What Is the Best Team in Pokémon Platinum And How to Build? (DETAILS EXPLAINED)

It should come as no wonder that several players may have difficulty putting up their teams in Platinum since there are so various fantastic Pokémon to pick from. Stay here to learn about some of the greatest Pokémon that are available to pick from, in addition to how you are capable of constructing the best Pokémon team possible using Platinum.

Which Pokémon Team Is the Most Effective in Pokémon Platinum?

An ultimate team will indeed consist of each and every ‘end-game’ or toughest Pokémon; nevertheless, a number of gamers are seeking the ‘perfect’ team that they are able to utilize throughout the duration of the game. 


The Most Powerful Pokémon Ranked

Even though there are a huge number of incredible Pokémon available to pick from in Platinum, numerous players believe that selecting the appropriate starting Pokémon is what sets the tone for the remainder of the team.

The following is the most common Pokémon Platinum team, with its statistics and graphics courtesy of Nerf Gamer. This is the team that most Pokémon Platinum gamers consider to be the most effective:


The Pokémon known as Staraptor, which resembles a bird, is the next one on the list. Getting Starly, a Normal/Flying Type Pokémon is the first thing that players have to do to get started. Starly will develop into Staravia after it reaches level 14, and then into Staraptor when it reaches level 32.

This Pokémon is of the Flying type and has a decent attack power of 120 as well as a spectacular speed of 100 to accompany. It is a rather powerful Pokémon. 


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In spite of the fact that it only has a defense of 70, it has 85 health points and can avoid most physical strikes because of the intimidating ability it has.


Chimchar, a Pokémon of the Fire type that evolves into Monferno when it reaches level 14, is the best choice for a beginner with this team. Monferno is a more powerful form of Chimchar. After reaching this level, it will transform into a Fire/Fighting Type, and when it reaches level 36, it will eventually turn into an Infernape.



With an attack strength of 104 and a speed of 108, Infernape is one of the most powerful sweepers in the whole game and can be useful to almost any player. 

It also has some pretty amazing qualities that may be to the benefit of roughly any player. Even though Infernape’s defenses aren’t very impressive on the whole, this Pokémon is nevertheless able to absorb a hit and hold its own.


Having a well-balanced squad is extremely important, and because this is the case, including at least one Electric-type Pokémon on your roster is going to be quite important. 


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Although other Electric-type Pokémon, like Luxray and Magnezone, may potentially be fairly excellent, Jolteon is arguably one of the more straightforward choices that are nonetheless capable of producing results.

Despite having just 65 health, 60 defense, and 95 special defense, Jolteon is a reasonably speedy attacker because of its 130 speed and 110 special attacks. 

However, this Pokémon’s defenses are relatively weak due to its low speed. Players will have to obtain an Eevee in order to develop it into a Jolteon using a Thunderstone. This should be done as soon as possible, ideally before they reach level 15.


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The capture of a Magikarp is required in order to get this Pokémon, which has the Pseudo-Dragon type. The process of leveling up a Magikarp to level 20 might be a chore, but it will be worth the effort because this Pokémon is capable of doing significant damage.



In addition to its remarkable 125 attack power, Gyarados has 95 HP, 100 special defense, and 79 defensive stats overall. It also possesses 81 speed, which means that it can outrun the vast number of Pokémon when it comes to their rate of movement.


The finest Pokémon Platinum team is missing one member, and that spot belongs to Weavile. This Pokémon seems to have extremely respectable stats, including a speed of 125 and an attack power of 120.



It only has 70 HP, 65 defense, and 85 special defense, which are not very impressive defensive figures; nevertheless, the fact that it has such impressive attacking stats more than makes up for this shortcoming. Weavile may be obtained by the player by capturing Sneasel, and players can develop Sneasel into Weavile by using Razor Claw.


Garchomp showcases some impressive stats, including 108 HP, 95 defense, and 85 spl. defense, along with 130 attack power and 80 special attack power. It also has 80 special attack power. This Pokémon actually has a speed of 102, making it far quicker than the vast number of other Pokémon in existence.



To begin, gamers will be required to capture Gible, and after they do so, the Pokémon will eventually develop into Gabite when they reach level 24. It will then transform into Garchomp when it reaches level 48 after reaching this stage. It is going to require some effort on your part to reach it, however, it is going to be well worth it.

Which Pokémon Should You Select In Platinum?

There are several other strategies that players may use in Pokémon Platinum in addition to the one that has Infernape, Staraptor, Gyarados, Jolteon, Garchomp, and Weavile as their starter Pokémon. There is a small group of additional Pokémon that could be underappreciated or ignored.


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Even if they are not considered to be the “greatest” or the most popular, they are nevertheless capable of making an excellent squad, and the decision that you choose will eventually depend on a number of different variables. 

The following is a list of a few additional possible combinations that, depending on how you create them, have the potential to really create the greatest team in Pokémon Platinum:

  • Torterra, Gengar/Alakazam, Floatzel, Lucario, Luxray, Rapidash,
  • Luxray, Floatzel, Lucario, Roserade, Infernape, Staraptor
  • Torterra, Staraptor, Houndoom, Floatzel, Blissey, Gallade

How Can I Put Together the Most Powerful Pokémon Team in Platinum?

After having the strongest Pokémon for assembling your ultimate team in your possession, the next step is to choose which move set is most suited for each Pokémon. 


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The following table details the greatest move combinations available for every one of Platinum’s top Pokémon:

Infernape Moveset

The fact that Infernape is a rather well-balanced Pokémon means that it is possible for players to train it in both Physical and Special techniques, making it quite easy to construct a robust move set for this Pokémon. The following is the Infernape moveset that is suggested the most in Pokémon Platinum:

Flamethrower1595Carries a 10% risk of catching fire.

Causes recoil damages.

If necessary, it may be switched out for Flare Blitz.
Close Combat5120Can give protection versus Pokémon with a Ground type weakness.

Brick Break may be substituted for this ability if necessary.
Shadow Claw1570Protects against Pokémon with the Ghost Type and Pokémon with the Psychic Type.

Has a greater risk of receiving a critical hit.
U-turn2070It is possible for Infernape to swap out after doing damage to an opponent.

Pokémon of the Psychic, Dark, and Grass types are no match for your might.

If necessary, it may be switched out for the Thunder Punch ability.

Gyarados Moveset

This Pokémon has a significant amount of attack power, however, its special attack is just 65, which indicates that it would be far more beneficial to focus energy on training its physical skills rather than special moves – except if special moves are required.


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Despite this, this Pokémon possesses a wide range of attacks that are quite strong; in particular, several of its Physical moves are among the finest in the game. The following is a list of moves that are suggested for use with Gyarados in Pokémon Platinum:

Waterfall1580A STAB move of the Water type has a 20% chance to cause the target to flinch.

Up until they reach Waterfall, players have the opportunity to learn Aqua Tail.
Surf1095A helpful HM that gamers may find themselves using fairly often.
Bite2060A move of the Dark type that is effective against Pokémon of the Psychic and Ghost types.
Ice Fang1565A very powerful Ice-type attack with a 10% potential to freeze the target and a 10% chance to cause the target to flinch.

Pokémon of the Grass, Ground, Flying, and particularly the Dragon type are no match for this attack.

Staraptor Moveset

Because Staraptor’s special attack is just 65, it is not very useful to train this Pokémon any special abilities. Despite this, this Pokémon has the potential to learn some really impressive skills when it levels up. The following is a list of the greatest moves that Staraptor can learn in Pokémon Platinum:

Fly1590It has a basic power of 90 and lasts for two turns.
Close Combat5120Gives it some protection versus two of its vulnerabilities, namely Pokémon of the Rock and Ice types.
Brave Bird10Recoil damage is equal to one-third of the total damage.

Before achieving Brave Bird, players have the option to teach Ariel Ace.
Return5120A very powerful STAB move of the Normal type, and its strength may reach up to 102 depending on the friendship level of the user.

The player may still utilize Quick Attack even after Return has been unlocked for them.

Garchomp Moveset

Despite the fact that this Pokémon’s Physical strength is above average, its Special Attack remains far more powerful. 

Players could perhaps put a strong emphasis on training Garchomp’s physical actions so that they may get the best use of Pokémon’s capabilities.


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You won’t be losing a lot in terms of Special moves since this Pokémon has several amazing Physical moves, allowing you to focus on using them instead. 

The following is a list of moves that are suggested for use with Garchomp in Pokémon Platinum:

Dragon Claw1580This move has a STAB advantage for Dragon-type Pokémon and is useful against other Dragon-type attacks.
Earthquake10100The most powerful STAB move of a Ground type that Garchomp can learn.

If the Pokémon is located underground, it takes twice as much damage.

Dig is a skill that may be learned by players before Earthquake.
Rock Slide1075Protection against Ice-types is offered.

Has a 30% probability to flinch when startled.
Brick Break1575Offers protection against the Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark classes of attacks.

Destroys reflective and light-screening screens.

Jolteon Moveset

Due to the relatively low potency of Jolteon’s physical attacks, this Pokémon’s primary asset is its ability to perform Special attacks. The following moves are the ones that are most highly suggested for use with Jolteon in Pokémon Platinum:

Thunderbolt1595This is the most effective Electric-type move that Jolteon can learn, and it has a 10% chance of paralyzing its target.

Before achieving Thunderbolt, players have the option to utilize Thunder Shock.
Shadow ball1580An extremely powerful Ghost-type move that has the potential to protect the user from both Psychic and Ghost-type attacks.

There is a twenty percent chance that this ability will reduce the target’s special defense.
Double Team15Boosts Jolteon’s ability to evade.
Hyper Beam5150Next the use of this move, Jolteon will be unable to move during the following round.

Because it is so dependent on the circumstances, you should only apply it when it is absolutely necessary.

Weavile Moveset

Because the special attack that Weavile has is subpar, trainers should concentrate more on teaching Weavile physical moves rather than special moves. The following is a list of moves that are suggested for use with Weavile in Pokémon Platinum:

Night Slash1570A move of the Dark type that has a STAB modifier and is useful against the Psychic and Ghost kinds.
Avalanche1060Move of the Ice type that has a STAB modifier and is useful against Pokémon of the Ground type, Flying type, Grass type, and Dragon type.
X-Scissor1580It is effective against Pokémon of the Grass type, the Psychic type, and the Dark type.
Metal Claw15100Move of the Steel type that is useful against Pokémon of the Rock and Ice kinds.

There is a 10% possibility that this move will make Weavile’s attack higher.

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Choosing the right team in Pokémon Platinum will indeed be dependent on a number of different aspects and personal tastes, and it’s possible that there won’t be a blend that works for everyone. 

However, if you use the Pokémon on this list, you will have a much easier time putting up a balanced and powerful squad that is capable of taking on the game’s most challenging foes.


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