In today’s column, we will explain what the tattoo that Ace has on his back in One Piece means and what it stands for in the series. Therefore, stick around till the very end.

So, what do Ace’s Tattoos mean in One Piece? It was stated in the manga and anime series One Piece that Ace’s tattoo is basically his name and that the ‘S’ that was scratched out was a tribute to Sabo, Ace’s boyhood pledged brother who was thought to be deceased at the time.

The intricate anime series One Piece follows the adventures of a young guy called Monkey D. Luffy, who has dreams of being a pirate. 


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The storyline of the program pursues Luffy as he travels throughout the East Blue Sea in search of a fortune. 

Throughout the way, he comes into contact with a variety of characters, some of whom are allies and others who are adversaries. 

The actual prize is what is known as “One Piece,” and if Luffy were to get it, he might have the ability to declare himself to be the King of the Pirates.

Following its debut episode, the One Piece anime, which was adapted from the One Piece manga, had met with extraordinary acclaim, and its rankings came within a hair’s breadth of matching those of Pokémon. 


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Because of its engaging narrative and unique, but modern, aesthetic, it gained a lot of attention very fast. According to weekly audience figures in Japan, it quickly rose to become one of the best 10 anime series.

The program itself is filled with a wide range of strange and peculiar characters and occurrences, including Luffy’s body becoming elastic when he eats fruit. 

In addition to the growing number of individuals Luffy would meet on his adventure, the program exposes him to somebody extremely special: Ace, who serves as Luffy’s adoptive elder brother in the anime.


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Ace is a guy that is very intriguing, with a great character storyline and history, and the tattoos that he has on his body are a representation of his history, his quest, and the things that are most important to him.

What Exactly Does “ASCE” Refer To In Its Full Form?

Fans speculated quite a bit about the meaning of the tattoo since it was placed on his bicep and interpreted in a vertical orientation. 

They were under the impression thinking it was stuff that definitely contained significant mysterious facts which would in a certain way have an impact on the storyline of the program as a whole.


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As has been said, the apparent purpose for getting the tattoo was to pay honor to Sabo. 

But, fans have hypothesized that there is possibly more to it than meets the eye, with the idea that every word in the tattoo might be pointing to the happenings that would take place on the program in spite of its apparent significance.

It is not out of the ordinary for the makers of anime shows to sprinkle in a few more little tidbits here and there across the episodes without ever explaining their reasons for having performed this.

As a result, imagining the possibilities of this is not a notion that is completely out of the question. 

Followers have discovered a few additional links that provide light on the mystery, in extra to the straightforward “ACE” with an “S” that has been crossed out to represent Sabo.


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Some of the show’s followers have developed a theory in which it is postulated that each individual letter in that tattoo conveys a different aspect of the characters’ sibling relationship.

According to this idea, the letter ‘A’ represents Ace, the letter ‘S’ means Sabo and has been crossed out since it is assumed that he has passed away, the letter ‘C’ stands for ‘Cry-baby,’ which was a term applied to Luffy, and the letter ‘E’ refers for captain Edward Newgate, commonly famous as Whitebeard.

This notion, despite being supported by only conviction as compared to formal pronouncements, is certainly extremely fascinating, to be honest.


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It makes perfect sense in light of the larger storyline of the program, the growth of fraternal connections, and the vital role that Whitebeard plays during the course of the show.

The ‘X’ mark itself is meant to symbolize the bond of friendship that exists among the different characters. This came about as a result of an encounter that the team had with an adversary that could assume the look of other people.

Every member of the crew gave themselves a mark in the shape of an ‘X’ so that they wouldn’t confuse one another for the scoundrel and be unable to accurately identify one another.


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It might give the ‘S’ getting crossed out explicitly with an ‘X’ even greater significance, and in regard to showing honor for Sabo’s claimed passing, it could also be a gesture of camaraderie.

The tattoo itself alludes to a number of different parts of the series, a few of which wouldn’t be revealed or related until after Ace had passed away.

It’s not impossible that these elements aren’t just a coincidence, and that they’re really related to a far more profound tale of friendship despite seeming to be a straightforward collection of tattoos.


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What Does Each of Ace’s Tattoos Represent?

At Roger’s urging, Ace was given up for adoption to Monkey D. Garp prior to being even born. A former captain of the Spade Pirates, he later rose through the ranks of the Whitebeard Pirates to become the leader of the 2nd division.


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Ace was an important figure in the series’s progression of the storyline, despite the fact that he was not the primary protagonist and did not live to witness the 2nd half of the program. He did not make it to the 2nd part of the show.

Fans have engaged in considerable conjecture about his signature tattoos due to their obtuse nature and the fact that they are somewhat mysterious.

Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that the tattoos he got while he was still living were symbolic representations of the matters that were most important to him in his life.



On Ace’s back was a tattoo of the Whitebeard emblem, which consisted of a skull and a white mustache with a purple background, formed by a background of bones in the same color.

Due to the fact that he had devoted a significant portion of his life to the Whitebeard Pirates, this period of his life was one that performed a significant part in the formation of his personality. 

Throughout their conversation, Ace often referred to the Whitebeard insignia as his joy and pleasure.

This is quite plausible, as there is proof to indicate how pleased he was to display this emblem on his body. 

After getting this tattoo, Ace stopped wearing any torso clothes at all, with the exception of when it was necessary due to the environment. 


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Prior to getting this tattoo, Ace always wore a shirt with an open front as part of his signature appearance.

The tattoo reading “ASCE” with the “S” crossed out with an “X” was his other and most recognizable tattoo. Concerning the meaning of its symbolism, this tattoo might be the most exciting and contentious issue to discuss.

At first, it was thought that this was some kind of prank as if the tattooist had typed his name incorrectly, and it was merely a way to reinforce his laid-back and easygoing demeanor.

Following that, it was revealed to the public that the tattoo was, in essence, his name, while the “S” had been crossed out as a tribute to Sabo, who was thought to have passed away and is a figure who later gets to be one more big brother role following Ace’s passing.


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This was shown on a poster titled “what if,” which portrayed Ace with a tattoo that just said “ACE,” while he, Luffy, and Sabo posed with each other as grownups looking so much living and in good health.

The allusion was additionally validated by the fact that there were more occurrences of the ‘S’ that had been crossed out across the series. 

This involves a letter that Sabo sent to his brother before he left, along with the Jolly Roger that Sabo sailed with.


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Ichiro Oda did an excellent job of creating a tale here, and it was extremely intriguing to see some background information on the character that the followers had been thinking of as Ace up until that point.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you will find out the full meaning behind every tattoo on Ace’s body.