Barry Keoghan wasn’t yet portraying the Joker in the sequences that were published before he was revealed to be the new Joker thanks to a cameo appearance in The Batman and a deleted scene that was later made public.

At least not at this point in time, Barry Keoghan’s cameo appearance in The Batman did not include him portraying the Joker. 

In The Batman, Keoghan is billed only as “Unseen Arkham Prisoner,” due to the fact that his character in the movie is obscured by bars and shadows as he is communicating with the Riddler via the bars of his cell door.

Late in March of 2022, a scene that was cut from The Batman was made public, and it featured Keoghan and Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman having a dialogue that was more developed. 

In spite of the fact that Keoghan is still shrouded in mystery, the scene indicates that he has scars, skin that has been bleached by acid, sections of green hair, and maybe smudges of red lipstick. 

Even though his profile is obscured, it is clear from his fuzzy look and the contrast he had with Batman in the scene that was cut that he is destined to become the new Clown Prince of Crime.

In an interview with GQ, Keoghan reveals his Joker journey by saying that he would love to repeat his part as the Joker regardless of the fact that doing so would put him in danger of being typecast. It would be “wonderful,” according to him, to “bring him to life…and give you version, which you have not seen.”

Even while neither the film nor the deleted scene identifies Keoghan as the Joker officially, Keoghan does not dispel any theory that he will be portraying the part in the Matt Reeves Batman series. 

In fact, Keoghan adds fuel to the fire by confirming that he will be playing the Joker. Nevertheless, the important piece of information that can be gleaned from his discussion is that his Joker may differ drastically from what has been presented in the film and in the sequence that was cut.

The Joker Played by Keoghan in Batman 2 May Have a Completely Different Look

The only references to the new Joker have occurred in the form of subtle hints and suggestions, which has provided The Batman 2 with a great deal of leeway to develop the character even further.

In spite of the fact that doing so runs the possibility of making Batman’s adversaries more fascinating than Batman himself, which is an issue with the character of Batman that both Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have brought up, it is essential to have a solid and recognizable interpretation of the Joker. 

Keoghan has a great deal to prove, particularly in light of Jared Leto’s world-famous portrayal as the Joker in Suicide Squad.

The fact that Keoghan’s Joker was presented a bit less than 3 years after Joaquin Phoenix’s interpretation of the character is a valid point of criticism. This is because it gives the impression that the role reprisal was nearly unneeded.

Having said that, Batman is an intelligently unique movie in terms of its tone, which has enabled it to construct a more fascinating portrayal of the Riddler, the primary antagonist of the film. 

Having shown the method by which the Riddler is made, The Batman prepares its audience for the introduction of a fascinating Joker who will not seem recycled or like an obligation to the franchise.

Why Keoghan’s Evolution Into The Joker Is Such An Exciting Development

According to statements that Keoghan made during an interview, his role in The Batman is either the Joker before he completely becomes the Joker or a version of the Joker from the Matt Reeves series that is still in the early phases of preparation. 

That being said, even taking into account the fact that Barry Keoghan quietly followed the Joker rule that requires him to maintain the character’s natural blue eyes, there are encouraging signs that Keoghan’s interpretation of the Joker will convert the character in a manner that will still respect the Joker’s essential nature.

The fact that his intimations of a Joker are so compelling is a portent of good news for how marvelous his character may become. 

If the particular scene from The Batman is any indicator, Keoghan’s pre-Joker act demonstrates that his completely formed version of the character will be effectively written, skillfully produced, and just deep sufficient as a character to veer away from creating the Joker a ridiculous caricature of himself.