What Exactly Is MIRABEL’S Gift? 

Even while it appears that Mirabel would not receive a gift in Disney’s Encanto, the introduction song may have been used all along to covertly expose Mirabel’s hidden potential.

In Encanto, it would seem that Mirabel does not receive a gift; nonetheless, the song that opens the movie may inadvertently expose the character’s hidden abilities. In Disney’s Encanto, the character of Mirabel Madrigal, played by Stephanie Beatriz, just can’t seem to get a break.

Because Abuela Alma (María Cecilia Botero) was blessed with a true miracle on the evening that her husband passed away, all of Mirabel’s family members were gifted with magic gifts. 

So, what is Mirabel’s gift? Mirabel does not get a gift at the ceremony that takes place during her youth, and the fact that she does not have any special powers causes tension in her relationship with Alma. Later, we can see that Mirabel’s gift was her ability to take on the role of family leader.

Naturally, Mirabel’s absence of abilities serves as the ultimate motivation for her to assist her close family once her miraculous house starts to show signs of wear and tear. 

Music from the Encanto album, which was composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is most known for his work on the musical Hamilton, appears at key junctures throughout the film.

Additionally, individual tracks from the soundtrack have held the number-one spot on the Billboard 200 albums list for weeks and weeks.


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In addition to the fact that the Encanto soundtrack obviously struck a chord with the public, one song, in particular, sheds more light on Mirabel’s talent. 

Mirabel’s life is defined by the fact that she does not possess any gifts; nevertheless, a theory regarding Encanto’s opening song might alter this.

The first song of Encanto is titled “The Family Madrigal,” and it is where Mirabel introduces her enchanted family to the audience. Nevertheless, there is one verse in the song that really speaks volumes. 

Throughout the song, Mirabel sings mostly about her sisters, and at one point she says, “The beauty and the brawn do no wrong.”

According to a fan theory that was posted on Reddit, the only thing that was lacking from that statement was the word “brains,” which refers to Mirabel’s talent. 


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In point of fact, Mirabel does not receive powers in Encanto because she previously possessed the intelligence necessary to succeed Abuela Alma as the head of the family before. Because of this, the miracle did not have to give any extra gifts to her.

Mirabel of Encanto Has Always Been Gifted

It would appear that large holes in the movie are filled in by the Encanto fan theory. 

It seems logical that Mirabel possesses the gift of intelligence, considering that she has 2 sisters who are respectively beautiful and strong. 



And besides, it is a “standard module” in narratives to have at least one female character who possesses all three qualities of beauty, intelligence, and muscle.

Furthermore, Encanto gives it a new spin by stating that Mirabel is not the intelligent one. 

During the whole duration of Encanto, Mirabel has the gumption to find the reason why the magical house is crumbling, and she accomplishes so without relying on any extraordinary gifts to achieve her objective. 

The gift that Mirabel possesses is an intelligent commitment, which she has always possessed.

Mirabel is revealed to be the new leader of the Madrigals at the end; however, it is not clearly stated why she was not granted any authority.

Even though it makes perfect sense for Mirabel’s gift to be her intellect, an alternative explanation postulates that Mirabel purposefully undermined the ritual she was supposed to perform in Encanto.


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No matter what happens, Mirabel will be the one to guide her family and her community into the future, and it is comforting to know that the Madrigals have always had the charm, intelligence, and strength to shape their destiny in any way they see fit.

What Are Other Encanto Mirabel Fan Theories?

The meteoric rise in popularity of Encanto has given rise to a number of different fan theories around Mirabel that don’t just make logical sense yet also provide the characters with a great deal of complexity, with some hypotheses being more sinister than others.

To illustrate, one hypothesis proposes that when Mirabel accidentally and instantaneously unleashed her gift—the ability to bend and alter reality—by touching the doorknob, she did it unintentionally and instantly.



In a manner analogous to that of Mirabel’s Aunt Pepa, whose feelings have a direct influence on the state of the atmosphere, it’s possible that Mirabel’s concerns about not receiving a present caused every single person around her to shift in accordance with her point of view.

This gloomy fan theory about Encanto Mirabel proposes that the complete Madrigal family as well as the complete city are engulfed in Mirabel’s fantasy nightmares that have become an actual reality. 

This explanation additionally provides a reason for the musical component of the film.

In point of fact, the possibility exists that Mirabel’s gift went insane as a response to her witnessing her cousin Camilo open a present, despite the fact that she most likely did not receive one herself. This may have caused Casita to break apart.

Interestingly, this specific idea puts Encanto as a youth version of WandaVision from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). 



In WandaVision, the Scarlet Witch subtly affects the thoughts of the citizens of Westview and gives them a made-up reality.

In the meantime, some other Encanto hypotheses suggest that as Mirabel goes for the door at the ceremony, the door does not vanish but instead transforms into the new entrance to the Madrigal’s enchanted mansion.

Several pieces of evidence lend credence to this hypothesis. When the story of Encanto comes to a close, Abuela Alma explains that she begged Pedro for assistance and that Pedro sent Mirabel in response to her request.

In addition, the story of Encanto comes to a close with an image of Mirabel getting carved onto the main door of Casita. This lends credence to the idea that Mirabel has always owned the entry to Casita.

In point of fact, despite the reality that Mirabel does not appear to possess any gifts, Casita reacts to her the most.



Regardless of the fact that these hypotheses shed light on the real Mirabel, it is abundantly evident that Disney’s Encanto has been successful in capturing the imaginations of its audience members, which bodes well for the company’s potential aspirations to produce a sequel to the film.

What Are The Thoughts About This Theory?

The basic message of Encanto is that Mirabel doesn’t really require a gift because she herself is the present. In fact, the word “wonderful” is even based on the name Mirabel.

Without Mirabel, the Madrigals wouldn’t have been capable of working over their problems, and also the family would’ve basically lost Casita in the Encanto finale. The participation of Mirabel helps the entire family and makes everyone better off.


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It would have been detrimental to the narrative of the film for Mirabel to have been given a present.

One of the most essential things that Abuela Alma has realized is that Mirabel is a valuable part of the family despite the fact that she does not possess any power, and that the Madrigals are greater than the sum of their abilities.

If Mirabel is given something at the end regardless, then Abuela will not have learned anything from this experience. She needs to be able to understand and embrace that the following generation views miracles in a different way.

CAUTION: It is advised, since the following discourse may contain references to emotionally abusive behavior.

It’s true that Encanto is a fantasy take on familial relationships, but at its heart, the story is about placing intergenerational tragedy into perspective, and it’s founded in the background of so many actual families.

Although it was necessary for Abuela Alma to cease psychologically assaulting Bruno and Mirabel because of not staying true to her great hopes, it was also necessary for Bruno and Mirabel to get an understanding of the motivation behind Abuela’s hopes and expectations, which was to safeguard not only their family but also their entire town from the threat of social disturbance.

In the same way that the civil war in Encanto was based on actual facts, the fact that Mirabel does not possess any magical abilities is vital to the primary storyline of the film.


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Because of her tenacity, dedication, and intelligence, Abuela Alma was the perfect choice to serve as a leader and defender for her community members. In point of fact, it is obvious why the true miracle selected Abuela Alma from the start.

No matter what the fan theories claim, Mirabel’s gift is really how she demonstrated that the Madrigals do not require magic in order to achieve wonderful things.

Final Thoughts

Encanto is a great story about the Madrigal family, and for anyone who watches it with deep understanding, it will most certainly deliver a strong message.