The Biggest Titans: Attack On Titan (IN ORDER!!!)

Even the most diminutive of Titans is still much larger than an average human. The 10 most powerful Titan forms from Attack on Titan are listed here.

Characters in the Attack on Titan world are capable of growing to monstrous proportions, which is one of the series’ primary selling points. Titans are the source of most of the story’s tension and conclusion, despite the fact that the identities of the antagonists change throughout the course of the story as the title of the series might suggest.


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The topic “who is the biggest figure in the series?” comes up rather frequently as a result of their amazing heights.  We are able to precisely identify the tallest figures of the storyline and the numerous methods in which they have affected it by considering their declared dimensions and estimating depending on the dimension when no specific height is available.

10. Annie’s Female Titan: 14 Meters Tall

At the height of 14 meters, Annie’s Female Titan was significantly smaller than Eren’s Attack Titan. Her biggest strength was the capacity to stiffen any portion of her body into an absolute armor and attacking weapon, and while it was strong enough to demolish structures during their conflict within the walls of Paradis, her skill to “iron” any part of herself was her strongest asset.



Additionally, the Female Titan is taller compared to many of the other Shifters in the series, such as the Cart Titan which stands at 4 meters, the Jaw Titan which stands at 5 meters, as well as the Founding Titan which stands at 13 meters.

9. War Hammer Titan By Lara Tybur: 15 Meters in Height

Lara Tybur’s War Hammer Titan’s height was 15 meters at its peak. Because of this, she was able to continue engaging in battle against Eren without becoming overpowered.

The War Hammer has the ability to instantaneously produce items that are far higher than it is. During the struggle for Marley, it was able to create a stalagmite that stabbed Eren in the chest and hung him over the buildings.


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It is still one of the most intriguing aspects of the Attack on Titan series that Eren does not share Lara’s fondness for the abilities of her Titan, despite the fact that Lara has passed away. It encompasses the numerous unanswered questions pertaining to the Shifters that are still out there.

8. Reiner’s Armored Titan: 15 Meters in Height

The towering height of Reiner’s Armored Titan measured in at an impressive 15 meters. The width of his torso and the armor that was connected to it was his greatest strength, despite the fact that he was theoretically the very exact height as Eren’s Attack Titan and just marginally larger than the Female Titan.


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Throughout the fight for Fort Slava, the plates that had been welded to his flesh shielded him against the blades of Scouts as well as a full-scale naval attack. Furthermore, he demonstrated tremendous levels of physical power, as he was able to shatter the walls of Paradis with a bounding assault and sent Eren spinning throughout the woods with a single punch.

7. Zeke’s Beast Titan: 17 Meters in Height

At a fearsome 17 meters in height, Zeke’s Beast Titan was the 2nd highest of the Shifters.  In spite of the sheer physical power he possessed, which allowed him to toss items at a such horrifying velocity that they would break Reiner’s armor like such a thunder spear, he was likewise capable of ordering pure Titans to perform anything he commanded them to do.


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Furthermore, Zeke was among a couple of Shifters to have a high level of contextual awareness, as evidenced by the manner in which he evaded capture by Levi Ackerman. This was demonstrated by the fact that Zeke was able to get away from Levi. Because he was both intelligent and physically strong, he was able to become one of the most dangerous antagonists in the series.

6. Wall Titans: 50 And 60 Meters in Height

There aren’t any precise statistics available that describe exactly high the wall Titans actually were; nonetheless, it is strongly suggested that their height ranges anywhere around 50 and 60 meters. 

The fact that they emerged out from walls that guarded Paradis, which are 50 meters high, provides some proof that the earlier is more likely to have been the case.


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They are indeed strikingly reminiscent of Colossal Titans, who stand 60 meters high, and it is possible that they were carved into the walls in a horizontal instead of a vertical orientation. 

The Rumbling is where the wall Titans earned the majority of their fame for the part they played in it.

5. The Colossal Titan By Bertholdt: 60 Meters in Height 

The Colossal Titan “piloted” by Bertholdt was the one who was ultimately “guilty” for the destruction of Shiganshina and was at first thought to be the primary adversary of the Attack on Titan series. 

Along with Armin, he peaked at a height of 60 meters and possessed a strength that was sufficient to “launch” the Attack Titan careening over Paradis with just one kick.


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Taking on the shape of the Colossal, despite the fact that it is aesthetically intimidating, has considerable downsides. 

It possesses the least level of stamina out of all 9 Titan Shifters, it is the slowest, and it has to return to its humanoid form not long after it has changed form.

4. Armin’s Colossal Titan: Height of 60 Meters

Armin’s body had suffered severe burns by the time the battle to retake Shiganshina was over. 

After suffering burns that were much beyond the capabilities of the rudimentary medical technology available on Paradis, the only option to treat his injuries was to first transform him into a pure Titan and then give him a Titan Shifter.


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The Colossal Titan that belonged to Bertholdt was acquired by him in this manner. Armin’s Marleyan shape and his Titan version both stand at the same height of 60 meters, however, Armin’s Titan version is noticeably lankier than his Marleyan form.

3. Rod Reiss’ Titan Was 120 Meters Tall

At a terrifying 120 meters in height, the Reiss Titan was one of the most menacing creatures throughout the entirety of the series. 

He lumbered throughout the environment of Paradis like something out of a nightmare. As a result, its size was comparable to that of the Colossal Titan, but its height was 8 times that of the Attack Titan.

Rod’s spine was shattered at the time of his metamorphosis, which meant that he was unable to easily step around Paradis’ walls before destroying the entire city. 


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This was fortunate for the heroes who were trying to save the city. In addition to this, the entirety of his front was blown off, making him susceptible to explosions.

2. Ymir (Not Precise Measurements Available)

Even though Ymir does not have any formal dimensions for her Titan phase, we are nevertheless able to approximate them simply on the handful of photographs that we possess of her in her upgraded phase. 

In the one that is depicted above, she is quite a bit taller than the enormous trees, and she even stretched out into the sky itself.

In another picture, Ymir is shown fighting against human forces that had rebelled against their master. 

A standard mortal man warrior is shown to be only about 1/3 the height of her kneecap. If we assume that Ymir has a height of approximately one meter and a half, then his stature is greater compared to that of the Reiss Titan.

1. Eren’s Skeleton Is 200-240 Meters Tall

Eren’s size cannot be compared to that of any other figure in the franchise, and his skeletal appearance certainly elevates him to the position of the most horrifying. 

Even though he was traveling from Paradise to Marley, people in Paradise were able to observe his hind legs as they stretched across vast oceans.

In addition to this, the height of his entire body reached deep into the skies, and it was 4 times that of the wall Titans. 

According to the anticipated length of a wall Titan, this puts him anywhere between 200 and 240 meters away from the wall.


So, these were the top 10 biggest Titans in the series. I hope you liked this article, and if you want to read more interesting stuff, you can find much more on our site. Enjoy your reading.