The TOP 10 CHRISTMAS Anime of All Time (FANS RANKING!!!)

The holiday season is the perfect time to get cozy and watch some anime with family and friends. Here are some that work very well for the current time of year.

We are getting close to Christmas, and although some people begin compiling lists of films to see around this time of year, we are quite convinced that there is a portion of the population that is curious about what anime to sit down and watch to heat your spirit up during this cold season.

The good news is that there is a wealth of anime that can be watched in the coziest way possible while wrapped up in a warm blanket and basking in the warm brightness of Christmas lights. 

Let’s prepare you since, in today’s modern selection, we’re going to discuss a roster of anime series that you may watch during the holiday season, so let’s get started! 

10. Tokyo Godfathers

We are going to start this list off with everybody’s preferred Christmas anime, Tokyo Grandfathers. This anime tells the narrative of Gin, Hans, and Miyuki, 3 individuals who don’t fit anywhere in particular. 

On the evening before Christmas, they stumble across a baby who seems to have been left outside. Not knowing what to do next, they decide to look for the baby’s parents.

Fans of Tokyo Godfathers may look forward to an experience unlike any other thanks to the show’s thoughtful design. 

It contains a good proportion of many of the hilarious things that we’ve witnessed in Japanese anime, in addition to having a good number of several of the warmest scenes that will make your eyes water completely. 

Be at ease, since it is an animated film that will not let you down this holiday season.

9. Toradora!

The anime series Toradora is a lot of fun to watch, and it follows Ryuuji and Taiga’s life from the time they were in high school. 

Due to pure dumb luck, Ryuuji gets placed in the exact same class as Minori, despite the fact that he has a massive crush on her. He 

collaborates with Taiga, who is Minori’s buddy so that he might improve his chances of coming together with Minori.

Over the course of their time together, the 2 eventually develop emotions for one another, and our hearts can’t help but melt at the prospect of their blooming relationship. 

It’s not hard to observe why Toradora made it into this list considering how packed the anime is with slice-of-life moments that are loved by everyone. 

There are additionally several significant episodes with a Christmas theme, which is yet another reason why we have included it on our list.

8. 5 Centimeters Per Second

With this selection, we thought it would be fun to explore the gloomier side of anime, which is the kind of thing that most of us look forward to seeing during the holiday season. 

The narrative of 5 Centimeters Per Second portrays Tohno Takaki and Akari’s journey through life.

These duos were best friends from boyhood but eventually drifted apart because of their respective parents’ careers. 

Due to the fact that they did not maintain consistent touch with one another over the course of time, they gradually grew apart, and the question of “what might ‘ve happened” ended up being something that consumed the two of them straight to the end.

Regardless of the fact that it is rather a depressing anime film, we absolutely agree that it is a film that deserves our affection. 

We have an emotional connection to 5 Centimeters Per Second that we don’t feel with any other film, and director Makoto Shinkai absolutely deserves all the acclaim in the world for crafting such a masterpiece.

7. Whisper of The Heart

The plot of Whisper of the Heart revolves around Shizuku, a young girl who takes pleasure in writing but is unsure as to whether or not this is the career route she ought to pursue in her lifetime. 

Following a series of fortuitous meetings with a young man called Seiki, Shizuku begins to develop romantic feelings for him. 

At the same time, she comes to understand what it means to forge one’s own course through life, and she ultimately does so.

Shizuku decides to follow in Seiki’s footsteps and become a writer after being encouraged to do so by him. 

There isn’t much anime that can move us emotionally the way Whisper of the Heart does. There is no other method of bringing in the new year than to listen to this song, which has a somber but uplifting tone.

6. Itsudatte My Santa!

Itsudatte My Santa, one of the most well-known and successful anime series of the 2000s, tells the tale of Santa, a young man who detests everything and everything connected to the holiday of Christmas. 

Perhaps many of you may have figured now though, he ultimately winds up finding a female who completely transforms his life, with the main objective of exposing him to the splendor that life has to offer.

This is an anime series that you could always watch throughout the winter, and we are confident that it is one that you’re going to end up adoring even if you haven’t seen it yet since it contains everything that you could possibly desire in an anime.

5. Your Lie In April

The narrative of “Your Lie in April” centers on the life of Arima Kousei, a gifted young pianist who, after the passing of his mother, gradually keeps losing the capacity to hear the music he is playing on the piano.

Miyazono Kaori develops a strong passion for him and makes the decision to intervene in his life, therefore permanently altering it. 

As Kaori adds more and more hues to Arima’s environment, he gradually regains the sense that he is once more experiencing what it is like to be alive.

Even though the anime Your Lie in April does not have a Christmas-related plot, it is nonetheless one of our favorites since it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In spite of the fact that some of the episodes in this anime are really depressing, it is packed with feel-good scenes that are just right for the holiday season.

In addition to this, the narrative is exquisitely crafted, and it is the kind of thing that you’ll absolutely turn right.

4. Wolf Children

The fact that Wolf Children is a Ghibli classic and was released around this season of the year considers it an ideal choice to see. 

It tells the narrative of Hana, a college student who puts in a lot of effort, and how she meets and falls in love with a guy who says he is half-wolf. 

The two rapidly develop affection for one other and eventually have children together after a short amount of time.

Sadly, her husband ended up passing away, and she was left to raise their 2 “wolf cubs” by herself. 

When contrasted with several of the numerous different anime on this ranking, Wolf Children presents a picture of the world that is entirely unique.

As a result of the story’s emphasis on what it signifies for a parent to cherish their kids, the anime manages to move our emotions in a variety of unexpected and compelling ways. It is without a doubt one of our most beloved animations on this list.

3. Kanon

If you want to spend Christmas relaxing in front of the television watching anime, you should surely not ignore the Kanon adaptation from 2006. The narrative centers on Aizawa Yuuchi, who is prevented from going to see one of his relatives for a period of 7 consecutive years.

After waiting a whole year, he arrived at the city for the first time, just to find that he had forgotten everything about it and was shocked to see how drastically everything had transformed. 

Because there is a lot of tension in this anime, most of which has a Christmas vibe, you will definitely get your share of excitement by enjoying this on a chilly Christmas day.

2. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

The happenings of the 4th Haruhi series are adapted into an anime titled The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which is a whole other anime that we are certain you will enjoy viewing around this time of the year.

During the time when the SOS Brigade is making preparations for a Christmas celebration, Suzumiya goes missing, and for some inexplicable reason, everybody’s recollection of her begins to get foggy until it reaches the stage where people forget about her altogether.

It is an anime that is full of suspense, but it also contains a healthy helping of romanticism to make viewers feel warm and fuzzy as they watch it.

You shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to watch The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya over the holiday season since it is the ideal Christmas anime.

1. Winter Sonata

The last show that made the cut for this ranking is Winter Sonata, a Japanese animation adaptation of a South Korean television series. 

The narrative focuses on Yoo Jin, whose boyfriend, Joo Sang, is involved in a tragic event and ultimately passes away.

Once the scars on her heart have healed, she continues on with her life and ultimately makes the decision to end up marrying a childhood friend.

When things in her life had actually begun to appear like they were going in the right direction, she ran across an individual who she thought was Joo Sang reincarnated.

Winter Sonata is an astoundingly gorgeous anime, and a significant portion of it takes place in a wintry setting, which gives us the feeling of the holidays.

It performs an amazing job of showing the love that everybody wishes to express throughout this period of the year, and we are positive that this is among the anime that you will appreciate viewing this Christmas if you are provided with the chance to watch it.


This article is all about Christmas anime, and only the best ones that are ranked by true anime fans.