition of this narrative that spans several seasons is most likely to enjoy too much and miss what causes this sensitive balancing act effective. However, the intensity in A Sister’s All You Need hits the ideal position without pushing too far since the show only has 12 episodes.


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3. Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill is, at its heart, a high-octane action series that scales incredible heights and showcases some of the most amazing animation ever produced by the illustrious Studio TRIGGER. 


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In Ryuko’s quest to find some kind of resolution to the murder of her father, she enrolls in a very unusual preparatory school where she is required to engage in continual battle.

Kill la Kill is known for its baffling battle scenes, which are powered by alien Life Fibers, which also serve the purpose of covering over the characters’ bodies in a manner that gives the player very little room for creative license. 

Kill la Kill is a show that has true depth, but because of its awful clothes and propensity to accept easy jokes, it belongs in the category of shows that are considered guilty pleasures.


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2. Guilty Crown 

The events of Guilty Crown happen in Japan in the not-too-distant future, when the country has descended into an endless state of anarchy. 


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A normal high school student named Shu Ouma is catapulted to prominence when he acquires unrivaled power via the “Power of the King,” a prodigious capability to pluck “Voids” from various people and utilize them in a fight. This talent allows him to obtain amazing power.

Guilty Crown is not afraid to go to extremes, but it does so in order to build up the tension throughout the anime. 


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Even if the characters make silly choices and the plot lacks a particular level of depth, the journey is nonetheless enjoyable to take. 

The duration of Guilty Crown, which consists of just 22 episodes, is just right. This ramped-up insanity may be enjoyed by audiences without giving them the impression that too much time has passed.


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1. High School Of The Dead 

When it refers to horror and storylines that take place in schools, anime shows do exceptionally well, but High School of the Dead is an especially severe experiment in style. 


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In this bleak educational establishment, schoolwork and tests are replaced with blood and guts, and ordinary high school kids are forced to face off against a zombie outbreak.

Fan service is pervasive in High School of the Dead, as female students are thrust into compromising situations as they strive to remain alive. 


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While the high-stakes slaughter in the game is above the roof in terms of the number of victims, the game also has over-the-top levels of violence. 

The public may feel embarrassed after seeing High School of the Dead, yet they’ll want to understand how the plot develops in the end.


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Final Thoughts

In this article, you can read the list of the top 10 guilty pleasure Japanese anime that we find the best. What do you think about the list? Let us know.