What Happened To HINATA And Is She Dead? (INTERESTING FACT!!)

Some Naruto fans were taken aback when they learned of the passing of a much-loved character from the series. Despite this, the tale of Naruto has never been one of the most obvious. 

Despite the fact that her demise has been revealed in Boruto, many people continue to speculate about how she died.

So what happens to Hinata? Hinata died in Boruto, but she is still alive in Naturo. At the moment when she falls off Konoha, she succumbs to her injuries while attempting to shield her husband and kid. 

Both Naruto and Hinata vanish as Boruto is trying to protect himself. The fact that she was cured and brought back to life allows her to escape death at the hands of Pain in Naruto.

It’s possible that this will come off as confused, much as Naruto frequently does since there are so many episodes. But have no fear, for everything you have to understand may be found in this one convenient location!

Is Hinata Still Alive?

It is impossible for the main character to prevail in the absence of anguish and suffering; this is the reason why other characters in Boruto, such as Hinata, Sasuke, and Kakashi, are killed off. Why, therefore, did Hinata end up dead in Boruto?

She is adorable and gentle, and she’s constantly been there for her child Boruto when Naruto was abroad, so when Kawaki or anybody else murders her, it will definitely trigger Boruto’s furious feelings.



In episode 168, Pain didn’t kill her. If she had passed away, Sakura wouldn’t have been required to save her.

Hinata was the only one who could be healed after being pierced by Pain. During the period, there were a great number of persons who died but were afterward revived.

As a result of being reincarnated, Kakashi, Shizune, and Fukasaku did not need any medical treatment. Because of this, Hinata did not end up passing away.

In the 168th episode of Season 8, she admits to Naruto that she has constantly absolutely loved him and that she is willing to give her life to defend him. 

In the event that Pain “ends up killing” her, Naruto will transform into his Nine-Tails avatar. He defeats Pain, and in response, Pain brings back to life everyone who was killed throughout his assault. If Sakura hadn’t brought Hinata back and treated her, the girl likely would have passed away. Sakura saved her life.

What Caused Hinata’s Death?

There was a widespread misconception among fans that the Jougan was actually a Byakugan that had been grafted onto Hinata when she passed away. 

Besides this “thesis,” there are other hypotheses that have been circulating, like the idea that Hinata passed away while protecting Boruto while Naruto was not around.


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There is no evidence to support any of the fan-concocted hypotheses on Boruto’s growth as a result of Hinata’s passing, despite the possibility that her passing may spur Boruto’s evolution. The anime adaptation of Boruto is just getting started.

The person in charge of his tuition will be Kawaki, who lives in the same village as Boruto and Naruto. It appears that the authors of Boruto are laying the groundwork for a battle between Boruto and Kawaki, with Kawaki eventually returning as Sasuke did.

Although Kawaki is learning from Naruto, Naruto simultaneously helps him with the mundane tasks of daily life. To what extent does this pertain to Hinata Hyuga, though? 

It is vital that you first have an understanding of the connection that exists between Kushina Uzumaki and Obito Uchiha in order to comprehend the bond that exists between Hinata and Kawaki.

Upon Naruto’s arrival in the nation, Kushina was killed; it so happens that Minato Namikaze’s classmate Obito was the individual guilty. 

Obito was holding out hope that Kushina would get pregnant so that he might have a child with Naruto. As a result, Naruto was eventually found to be guilty of Kushina’s murder.



Moving on, the prognosis indicates that the same scenario may occur between Naruto and Hinata in the future. It is quite likely that Hinata will still be in the hamlet after Konoha is entirely annihilated. 

To protect her husband and her kid, Hinata will stop at nothing to fight for their rights.

As a consequence of this, she will meddle in the fight in the exact manner she did in the conflict with Pain. However when it comes to protecting Boruto this time, Naruto and Hinata both risk their lives. 

It was discovered that Boruto has a cut above his right eye as well as a Byakugan. As a direct consequence of this, we are able to draw the conclusion that Hinata was the owner of the Byakugan.

It was verified by the relevant authorities. The plot of the series must have a struggle and repercussions at some point in its progression. In the end, this is what makes for a compelling narrative. 

As a direct consequence of this, some characters will meet their untimely deaths, while others will have no storyline at all.



Is It True That Hinata Has Died?

Hinata is a kunoichi and was once the heiress of the Hyuga clan. Her dad disowned her since he did not believe she was able to manage the responsibilities of being a ninja on top of those of being the leader of the clan. 

Despite this, Hinata persevered, and in Naruto Uzumaki in specific, she identified both an approach to copy in an effort to become more aggressive, in addition to somebody to adore. Hinata regarded Naruto Uzumaki as simultaneously an instance to follow and a man to respect.



Hinata is a Hyga, hence she has the Jutsu known as the Byakugan, which provides her with piercing eyesight in a roughly 360-degree radius around herself.

Hinata plans to put it to use helping the remaining members of Team 8 with their monitoring and evaluation tasks by exploring the region in search of their targets, by focusing her vision in one direction, she is able to perceive objects at great ranges, with her range increasing to 20 kilometers in The Last: Naruto the Movie.

The pinpoint accuracy of her assaults is made possible by her Byakugan, which she is able to teach to others in order to assist them in developing their own. 

In the anime, it is shown that Hinata’s Byakugan has the ability to see in the infrared spectrum.



In the first episode, Boruto has a scar located over his left eye. We do not know how he trained, however, we could assume it was similar to the perilous and covert instruction that Naruto received from Pervy Sage over their 2 and 1/2 years together. 

There was also the possibility that he left Konoha in order to contact Mitsuki, just like Naruto had with Sasuke. This was a plausible explanation.

It was impossible for him to have exclusive possession of the Byakugan due to the fact that he is primarily on Naruto’s side, whilst Himawari seems to be more on Hinata’s side or the side of the future Byakugan Princess. Boruto isn’t able to acquire the Byakugan as a direct consequence of this.

Unless he stole it, the only other people who may well have handed it to him are Hiashi, Himawari, or Hanabi, and we highly doubt any of them were there when he went blind, thus it’s unlikely that any of them gave it to him.

Nevertheless, it has been said that Hinata will definitely be in the hamlet when Konoha is definitely slain. This is a very tragic fact. 

To protect her husband and her kid, Hinata will stop at nothing to fight for their rights. As a consequence of this, she will meddle in the fight in the same manner as she did in the conflict with Pain.



But when it comes to protecting Boruto at this moment, Naruto and Hinata both risk their lives. Recall the time you saw Boruto with a cut above his right eye and wielding a Byakugan. 

As a direct result of this, we are able to deduce that Hinata was the owner of the Byakugan.

Having said that, the spin-off has gotten off to a flying start, with a handful of storylines that will stick in people’s minds forever and some outstanding animation. 

This has led viewers to wonder if Boruto may potentially be stronger than the original. You are free to reach your own conclusion on this matter!

How Did Pain Murder Hinata?

Pain was never able to put an end to Hinata’s life. Pain is the only one who can really hurt Hinata in episode 166 of Naruto Shippuden. He does this by using his Universal Push. 

As a consequence of this, Hinata lost consciousness, but she regained consciousness when Sakura performed her medical Jutsu on her.


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Hinata is not expected to die in either the manga or the anime adaptation of Boruto, and she is doing well physically right now. However, she would eventually sacrifices herself in order to save her offspring while Naruto is abroad.

Hinata was fortunate since Nagato was so focused on Naruto that he didn’t actually glance at her while stabbing her, resulting in, him missing a critical area. This allowed Hinata to escape with her life. And besides, you’re looking at the manga adaptation.

As shown in the anime, the dirt clouded his vision, and his attention was diverted to Naruto; as a result, he failed to aim for anything particularly meaningful. He barely missed. 

It’s true, even the most powerful people may fall victim to it, correct? On the other hand, Hinata would have passed away if it weren’t for the intervention of the medical professionals.

Final Thoughts

This article covers everything related to Hinata’s death. It will also provide you with information that you may not be familiar with at this moment.