The Flash S8 Has A Replacement For Joe West (LATEST NEWS!!!)

The Flash’s Joe West, who isn’t going to be a key character in the show’s final season, was subtly set up for a seamless transition into retirement during an episode of the eighth season.

The 8th season of The Flash subtly set up the ideal candidate to take over for Joe West. One of the few cast members from the pilot season who are still around to appear in subsequent seasons is Jesse L. Martin, who plays Barry’s adoptive father. 

And despite the fact that it is anticipated that he would appear in the ninth season in some form, Martin will no longer be a cast member.

As a result of Joe’s diminished involvement in Barry’s life during the last season of The Flash, it is likely that a different figure may emerge to fill the role of Barry’s mentor. 

The episode “Into the Still Force” of The Flash season 8 mentioned the name of the person who would be most suited to play this part. When Barry was within the Still Force, he was able to see the faces of individuals from his past, as well as his present and his future. 

A person called Max was referenced in the same sentence as some of Barry’s closest buddies, which indicates that it is probable that they will get fairly close to one another in the days and weeks to come. The name is an unmistakable allusion to Max Mercury, a speedster who appeared in DC Comics during the Golden Age.

What Possible Role Max Mercury Will Play in the Ninth Season of “The Flash”

If The Flash carries through on its construct of Max Mercury, the legendary DC character has the potential to become a key element of the show’s last few chapters. This is particularly true considering that Martin will be stepping away from the series in the near future. 

Ever since they first met, Joe has been Barry’s primary sounding board whenever he needs some guidance. Even while the Scarlet Speedster will most certainly continue to rely on people like Iris in season 9, the disappearance of Joe will still leave a significant hole in the story. 

Max, who has the ability to give some valuable knowledge to Barry, although in a different manner, may be used by The Flash to assist in filling the void.

When it relates to providing assistance to Barry, Joe is unable to speak from personal experience on what it’s like to be a speedster. On the other side, Max is often portrayed as an experienced superhero who has been putting his abilities to use for the greater good ever since the 1830s. 

And although it’s clear that Barry is now a seasoned hero who has a solid handle on his speedy skills, it’s possible that there are still certain things he may improve upon. 

It’s possible that here is where Max Mercury plays a role. When Joe isn’t there, a figure similar to him would be in an excellent position to assist Barry through the last stretch of his adventure in the Arrowverse.

How Will Season 9 of The Flash Bring Max Mercury Into the Fold?

In DC Comics, Max Mercury’s narrative is characterized by time travel, which makes it the perfect plot device for delivering him to Team Flash’s doorstep in The Flash season 9 when they use it to get him there. 

Max’s actions as a speedster might end up with the hero inadvertently sprinting all the way to the year 2023, much as it happened in his comic book counterpart’s adventures.

In such a scenario, Max would end up being stranded in the present day in Central City, where he might end up being a full-fledged member of Barry’s squad and a significant ally in his forthcoming conflict with the Rogues. 

Additionally, he may get embroiled in the conflicts that occur between Red Death and Cobalt Blue, two additional time-traveling villains that are anticipated to appear in season 9.