The Complete Guide To Kate Gosselin’s Leaked Journal

Kate Gosselin, known for her reality program Kate Plus 8, is doing all in her power to prevent the publication of her newly exposed diary entries, which don’t paint the best picture of her.

Kate Gosselin is doing all in her power to protect fans of Jon and Kate Plus 8 from the grim reality that is revealed in her leaked notebook. 

The woman who is a mother to 8 children has been a symbol of controversy for as long as anybody can remember, notably following her breakup with Jon Gosselin. 

Kate felt she would be secure after migrating to North Carolina; yet, her past continued to seek her down after she made the move.

It’s possible that Kate believed her diary entries from 2005–2007 would never be published or read by anybody else. 

Nevertheless, since her estranged son Collin Gosselin publicly said that he does not desire to have contact with his mother, the journal has been brought back into the spotlight by the media. 

Robert Hoffman, a writer and show insider who said to have observed Kate’s angry outbursts, was the 1st person to publish Kate’s diary after claiming to have read it.

Robert had been going through some of Kate’s belongings when he came upon her old journal. It was in a box that Kate had abandoned when she ended her relationship with Jon. 

Robert disclosed aspects of Kate Gosselin’s day-to-day existence in a book titled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World. These aspects demonstrated that she was not constantly kind to her kids.

Kate Conceals That She Has Hurt Her Son, Collin

Kate admitted that she was “too hard” with Collin, who was 2 years old, in a diary post that she wrote on September 5, and which Robert published on PasteBin. 

The star of Jon and Kate Plus 8 revealed some troubling information regarding the events of that day in 2006, including the fact that she was “terrible” to Collin since he’d been “awful” to her.

According to Kate, her son would do things on purpose to aggravate her, such as saying, “I need to pray for my relationship with Collin… I can’t explain it. I don’t understand him.” Perhaps more than that, Kate prayed to God to render her “slow to wrath,” which literally means “slow to anger.”

It was not the first time that Kate targeted Collin; a further post in her journal dated January 2, 2007, revealed that she slapped him so severely that she feared she might “seriously injure” her boy. 

This incident wasn’t the sole instance that Kate targeted Collin. Kate said that she had “whipped” her son into his cot because she was afraid she would “really lose it.”

The sentence shocked audiences, particularly since Kate said that, prior to her altercation with Collin, who was barely 2 years old at the time, she had never entertained the idea of hurting her kids.

Once Collin had sneaked some M&Ms, Kate noted in her journal that she “pulled Collin up by the hair,” and unfortunately, this note was released on May 16, 2007, making it the worst of all of her entries.

After giving Collin another really severe paddling, Kate said that she placed him back in his bed to ensure his protection by doing so.

Fans of Jon and Kate Plus 8 were aware at the beginning of each season that Kate was dealing with a number of challenges. In the course of her struggle to bring up her 8 kids, Kate frequently displayed signs of mental strain and depression.

Throughout the years, Kate has been charged with coercing her kids to appear on the family show, isolating them from their dad, and instituting her own kid. 

Collin disclosed to the therapist who had been assigned to him by the court that his mother had previously bound him with zip ties to chairs and had him sleep in the closet.

Collin has just come out and said that while he does not have contact with his mother or his siblings, he hopes that they would ultimately reach out to him when they are ready to do so on their own.