Top BLUE-Haired Anime Characters (RANKED BY FANS!!!)

Although it’s not absolutely unheard of, blue is a rather uncommon shade to come across. Blue is not a natural color of human hair; thus, an individual has to color their hair properly to achieve a blue color. 

However, sightings of our beloved fictional characters are not as rare as one may think. 

The hues vary from lighter shades and tints of turquoise all the way to deeper blue hues, and these variations are based on the tastes of each individual. 

Within the realm of anime, the specific hue of blue a character’s hair is will determine the personality traits that come with having blue hair.


The Most Popular BLACKED-Haired Anime Characters (Ranked By FANS)

The purpose of this piece is to provide a list of the top 20 blue-haired anime characters that we are aware of. 

We are going to use a variety of resources, and then we are going to rate those resources depending on how famous they are, as well as how wonderful they are overall. 

The cast will include a wide range of personalities, hailing from a wide variety of fictional universes and literary subgenres.

Characters from the anime with the Most Beautiful Blue Hair

20. Tetsuya Kuroko

Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball

When he was a student at Teiko College, he was the 6th member of the Generation of Miracles to play for the school. He is now in his rookie year.

 He wasn’t particularly skilled at dribbling the ball or hitting the ball, but he made up for it by honing his passing skills and being able to steer the focus away from himself and onto other players during games. 


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Because of this talent, he is able to blend into the background during less important parts of the game so that he can have a bigger impact when he does emerge.

The captain of Teiko’s squad, Akashi, describes Kuroko as a “shadow” who appears in order to allow Teiko’s “light” to appear. When he says so, what he really implies is that he isn’t playing for himself but rather for other players, therefore increasing the worth of the latter.

19. Grimmjow

Anime: Bleach

He has the tattoo that identifies him as the Sexta Espada on his back. This old Adjuchas is a symbol of devastation, and he has been around for a long time. He has light blue hair and is of average height, but he is very athletic. 


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The only piece of his mask that is still intact is a piece of his right jaw, and it only comes off when he chuckles extremely hard. His coat is unbuttoned, and the tattoo is located on the bottom part of his back. 

Its empty “hole” may be found in the area close to the stomach. He was born with a defiant spirit in him.

18. Nejire Hado

Anime: My Hero Academia

3rd-year student and among the 3 most powerful students at the school (known as “the Big 3”); she guarded Ochaco and Tsuyu throughout their internships and brought them along with her to Pro Hero Ryukyu, where Nejire is her advisor. Nejire-chan is the only name she uses when she assumes her role as a hero.

She is a lively and chatty individual who is a close friend of both Mirio and Amajiki. Her Quirk is called Wave, and it gives her the ability to change her vital energy into shock waves (which are made to seem yellow-gold on the cardboard). 


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These waves, which for some reason travel in a spiral pattern, are very strong yet move at a somewhat sluggish pace.

Additionally, she is able to utilize them to levitate herself, and if she utilizes her strength for an extended period of time, she might experience significant exhaustion due to the fact that she has transformed an excessive amount of her physical endurance into her power.

17. Sayaka

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Presented as Madoka’s closest friend, who, upon assisting her in rescuing Kyubey, is also presented with the opportunity to become a Puella Magi along with Madoka. 

As a result of being influenced by Mami Tomoe and having a temperament that is naturally unselfish and kind, she views the job of Puella Magi as a chance to defend the people she cares about. She has become a Puella Magi, and her weapon of choice is a sword. Blue is her favorite color.


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16. Nefertari Vivi

Anime: One Piece

Princess Nefertari Vivi is the child of the king of Alabasta, Cobra, and is also the heir to the throne of Alabasta. She doesn’t really act in a manner that is pompous or self-centered, despite the fact that she is a princess.

Instead, she is concerned about the welfare of her people and the nation, and she is willing to put her own life in danger to protect them.

During the battle, she uses a move called the Mermaidance, which is intended to fascinate or enchant the enemy; however, in the anime, this move has been substituted with a fragrance that exerts the same effect.


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Peacock Slasher is the name of her slicing weapon, which is made out of two sharp diamonds that are tied to a cable and to her small fingers with rings. When she spins them swiftly, the Peacock Slasher is created.

15. Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Anime: Bleach

He is the captain of the 12th division, which is in charge of the investigation and creation of new technological advancements. 

Before making his escape from Soul Society, Kisuke Urahara served in this capacity for the organization. 

Mayuri has an unnatural and ice-cold demeanor. He doesn’t really think twice about putting his employees in harm’s way. 



Nemu, an artificial creature that he created but does not regard to be a human person, serves as his lieutenant. He doesn’t really believe Nemu that he is a real person.

Once he activates his Zanpakutō, his blade morphs into a three-bladed saber whose armor is a head that emits gases. 

These gases enable him to stop the signals sent by the brain, which in turn paralyzes the limbs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop the agony from reaching the brain.

14. Rin Okumura

Anime: Blue Exorcist

The main character, who is shown as being 15 years old at this point in the narrative, is revealed to be Satan’s son, who was delivered to a human mother. 

In addition to this, he is Satan’s rightful successor to his abilities. These were locked up by Mephisto in the magical sword Kurikara, also known as Komaken, at the moment of their creation. Because of it, he was able to lead a regular life.



After Kurikara lost control of the blue flames he received from his progenitor and tried to transfer Rin into the demon world, Rin discovered his actual origin, and Fujimoto Shiro, his protector, father, and exorcist, was murdered by Satan.

13. Jellal

Anime: Fairy Tail

When he was little, a dark guild that worshipped Zeleph kidnapped him to force him to assist develop System R. This was how he found the individuals who would assist him in achieving his aim of making use of the Tower of Heaven, along with Erza Scarlett, with whom he’ll maintain a strong relationship.

He was subjected to Ultia’s brainwashing, which led him to assume he had heard Zeleph. He assumes the name of Jycrain in order to infiltrate one of the 10 major holy mages with the intention of using a weapon stolen from the satellite station in order to attack the Aetherion, which is the tower of Heaven.



12. Black☆Star

Anime: Soul Eater

BlackStar is the only member of the Astral Clan, a clan of assassins that was wiped out by Shibusen and was responsible for killing people for money. BlackStar will be nurtured by Shibusen. 

Black Star, in contrast to Maka and Death the Kid, is not a typical meister; rather, he is an assassin. However, he is incapable of keeping silent and so cannot be covert, which enrages Tsubaki, his partner. Maka and Death the Kid are both meisters.


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He has long adhered to the 3 principles of assassins, with the exception that he shouts them at the people he is competing against. He places himself at the top of the hierarchy and asserts that he is more powerful than God.

11. Henry Wong

Anime: Digimon

Henry is more attentive and conscientious than Takato, despite the fact that Henry is only 11 years old. Overall, he is unruffled, polite, and collected; nonetheless, he showed true bravery when necessary.


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Although his overprotectiveness of Terriermon at the beginning of the game is understandable given the video game’s backstory during which Terriermon is assaulted by Gorillamon, he eventually overcomes his fears and lets him engage.

10. Ban

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

In addition to his previous life as a Bandit, Ban is known as the Fox of Avarice, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Ban was initially locked up in Baste Prison after the initial dissolution of the organization; however, he was able to get out after learning that Meliodas was actually alive. Besides the fact that the Fountain of Youth granted him immortality, he is well-known for the magical ability known as Snatch.


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9. Rei

Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

She has been given the title of First Children 9 and will be piloting EVA-0017. There is no record of when she was born. Rei Ayanami is a quiet and reserved young lady who struggles with her shyness. 

Rei is portrayed by Hideaki Anno as a young woman who is conscious of the fact that, in the case of her passing, another person will take her spot and, as a result, doesn’t really put a high value on her own life.



Anno is quoted as saying that “her presence, her existence – her existence – is fleeting.” She is a youthful girl who always seems downcast. As a result of her impoverished lifestyle, she has the misconception that she “really doesn’t seek friends.”

8. Nagisa Shiota

Anime: Assassination Classroom

Nagisa is an extremely bright student who, despite his androgynous look, is trying to discover the best means to assassinate Koro-sensei. As the tale unfolds, he takes notes of his thoughts and jots them down in a notebook for this purpose.

Additionally, he is one of the few pupils who has been near enough to assassinate him from the beginning of the series, utilizing a “pseudo” suicide bombing and anti-sensei balls. 

This makes him unique among his classmates. His abilities as an assassin are brought to the forefront when they are put to the test throughout a staged attack on Takaoka. 


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Shortly after, Karasuma, Irina’s mentor Lovro, and Koro-sensei shall discover him as a true present for the assassination, which causes Karasuma concern.

7. Shino Asada / Sinon

Anime: Sword Art Online

She is the secondary protagonist of the Phantom Bullet story arc. Kirito first interacts with her in Gun Gale Online, and she is the one who brings him to the game. At the age of 16, she is the top sharpshooter in Gun Gale Online and the favorite of certain gamers. Despite the fact that Kirito has an androgynous look in the game, she will first mistake her for a female.


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Her vulnerability in everyday life stems from the fact that, at the age of 11, she saw a post-robbery and murdered the robber with his own pistol, an event that has left her with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) anytime she is exposed to anything that can remind her of a gun. 

This serves as a justification for her treatment by a gang of nasty peers who are conscious of her traumatic experience and exploit it to physically dominate her in the actual game Gun Gale Online.

6. Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury

Anime: Sailor Moon

With an exceptional IQ of 200 points, Sailor Mercury stands out from the other warriors as the most intelligent of the lot. Her garb is a light color of blue, and in the majority of iterations, her top, in contrast to those of other warriors, does not have sleeves. 

She examines the scenario using her portable computer and specialized glasses in order to come to a conclusion on the Sailor Warrior’s plan of attack.

Sailor Mercury is the Warrior of Water and Wisdom. She has mastered all aspects of water and is a water expert. Sailor Mercury served as a member of Princess Serenity’s private security detail during the times of the ancient Silver Millennium.


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5. Jō Kido

Anime: Digimon

He suffers from a highly anxious temper and is not confident in himself. He gives his schoolwork a great deal of attention and is frequently heard griping about the deplorable circumstances of life in the digital age.

 However, there are other instances in which he demonstrates his bravery. When he sets his mind to it, he is a highly accountable person, and if he wishes, he may also obtain the sign of obligations, which demonstrates that this is his finest feature.


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Joe must follow in the footsteps of his family by going into the medical field. In the end, his father will give in and agree to allow his son to take the job he has always desired. But by 2027, Joe has progressed to the role of doctor for Digimon and continues to collaborate with Gomamon.

4. Hinata Hyūga

Anime: Naruto

Hinata is a member of the Hyūga clan and is from the Konoha village. She is a kunoichi. She, along with Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame, is a member of Team 8 and works under the direction of Kurenai Yūhi. 

Hinata had a youth that was not without its challenges. She was the heir to the clan, thus she had a lot of extra training requirements, which she fulfilled with her father.


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She was 3 years old when she saw her clan place the cursed seal of “The Bird in a Cage” on Neji’s forehead. This event was significant for her since she believed that she had some responsibility for the situation.

3. Saiko Yonebayashi

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

Inspector Saiko Yonebayashi, a Third Class member of the CCG, is a member of the Quinques team. She is the team’s mascot, and the person to whom she conveys her sense of humor is the squad itself. 

During the hours when she is supposed to be working on her assignment, she devotes the vast majority of her time to playing video games and reading manga


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As a result of Uriah’s advancement to the position of squad mentor, she advances to the role of squad leader after Sasaki’s departure.

2. Rem

Anime: Re:Zero

She is Ram’s younger twin sister and an oni with blue hair and eyes (a reference to the well-known Japanese story). She is also a servant at Roswaal Manor, where she works alongside Ram. She is far more capable of performing her housework and cooking compared to her sister, who is not as skillful and far less ready to work.


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In addition to this, she has a demeanor that is friendlier and cozier than the others. She does not have the same fate as her older in that she still has her horn, which enables her to keep all of her abilities.

1. Bulma

Anime: Dragon Ball

The narrative begins with Bulma, a girl who is not only beautiful and smart but also obstinate. She is the one who comes up with the idea to use dragon radar to find the dragon balls. 


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She then went out on her own to look for her spheres, during which time she ran upon Goku and, after being amazed by the might of the latter, she managed to persuade him to come with her.

Later on, after having a lengthy relationship with Yamcha, Bulma is married Vegeta, and the two of them have 2 kids together named Trunks and Bra. 

Her technical prowess and inventiveness set her apart from the other characters throughout the whole show. 

Both the princess from the Dragon Boy manga and the monk Sanzang, who is a supporting character in the tale The Journey to the West, served as inspiration for the creation of the character Bulma.


This is a list of some of the most well-known blue-haired anime characters. This list was made based on our fans’ thoughts.